Colleen Ballinger: Legend of Pop Culture and Broadway Theater

Colleen Ballinger: Legend of Pop Culture and Broadway Theater

(screaming) (upbeat music) (zippy music) – Good morning, everyone. We’re in, guess where we are. Guess. You think they guessed? – I don’t know. Pause it, and do your guess. – You were right. We’re in New York. – Pretty wild. – And we’re here without the kids. No children, it’s just
us, ’cause we’re going to a real, adult person, grown-up Broadway play. – Musical. We’re having a really special
us-time and family-time. We got to spend last night
with Colleen and Erik and Flynn, and it’s just
been really, really sweet. We just, we just got into town and now we’re going to see the show. – We’re here, we’re gonna go
see Colleen be in “Waitress” and we’re super excited about
it so let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) (dramatic music) (cheering) (crowd talking) You’re on stage. You’re on it. You’re on the stage. – I feel like I fit in
with most of the cast most of the time. (laughs) (zippy music) – Colleen was so good and the
whole cast was really good. It was, it was like such a such a proud moment as a big brother, but also like just really
enjoyable to watch the play, like I really, really enjoyed it. (screaming) (upbeat music) – Good morning. It’s the next day and we’re in – Starbucks Reserve. – Starbucks Reserve,
this is the strangest, largest Starbucks I’ve ever – It’s four floors I think. – [Christopher] Four floors? – I think so. – Look at the pretty sandwiches. – [Christopher] Those
are pretty sandwiches. – [Jessica] But it’s near meat. – They don’t have Caramel
Macchiatos, so don’t ask for them. – What?
– What? – Wait what? – Last time I was here I was like, can I have a Caramel Macchiato? And they were like “We don’t have that, we
have only vanilla latte.” – (laughing) What? – I was like, “Okay, it’s
not the same at all.” – They’re missing things? – No they only have like
coffee, like regular. – No! – Like arabica, cold brew. – Do they have hot chocolate? (upbeat music) – Montage, montage, montage time It’s a montage, it’s a montage. – [Christopher] What is this? – I don’t know, it had an Italian name. But it’s lemon something
with meringue on it, I’m so excited. (upbeat music) – So I’m here with my wonderful,
lovely sister sweetheart, superstar Broadway queen of the universe. EGOT winner, right? Or is that what it is? – EGOT? Oh, when you win all the things? – Yeah. – Yeah I think Barbara
Streisand is one of those. Isn’t she, doesn’t, isn’t she an EGOT? – She should be. (laughing) – You guys should put in the footage of me not knowing the Beatles. – Colleen doesn’t know
who the Beatles are. – [Erik] Name the members of the music group The Beatles. – Okay, you just said ’em and
I literally already forgot it. – [Erik] What’s his name? – (laughing) I don’t know. The only name that
keeps popping in my head is David Letterman. (laughing) But I know he’s not, okay stop. – [Erik] No but David
Letterman was in The Beatles. – You said Ringo, – [Erik] Uh-huh. – You said, – [Jessica] What’s his last name? – [Christopher] Yeah,
what’s Ringo’s last name? – Starr, right, is it Ringo Starr? – Uh-huh. – [Jessica] You know your Beatles. – And David Letterman. – No, no, no, I know
it’s not David Letterman. – [Christopher] J-Lo knows. – No. – [Christopher] Conan O’Brien. – Paul McCartney, is that his name? (laughing) Is that not his name? – [Erik] Yeah, and the other two members of the Beatles were? (laughing)
– I literally have no idea. (laughing) – I’m gonna vomit, like this is so, – [Colleen] Give me a hint – [Jessica] You don’t
need a hint for this. – [Erik] John. – John. (laughing) Smith. – [Man Off Camera] John Smith? – [Christopher] Do you
know who Yoko Ono is? – Yoko Ono is not a real name. (laughing) Yoko Ono? That is not someone’s name. (laughing) You guys are joking. – [Man Off Camera] She was a really big – A girl?! – [Man Off Camera] Yeah. (laughing) – I thought that was the other
name of the other Beatle. (laughing) Yoko Ono, since it was the fourth Beatle, I thought you guys were
telling me the fourth Beatle. (laughing) – [Erik] You didn’t get the second one. Where’d you get the fourth? You didn’t get the second. Okay. – Ringo? – [Erik] Uh-huh. – John. – [Erik] John what? – Smith. – [Erik] Say Legend, please say Legend. – John Legend. I thought that was
Chrissy Teigen’s husband. (laughing) What’s his name then? Isn’t that his name? Isn’t that his name? (laughing) What’s Chrissy Teigen’s husband’s name. – John Lennon. – [Colleen] Yeah, John Lennon. – [Erik] John Lennon is
Chrissy Teigen’s husband. – I’m so confused. – [Erik] John Legend was in the Beatles. – No you’re, I can know you’re lying. So John Legend is Chrissy
Teigen’s wife, husband. – [Erik] It’s his wife. – John Lennon is – [Christopher] You said
it like it’s the first time you’ve ever heard it. (laughing) – I’ve never, I thought
it was John Legend. Okay, Ringo. – [Christopher] Always back to Ringo. – (laughing) It’s the only one I remember, so easy, I just think of three more. – [Erik] Another famous
guitarist, Mike Harrison. – Tell me who it is, or give me a hint. – [Erik] George. – You’re lying, his name’s not George. Tell me his real name. (laughing) What’s his real name for real? Is it George? – [Christopher] I’m crying
over here, by the way. – What was Yoko Ono you guys were saying? (laughing) – [Man Off Camera] People blame her for the breaking up of the Beatles. – [Jessica] Did you know
one of them was killed? – John Legend. – [Erik] Yes. (laughing) – He was killed, he was
shot in New York City. On the Upper West Side, I’m pretty sure. – [Erik] Uh-huh, John Legend. – That’s Chrissy Teigen’s husband. – [Christopher] That’s
the name you just said. – Why do they have the same name? – I can’t, you’re fired from
life, like this is crazy. (laughing) – [Man Off Camera] Yoko Ono was
John Legend’s husband, wife. – Okay, no one’s ever heard of her. I’ve literally never heard her name. – Everyone’s heard of her. – I’ve never heard her name in my life. – [Man Off Camera] She’s severely famous. – How is she famous, just from
marrying him she’s famous? – [Man Off Camera] Yes. – She’s not talented? – [Jessica] For breaking up the band. – Is she a singer? – [Christopher] She’s an artist. – [Man Off Camera] Singer, artist, yeah. – Never heard of her, she’s
really not that famous. (laughing) – [Jessica] Neither is John Legend, right? – Well John Legend,
there’s two of them, so. (laughing) – Oh, wow. – [Man Off Camera] There
were four of them right? – [Christopher] Four John Legends? – No, four Beatles. – [Erik] Yeah, Paul McCartney,
Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and Tom Hanks. – No, George, oh you never
told me the last one. George something. Can you
tell me the last one’s name? – [Erik] Harrison. – Tell me for real. (laughing) What’s his name, what’s
the last one’s name? – [Erik] George Harrison. – You’re, is that for real? Is he being serious? – [Christopher] Yeah. – I have never (laughing) heard that name in my life. I really have never heard
that name in my life. Ever, I swear to God. George Harrison?! – [Erik] That’s the Beatles! – [Christopher] Why do you
say it with such disdain? – It sounds like a K-Mart brand of jean. – [Erik] All right.
– Like a knock off Levi. – [Man Off Camera] At least
you heard of Ringo Starr. – I knew Ringo, well you said it. – [Man Off Camera] But
you knew Ringo Starr. – Yeah I’ve heard, I’ve
heard of Ringo Starr and John Lennon. – [Erik] And Ringo Starr
played what instrument? – Oh I thought they all just sang. I didn’t even know they
played instruments. (laughing) I know their music, I can sing you every lyric to their songs. (laughing) Literally I have it all
memorized, I love their music. I just don’t know their names. – [Erik] Hard Day’s Night. ♪ It’s a hard day’s night ♪ (humming) – [Jessica] Every lyric. – [Erik] I thought you knew it. ♪ But when I get home to you ♪ ♪ I find the things that you do ♪ ♪ That got me feel all right ♪ (humming) – [Christopher] Now who’s
in the Rolling Stones? – That’s a magazine. (laughing)
– I know who the Beatles are, I just didn’t know their names. – She doesn’t. – Harvey, do you know the
names of all the Beatles? – [Jessica] Or one of the Beatles? – Ringo. – [Jessica] Yeah. – Paul. – [Colleen] Do you know their last names? – McCart, yeah. (laughing) Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney,
and the other two. – [Colleen] How did? – [Jessica] See? – [Colleen] George. – How are people not knowing John Lennon? – Oh John Lennon! – [Jessica] John Lennon! And, who was John Lennon married to? – Yoko Ono. – I’ve never heard of her. (laughing) I really never heard of Yoko Ono. – [Harvey] Why do I feel like
I’m being judged right now? – No you’re not.
– It’s been a whole thing. – They’re making fun of me
because I don’t know anybody. – We’re not making fun of you,
we’re just very surprised. – [Harvey] Well to be fair,
to piggy back off that, musical theater kids
either don’t know anything about the outside the
musical theater world. It’s music but its not musical theater. I didn’t know until after I left. – I know all the words
to every Beatles song. – [Harvey] Yeah but not the – I don’t know their names. – Also look at how cute
her beautiful hair is. – It’s really short, they
just chopped it off yesterday. – It’s perfect, it’s
perfection, she’s so cute. So we are here, family time.
– We’re gonna see a show. – I’m really sad because
I just got an email saying that I need to check
in to my flight to leave. So this has been like a really short trip. – But we have a good night tonight. – We got to see Colleen on Broadway. And she was incredible. – And we’re gonna go see
a Broadway show right now. – And we’re gonna see a Broadway show, we’re gonna see Moulin Rouge, hey! ‘Cause we can, can, can. And I don’t know, it’s been
a while, it’s been amazing. If you have a chance to
see Colleen on Broadway, you have to do it. Fly across the country for her. – That’s what they did.
– That’s what I always do. – That’s what Harvey did,
that’s what Christopher did, that’s what Jessica did. Get on the trends. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Double date. – [Colleen] I need to look it up. – Double date. Double, double, double date. – In the rain. – Double date in the rain
that makes it more romantic like Spider-Man. – Spider-Man. I don’t know why
Spider-Man, why Spider-Man? – [Jessica] Because they kiss in the rain have you never seen, have
you not seen Spider-Man? – Like upside downy? – Yeah upside down. – Well, well I can’t do that part. – I know I did my best. So we are going to see Moulin Rouge, which is a really cool musical I think. I think it’s gonna be a
spectacle of excitement. I’m really excited to see it. I don’t know much about it
other than I love the movie. And I had not just the first soundtrack, but the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Two. So I really liked it, we’ll see. And we’re on a double date
like being adult people. But Colleen’s hiding from the rain. (laughing) – Gotta walk fast. – I can’t, this is my fast. – No I’m very proud of you,
you’re walking very quickly. – Colleen and Eric are like a block ahead, but very much pregnant, very slow. (lively music) – We’re very red right now. – We’re Moulin Rouge. – We’re Moulin Rouge, we’re rouge. You having fun? – Yeah, it was good. – Really fun. (giggling)

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