Challenge Accepted – Episode 4: How to engage with your community | TOPJAW x smart

Challenge Accepted – Episode 4: How to engage with your community  | TOPJAW x smart

Ahhhh, ummmm … We’ve realised that we’re missing one picture. Where’s Joanna!? Hey, I’m Jesse and behind the camera is Will and together we are TOPJAW. We are delighted … … and a little bit nervous … … to have partnered with smart for the second series of smart Challenge Accepted. Where we will try and overcome … … some of the trials and tribulations … … of living in an urban environment such as London. So, without further ado … … welcome to a brand new episode of series two of smart Challenge Accepted. Where, honestly, everything can happen. Like, we don’t know what is going to happen today. Roll the intro … Our brief is to … … beautify our neighbourhood and engage with the community. We’ve got an idea. There are so many faces in this immediate area … … that I see every day and don’t really ever talk to. So we are going to speak to them. We are going to find out what they like about the community and what they can improve. Will is going to take their pictures. [Will] “Humans of New York” style, nice portraits. We are going to pull together a gallery with everyone’s portraits. We are going to invite them all down. [Jesse] It’s Thursday now, Thursday midday. By Friday evening our mission is to get all these people together. We are going to find a space, celebrate the “Characters of Queen’s Park” … … that’s the title … … and talk about people’s stories … [Will] Dude! [Jesse] …. and just make new friends! smart Challenge Accepted! [Will] Let’s do it! [Jesse] Alright, we don’t have a lot of time … [Jesse] What’s your name, mate? [Traffic warden] Riz. [Jesse] Riz, my name is Jesse. What do you like about our community in Queen’s Park? [Riz] The best thing about Queen’s Park is the park itself. Most people enjoy themselves because after working they come here … … doing their nine to five … … and they have got the park to chill out with a lot of cafés. [Jesse] Traffic wardens are not people who are usually that popular in the community … … but Riz was absolutely lovely. I have seen him around a lot. He is a new friend. [Jesse] This is partly our point … … there are so many people on top of you … … but it can be a very lonely and isolating place. [Woman] Originally London was just this overwhelming place but … … I quickly realized that it is made up of all these little villages. The minute you get your own little spot in London … … then it becomes manageable and it becomes friendly. We have lived in lots of places in London … … but this was the first time that we actually know our neighbours. We lived for 6 years in one place and we had no idea who lived next door. [Jesse] Queen’s Park has got a great community already, right? But what can we do to bring people together? [Woman] More art. [Jesse] More art? [Woman] Yes, like a theatre or a cinema, a small cinema, festivals … [Jesse] Yeah. [Woman] Like on Portobello [Road]. [Flower seller] One of the ideas that … … a couple of girls and myself had … … was to improve the bridge. Our aim on this bridge here was to have more lighting, have more artwork. We wanted to have a living wall. [Jesse] Ok. Oh, like a plant wall? [Flower seller] Like a plant wall and we wanted to get the community involved. Pay a pound, get a plant, stick it in the wall. [Jesse] So, Marc was just telling me about what he is planning on doing. [Marc] Yes, me and a couple of friends, we do runs every Sunday … … and you should come along, Jess. [Jesse] Really? [Marc] Yeah, yeah, you will have some fun. [Jesse] Wow! Yeah, I might. How long are they? [Marc] About 20 km on Sundays. [Jesse] That is quite long. What time do you start? [Marc] 7:30. [Jesse] pm? [Marc] (laughs) [Jesse] Okay, do want you to come tomorrow to our event that … … somehow Will and I are going to put on … … by tomorrow? [Marc] Okay, I will come if you go for a run on Sunday. [Jesse] I got it … I like it. [Jesse] Nick is one of my main men in Queen’s Park … … having “Hugo’s” which is a great pub in Queen’s Park. [Nick] Yes, it is named after my brother … [Jesse] That’s going to be my next question. [Nick] … who died of cancer… [Jesse] Oh, right. [Nick] … in 1985. So, we put his name on the top. [Jesse] Oh, that’s lovely. [Nick] So, we talk about him … [Jesse] Are you going to stay in Queen’s Park forever? [Nick] Forever. [Jesse] Forever? [Nick] Forever and a day. [Jesse] That’s very nice actually. We have a favour to ask. We have been doing this portraits of people who we have met today … … “Characters of Queen’s Park” … … and part of our smart Challenge Accepted … … we had 48 hours to turn around our idea of doing an exhibition … … with all the portraits that we have been taking of people. Now, we need a space in which to do it … … and we thought that “Hugo’s” could be absolutely ideal. [Nick] What is it for? [Jesse] When? [Nick] When is it for? [Jesse] To … tomorrow. [Nick] Tomorrow? [Jesse] laughs [Nick] Aha… Maybe put some A-frames in there with your work … [Jesse] Yeah, some easels and stuff … [Nick] Yes. [Jesse] … to have the pictures. We’ll have them mounted on foam boards … [Nick] Yeah, yeah. [Jesse] Yeah? [Nick] If you can arrange that then we can probably do it. [Jesse] Oh, Will! Yes! Smashed it! [Will] Yes! (calm music playing) Day two. We are about 50% of the way through. Yesterday was a lot of hard work. Now, we just have to make sure it doesn’t all fall apart. We are actually really happy with the photos. I hope the people will be happy with them. We sent them off to the printers. They are getting delivered today. We are going to the craft shop now … … get the foam boards and the easels. We are going to check in with Nick from “Hugo’s” to check if he is still on board … … because that is a very important thing. And then obviously hope that everybody turns up. Good news is, we have cleaned this very well-known high street craft shop out of easels. [Will] Here we go, easels for days. [Jesse] We got boards to mount our pictures on. Glue. Will has told me he knows me how to do it. [Will] Yep! Easy! [Jesse] Next easel. [Jesse] It is half three now and we are getting a bit panicked … … because the prints aren’t here yet … … and we need to get everything mounted by 5 pm … … because that’s when people – well, we hope – are going to arrive. (sighs) We need to get them mounted, Will! The prints, man! Princes have arrived. Prince William… Did they have them out before they put them in this? Ohhh, here we go! Check that out! They are great, aren’t they? (music playing) Ahhhh, ummmm … We’ve realised that we’re missing one picture. Where’s Joanna!? What do we do? This sucks! Noooooo! Ahrrrgh! [Will] (inaudible) That so sad! [Assistant] That’s really sad! (inaudible) [Jesse] Yaaay! [Camera man] Oh, no! [Will] Oh … [Assistant] Are you joking!? [Jesse] (sighs) I got that tape stuck on it but we’re good. [Will] There she is! [Will] What time is it? [Jesse] 5:40. [Will] How many people have been through the door? [Jesse] Two people but they weren’t anything to do with our exhibition. (laughs) Ta-daa, isn’t that nice? Look at you! [Nick] Fantastic! [Jesse] How are you doing? [Woman] Good and you? [Jesse] Yeah I am good! We took your snap … It was lovely to meet you. And here it… is! Thank you very much for being part of our “Characters of Queen’s Park”! [Joanna] (laughs) [Jesse] Heeey! [All] (laughter and cheering) (inaudible) [Jesse] Wow, people actually come for this! [Jesse] It’s nice, look at the shot. [Man #1] Beautiful! [Man #2] You did well, boys. You did very well! You managed to get a shot of both of us … … where we are not looking like complete mugs. (laughter) Making this film has really surprised me for three reasons. One: people were actually up for talking to me yesterday … … not just for thirty seconds but for like… 15 minutes. Number two: there is so much more going on in this community than would I ever knew. There are park runs, there is “Queen’s Park Day” in the park … … there are people with ideas where they like I want do a plant wall all over the bridge. Three: people actually came to this thing. We had 24 hours to throw this together, we only invited people here today … … and there is so many people that came down. I guess it just shows that … … that putting yourself out there, talking to people, finding out about people, … … it can be so rewarding and so fruitful in such a short space of time. So that’s it for this episode in North West London. In 48 hours we have tried to make life more beautiful for our community … … by meeting ten different people … … and by bringing them together through their stories. But … the question is: Have we succeeded in our challenge? Let us know by voting at the top of this page … … and let us know if we have inspired you to do similar things in our comments. (mimicking typing sounds) Join us next time when we head to Europe … You want to see those videos? Of course you do! Like and subscribe! See you next time on smart Challenge Accepted. I feel like we completed this one guys! Yeah? [Will] Yeah!

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