Centro Cultural César Chávez at Oregon State University

Centro Cultural César Chávez at Oregon State University

The center was created to provide a facility
and a location for cultural programing, social justice events a place for academic events
for students to gather. It’s nice because we have just a bigger space
to have more events and larger events. I think it’ll give us that opportunity to connect
more and become a closer family. I would say to stop by, I mean we have very
friendly staff we have a lot of great events that aren’t just based on Latino issues. I
would say it’s not just for Latino’s, it’s for all students to learn and connect with
us. Our new building has various rooms so we have
a meeting space room we’ll have a student resource room and we’ll have a student lounge.
And so all those areas are definitely going to be used for various reasons and one of
the things the cultural center really tries to support is academic success for all students,
and we definitely see that student resource room being used outside of social events or
social justice events and so we really try to support students academically and the retention
rate of students from diverse backgrounds. I know the day sometimes gets hectic with
classes and work and stuff, so if you need a place to just chill and watch TV or just
hang out with people this is a great spot to meet new people and watch TV and just hang
out. Having a space like the center like this brand
new building shows that Oregon State really values diversity and they don’t just say they
do they actually show that they actually value students and creating that more inclusive

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  1. It is great to see the growth of the Centro Cultural. I was a former activities coordinator in 1998 at Oregon State. I feel proud and uplifted to see the new and better improvements of the Centro. Go Beavs!!!!!

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