hi up Jack Brown you join me on a date session on my life for Grand Union Canal the spot I’m fishing is a great big snag in the water and it’s an ideal place to intercept a fish and it’s an ideal place for a fish to hide up this time of year ideally I want to be you know as tight as I possibly can to it and to save casting and causing disturbance a little trick that I uses it’s an old Roach pole it’s about sort of 1213 meters in length and it’s just enough to get me right to the far side next to the next of the snag in the water small quantity of a little disturbance and it really is a big edge when you’re fishing these canals absolutely I do right just fat put the rig out just quickly run through what what I’m using just cross a short length of the new Klingon unleaded leader simple leg clip arrangement ideally I want to get rid of the lead because I’m fishing rather against these snags tiny little to an our fans flat pair lid just a fairly other knives probably about eight inches of missing link in the 15-pound size a fang x nice and sharp hook just this little blowback style the little amber strawberry 50 miller which has been bored out with a bit of fine just balance like this bit deborah on the bottom of these canal site you just want to balance it out nicely set so it falls nicely through the water and it’s just nestling above the silt and any leaf debris that’s on the bottom so before I put it in the spoon give the abate a little dip in need in this magma glug this one’s the l0 30 and the GLM it’s a GLM powder give it a quick dust in that it’s ready to be put in the spoon ships out there and onto the spot first of all that goes into the spoon just a small amount of strawberry good mix only enough for a bite so I only want a little little small amount there tiny handful ooh can’t pin it again only a single amount so just trying to get a little bite just a few drops of Amber’s throw them in there as well whole ones then it’s just a case putting the rig in shipping her out there see how effective this is hardly any disturbance on the water no legs crashing about and the great thing is present a rig safely in an area probably where most contactually cast to each side this is going to get shipwrights the backward and then you just give a turn all in a few days now all we need is a buyer can this cross this looks but I’m fishing here there’s a mic apparently more bars on the far side it’s a great great area fish to lie up in the colder months it offers a load of warm fortunately just a lot clearer than the left I can actually walk around the far bank and place my rig right next to the barge little disturbance I’m not gonna be casting what I thought against the barge and it’s in it but obviously just be be careful when you’re crossing the log gates but again minimal disturbance and I have run the risk of Carson to led up against any trees or up against the barge so I hopefully dilib I see there you go quick move put the bait in nice and stealth through the use of the pulp and literally a few minutes later what rattles off what is cracking canal here on lovely fish pop a really good fight as well zone you


  1. Please explain yourself in more detail as they are the same hand made original stow bobbins Jack uses throughout the piece – lol!

  2. Not a korda bobbin i know the korda sickofants believe every thing there fed by danny baresarse but they didn't invent every thing in fishing they just like to take credit for other people's invention's like the iqd rig its a d rig tied with IQ not by any stretch of the imagination a korda rig but they claim it as there's same for the musser rig and I'm getting a bit fed up of it!! the stow bobbin as been around longer than korda for a start  I know the first stow bobbins were made from Biro pens but the guy who did the first one doesn't want or like publicity so he let korda steal the idea but he still makes them for friends which is what is hanging from jacks line nowt to do with team Karp kancer!!! I mean team korda well at least I spelt it with a k even though it makes no grammatical sense I f*!#ing korda

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