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in Chinese culture music and spirituality have often been closely linked this bond can be seen in the guts in a classical Chinese strength instrument as a new generation of goods Ian masters emerges the culture and traditions of the past are finding a home in the modern world the Goodson is one of the oldest Chinese instruments instead Hank Cousineau Shahana Sochi and solar term the hotel is a dirty job okay sounds oh okay ddotty rehalia Yayoi Delia sunlight Ahana yes efficient insulation found a lie how sweet that’s what a dramatization the dosa fatalities under according to legend it was created by God and given to humans to enrich their hearts and elevate their minds a church in Shalu hurled transversal either cadet is a premeditation she diseases target wrote a tango Subbarao Tito chenonceau chain Ron Hoyo say negation hi Jessica so hakuzo-su T Dow T Junction Iranian on watching how you chose the GT dow strength illusion eternal form the Domitian cities i dot e tu tambien transit route in my transition hey guru maharaja changed pay yo together and turns out that in China to be a scholar was to be an artist oh that hi Wanda Jesse does Tohono my love she loses even woman just endure sound requests and guru and so forth yeah so um – Johanna although she also did Terrence or Nagar so I said hi Tanzanian typically go confidences sharp warm anti-titan as a whole sis it’s helpful chance I said oh sure those worked out of food ancient Chinese scholars had to master the for arts the Gutzon is the first of the four arts and considered the most important the sound of the boots ian is said to inspire contemplation it was the instrument of choice for many of Chinese great philosophers and poets Confucius is said to have been one of the greatest good Seon players of all time engineer to training to be a passenger now just to show how Charlotte surface is young John Childers should wake weights and turn away there’s a saying from logs dying sition the greatest sound has almost no sound Kuching music has Allah has a very low volume and but how loud is loud when you play it in a very quiet room the sound comes out from Ching will touch you will touch your heart you will never forget it and that’s the greatest sound in your heart though the music may sound effortless it takes a lifetime to master the Gaussian you genius and on tip and singing eager she sang in English I mean you’re finding conscience I mean social social branchman your shows the abortion through the country singing today I mean an English passion I judge you kappa ching chong – inna casual changing the true function y commissioner john don’t even jersey harmonics but guichen also has a fourth sound called yunnan or sound outside the string it is an inner feeling in essence that the player brings to the peace ring sugar high he mentioned since on water the water stops way 30 yards immune wednesday he an idea yet that’s what a potential i rounded him would cien music has its own system of notation divided into traditional and simplified these characters tell not only the notes to be played but also the details of how to play it now once the puna in way had us Alexander hakuna don’t at all Colonel Yoho nearly on how that’s the situation that you got on you so this is the first time offenders $1 times how does the holy wait up towel roll the half a meal just change the pool Natsumi Dodgers opponent institution sure but John Court sitting in the Moishe patois but just into July $120 to her not so her try to take it sooner just don’t let him pull okay be your shorts a saying a character haha me and that’s how the toner Joshua open string doesn’t sang in the East not tada Zhang Jian that Sega the not Jesus lied to you John would say the cold colder Jennifer show me your shoulder don’t you ha now how the lid holder shoots the neuro-diverse it has neither shell so it’s just a stand-in coalition the easy chintuji ago cash imagination harder so she woman your forehead doesn’t tell a woman your jigger TN shoulder hey y’all waste that I didn’t see how she in so good Sami and secret the upper surface is rounded to represent the sky the bottoms flat to represent earth the original five strings are made of silk and meant to symbolize the Chinese five elements of metal wood water fire and earth and the length of the strings three feet six point five inches by Chinese measurements are a reference to the 365 days of the year now at home should hire concern man shanty her the patrol mission oh you’re eager to defend your longing just a dragon gun now Omaha Italian go to Hong Kong you should add is also launched just a dragon pound shower gel foam job Phoenix pour held the longer that transgender charger yen – now how your shoe Sango way George the Sangha dai-chien house you during China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 70s the comedian was banned as part of the campaign to stamp out the four olds old customs old culture old habits and old ideas almost all good seal notes were burned only a few hundred pieces remained boots and masters were attacked and forced to give up their art but now the Gutzon is regaining popularity so a lot of people onto coaching not from the pop culture of reference but a lot because it maintains a lot of true aspects of Chinese culture in a lot of involve the Buddhist school thoughts and taua schools of thoughts you know not to pursue fame glory but to be a hermit among the crowd when people judge a coaching player they often judge him or her by his or her understanding of you know these kinds of philosophies and not how well his our skills are so that particular aspect of coaching really attracts me to coaching before I started playing coaching I was very very interested in traditional Chinese culture and when so ever since college I do a lot of reading and learning Chinese music and what I notice that that appears in all kinds of Chinese literature or music or operas is the this musical instrument called coaching one day I thought hey maybe I should learn coaching now because in think about that for the last 10 or 12 12 13 years 100 urine tarantino’s returned who does nucleus and how come you don’t know go to know each lighting even its in colleges and ching ching cha ji Ahn Chan soo young Tigers hands are neither Singh neither not the green sauce went dinged up just about dynamite it’s our whole way my charity is shooting in 1977 the Voyager spacecraft was launched into interstellar space containing a diversity of musical recordings representing culture and life on Earth included on board was one classic would cien piece called Liu Shui flowing streams the gentle music of this ancient instrument and the cultural heritage it represents were considered as saying something important about humanity important enough to send out as a message to whoever might be listening out there among the stars past and present the boots in has been captivating audiences and performers with its enchanting sound and haunting melodies it’s preservation throughout the ages stands as a testament to its ability to capture the imagination and its endurance as a form of artistic expression showing that the Gutzon is not only a valuable link to ancient China but also a stunning cultural achievement of mankind as a whole GN treaty jato shanshu shatori rim whore anyway finally Lord Jung push we’re doing Shadis charmed him short for orientation wait ginger root wrong Gautam – ugh we long to you so wonder why I’m faithful the issues on subway line ha we ran away true so I come yo ping pong thank you the usual you

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