Build your own MARS COLONY 🚀 | Space Age: Mars | Forge of Empires

Build your own MARS COLONY 🚀 | Space Age: Mars | Forge of Empires

I don’t know who they are…okay. We made it! I can’t believe we’re actually on Mars! …Thi? Oh dea r… Welcome to the age of space travel! For the first time in Forge history,
in Space Age: Mars, you will research technologies that will enable your people to
expand to the vast cosmos. By researching “Spacefaring”, you’ll see a huge space shuttle appearing
at the edge of your city. Click on it to be brought to your
very own colony on Mars. It may look empty at first, but just like
in your main city, you will research new buildings and unlock expansions to let your colony grow
to become a real town on the red planet. Okay, the Quantum Teleporter
is calibrated and ready. If my calculations are correct,
it should bring Thi here in 3, 2, 1… Uhh… you’re not Thi! *Speaking Arabic* Oh my gosh! Maybe my calculations weren’t 100% accurate… You may wonder…
“What do I need the colony for?” That’s simple. All the new goods buildings of Space Age Mars
can only be built on your Mars colony, as you will extract and process
the resources of the red planet. Processing Goods works a bit
differently this time around, though. Instead of refining goods from previous ages, you need a new resource to create Mars goods,
which is called Mars Ore. To obtain Mars Ore, you need to visit the
Mars campaign map and look for exploration sites. By spending credits, which you collect from
your colony, you can start an exploration. Once the site has been explored, you can either fight or negotiate to get
some amount of the precious Mars Ore. Once you are done, you can repeat
the process on the same exploration site. But this new addition is not where it ends. There is something else in the colony you
might want to take care of: Life Support. Similar to happiness, the more colonies you
have, the more Life Support you need to supply. Build Life Support buildings to provide it. The more you meet the goal,
the less coins and supplies you will have to pay when starting
a production of Mars goods. Okay, lets try this again… What the… Hey! Oh… this can’t be good. As with every era, Space Age: Mars
comes with its own units, all of which were built to survive
the harsh conditions of space. The Space Marine for instance
will run up to an enemy and burn them to ashes with his
powerful plasma flame thrower. All of the five new units come with a
unique ability called AR Targeting. It provides them with a chance to deal double
the damage against their targets. Oh these new Space Age Mars units are awesome… pew pew… pew.. pew— Whatcha doing? Trying to fix the Quantum Teleporter. Oh! Is it broken? Yes it’s broken! Did you try turning it off and on again? Apart from the totally new colony, there is
of course new content for your main city too. Following the latest craze of space travel, the buildings in your city will reflect
the architecture of your Mars colony. How about you build an Astronaut Training
Dormitory as a residential building, or a Rocket Testing Site as a workshop? If you happen to require happiness, you can
build Satellite Dishes or Moonlanders. *Singing annoyingly* Please, shut up! Hey Kurt how weird is it that there’s two of us? You could say it’s “out of this world.” Hey Kurt… Kurt…. Kurt… Kurty… Kurt… WHAT? Do you think we’re telepathically linked? Yeah. Guess how many fingers I’m holding up. You can also look forward to two new
great buildings in Space Age Mars. The Stargazer will produce goods of the previous
era on a daily basis, whereas the Virgo Project provides you with a chance to kill half the
enemy army at the beginning of a fight. The latter ability, missile launch,
has limited charges per day though. We hope you enjoy this new
addition to Forge of Empires. As always, let us know what you think in our
forums and in the comments section below. That’s right, Kurt. And if you enjoyed this video, please make
sure to give it a like, subscribe to our channel, and hit the notification bell so you get notified
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88 thoughts on “Build your own MARS COLONY 🚀 | Space Age: Mars | Forge of Empires

  1. I'd like to dedicate the song of ed sheeran to this new era mars 😅 thinking out loud ❤️ hope to love this game till I'm 70

  2. From what i can say already ->

    – takes pretty long to get things going (no further spoiler here)
    – don't like the new GBs (why should i want a GB producing old goods? Got tons of buildings producing those)

  3. Yeaaaaaah great ! I can’t wait to try it ! Well… as I’m still in middle age, I have to be patient 😉

  4. So… Wait according to the reaserch three, the next planet we'll be goint to after Mars, is Ceres (dwarf planet)

    Allso known as the largest object in the asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, discovered back in January the 1st in the far gone year of 1801 (over 210 years ago)

    With mass of 9.39 x 10^20 kg (that's 10 to the power of 20), which is aproximaded 1/3 of the entire Tottal mas of the asteroid belt, which in turn is mere 4% of the mass of our moon

    With diameter of 946 km (its equivalent of earth's equator)
    Orbit around the sun which is only 1.682 days
    And gravitational pull of mere 0.27m/s^2

    Well color me impressed

    Also, love how you made it clear which reaserch is for my colony, and which for my town

    Nice detail 🙂

  5. Cool ! 😍
    But since I am still in the high middle age phase it might take me lightyears to get there !

  6. Good and bad job! Read my answer to Moritz68 for my opinion on the new GBs.
    Thanks for continuous work on the game!

  7. Let’s see how it works out…
    Hope you guys didn’t design it the same way like that Viking crap( where you can’t really progress unless you spend $$$$… what is all that about anyways?)
    As I said … try it out and see
    Overall FoE is great game

  8. When you're on early middle age and the devs come up space age tom looking at newspaper of it not bad kid

  9. Echt cool. Aber wie mrgateuer wird es bzw wie ultraaaaa lange wird es dauern das freizuspielen…
    Entweder ich opfere künftig mein gesamtes Jahreseinkommen dafür oder es wird 100 echte! Jahre dauern bis ich da bin.
    Spiele bereits einige Zeit (mal mindestens 2 Jahre) und bin im Leben nicht soweit. Gerade in der Moderne… Mahl ehrlich… Was kostet es das sofort freizuschalten? Wäre evtl bereit so ein Paket zu kaufen….

  10. Good Game and it’s good for prevent CNS (Brain and nerves) from degenerative diseases. “FORGED OF EMPIRES” AGAINST Alzheimer!

  11. Diddi….looks like you and I are the same age
    down here on Earth. You know what that means
    The space race is on—diddi baby

  12. After taking 500 days to get to the Tomorrow Era and I am prioritising GBs, I'm probably not going to get here anytime soon

  13. This is probably the best phone game ever didn’t know they had a YouTube channel subbing to show the love

  14. Estoy en futuro oceánico y la verdad menos ganas de llegar a marte. Es como manejar 2 ciudades, ni los vikingos juego debido al tiempo y la poca producción pero evidentemente estan apuntando a un público con vicio y serios problemas de juego neds como los que hacen este video. No me sorprende en nada pero vamos a intentarlo

  15. Todo muy lindo pero cuando van a poner GvG en la aplicación de android?
    Todavía tienen mucho para trabajar en el juego con lo que tienen, no sigan poniendo mas ciudades o edades, pueden mejorar lo que tienen y hacerlo mas productivo e interesante. Saludos y buena programación.

  16. A guy attacks me each day to steel me ebony wood 😢. I need it for my researches but I don't have a single one… Please help me

  17. I hope there’s a terraforming feature to turn the red planet green, and eventually blue! 🌏💡

  18. Вау! Просто вау! Спасибо innogames за очередную классную эпоху в FOE.

  19. someone can help me find the kurt's dignity , I have not seen for a long time😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Can't wait for this 😉😆☺😄 im on oceanic future so not long to go now yeahhh, looks cool GB will grow on me lol 😉

  21. The expansions are to small as a reward and cost to much to pay for how about making them bigger to put buildings and get resources and one building takes up the new expansion while research can move faster than the age your stuck in because of the lack of expansion

  22. I like it, Looking foreword to it and it’s nice to see that we can keep going on for more fun and entertainment

  23. 😂😂😂 Very nice suit! 😉👍🏼 I love your small videos about the game and all the new things we can do in the game but building a colony on Mars, certainly unexpected but indeed fun and a great idea! Thank you soooo much!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁😁😁

  24. nooo….raga però….non si possono vedere macchine del 1900,cioe voglio dire…una tecnologia del genere,e riporti macchine con le ruote?Io sto male,non va bene per niente cosi…..rivedere macchine del 1900 non e possibile,cosi vecchie!Siamo messi bene….e proprio insoportabile osservare queste vecchie auto per diana….

  25. Congrats to Innogames on rendering the virgo project more useless (as if that were possible) by removing it from PvP and not adding more features to it! Might as well just remove this gb altogether and replace it with something else or refund diamonds/goods to all who wasted theirs on that. Lots of players have spent lots of real money on this age for that gb and I expect disappointment voiced because of it. I know of several people upset right now and these are players like me who have spent thousands of dollars to keep Innogames up and running and most of all keeping people employed. Let me be clear, I love this game and will keep playing….. BUT I know that nothing will be refunded for those who built this gb that had little functionality to begin with and is nothing but a waste of space, goods and diamonds. Innogames SHOULD at the very least refund the goods for those who choose to delete it though.

  26. Ребята молодцы.Самая любимая игра все шесть лет

  27. Me falta mucho para llegar, voy en Finales de la Edad Media ☹️ Ojalá y se pudiera jugar en todas las eras

  28. I was the king in my neighborhood cause i was the first in industrial age and the only one then the neighborhood changed and now everyone is in the same age lol

  29. I have an idea for a next age galaxy green era where you can make the galaxy and I mean every planet in the solar system a green planet

  30. When will space age ceres unlock something?
    I'm bored because I am stuck with space age ceres and got nothing form it.

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