BREAKING! Putin Supports Traditional Family Values: Marriage Is The Union of A Man And A Woman!

BREAKING! Putin Supports Traditional Family Values: Marriage Is The Union of A Man And A Woman!

And one of the key topics is support to the family. Family and everything related to the family, for the vast majority of Russians of all ages – this is the main key value. And of course, they believe that today these issues should be reflected even more clearly in the Constitution. You know, the importance of the family generally increases over the years. People are increasingly more responsible for the birth of children, they are very attentive to your initiatives to support the family, There are a lot of questions, requests to explain all the new support measures that were stated in your Presidential address. Of course, we conduct such consultations. It’s clear that when the constitution was written in the 90s, in the beginning of the 20000s, people had different problems: there was no work, there were problems with the salary, pensions were not received regularly. Therefore, probably, the norms related to the family were reflected exactly as they are written in the articles today. But today the situation is different. And you said that the Constitution should be alive. People should see their core values in it. It must respond to their public requests. The request is that support to the family and protection of the family be one of the key priorities in public policy. So that people understand and feel this so that they see it in the activities of the Russian government. You know, today even the very concept of a family, perhaps it may seem strange, also requires protection. I don’t know, about ten years ago, I definitely couldn’t even suggest that the simple and understandable words like “mom” and “dad” can be replaced by some kind of universal strange notions of “parent number 1” and “parent number 2”. Today, this is not science fiction; today it is a reality in a number of countries. Of course, not in our country. This, too, probably caused the desire of some authors who submit their amendments to us, even in the Constitution, to state directly that the family is a union of a man and a woman. In general, amendments are very different. They are united by a common spirit, but the texts, of course, differ from one author to another. Having analyzed all the family amendments that have arrived within the framework of our working group, I propose to supplement the powers of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Constitution (this is Article 114) with the following norm: “The powers of the Government include support, strengthening and protection of the family and traditional family values.” I really count on your support. Thank you. Yes, we need to think about it, and I basically agree with that. You just need to understand where and in what form to do it. Let me discuss with you a little bit, to polemize. Family, you said, this is a union of a man and a woman. And if it is an incomplete family, then what? Some things need to be clarified. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. With the family, it is a little different. But the idea itself is correct and must be supported by default. You just need to think about what kind of formulations and where (in the Consitution) to do it. As for parent number one, parent number two, I already spoke publicly once and will repeat again: as long as I am President, we will not have parent number one; there will be dad and mom.

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  1. God bless Russia. One of a very few countries that hasn't been stoned into the idea of modernism. My two hopes for Russia are that a seamless succession is organised for when it comes time for Mr. Putin to step down. Also I hope that Russia returns to population and economic growth. I would hope that population growth is mostly in ethnic Russians. No point if its going to turn Russia into a foreign country within its own borders. GDP PPP is closing in on Japan and population reduction is at least stabilising.

  2. God bless President Putin for standing up for the order the Creator of the universe established, and God bless the Russian Federation.

  3. After the Soviet Union, I never thought that the Russian people would be the saviours of western culture and its values. So beautiful and refreshing to see a beautiful Russian woman demanding sanity from her president. God bless Russians !!!

  4. I hope that the population of Russia continues to decline..and I know that the Russians are homosexual as well as Europeans

  5. Put in (Hell) is a criminal and a killer , Oh Allah, grant this russians a punishment that eliminates them all.


  7. Despite of all those statements the country is in deep matriarchy actually. Most judges are women who take decisions in family affairs in favor of women in 99% of the times. Men have close to no rights in marriage. Wife is not oblidged to be loyal, to live with you, to share kids with you (kids belong to mother until they are 18, because 99% kudges are women… And though judge isn't supppsed to take decisions due to emotions.. the reality shows the opposite). Support for mothers, maternity capital, holidays for mothers because of babies that compared to working years, no army service, 5 years less to work for pension etc. NO support for fathers, NO rights for men to have loyal wife, NO fraternity capital or something of that kind. And one of the biggest flatant sign of craziness – if you marry a woman and she comes to live in your apartment and you are silly to buy an apartment even one room bigger in marriage, if she divorces later (up to 80% marriages in Russia split up in 5 years), you have to share the new apartment 50/50 by law, even if your investment was like 90% by selling your old apartment to buy this. If woman has children, who are left with her in 99% of cases, they have an equal share, i.e. you can be left with 33% of your investments if have 1 kid (33% ex wife + 33% your kid left with wife), or even less if more kids. These beatiful statements are fed to woman voters who are a great part of the electors. Hypocrite politicians.

  8. That woman is a feminist, trying to ease socialist values into your government institution, hence how she "carefully" introduce the terms and how to connect it with the constitution of the term marriage..she just got slaped

  9. Putin este un OM sănătos bai nul pot îndoi stricaciunile astea satanice cu toate nebuniile lor BOLNAVE.

  10. Putin sir, ban alcohol. All will improve drastically. Russians are infamous for consuming too much alcohol. Alcohol has very bad impact on family affairs.

  11. Everybody who lives is shitty hole countries like usa or European countries should come to live to Russia is the fucking final paradise

  12. For Valentines Day……………I wonder if gay marriages and partnerships fall apart as much as straight ones do? I think they are mad to want to be copying it anyway. But I'd let them get married if they wanted to, cause I don't care what other people do in that regard. What is annoying is you get adverts etc with contrived pushing of it.

  13. I live in the America and I love my country. The some of the young are to influenced by stupid actors. Marriage is for a man and a woman.

  14. It strange that we even have to discuss about this issue. Anyone with the right mind knows what normal and what not. The reason why western gov allow such an abnormal behavior is just to give the people an illusion of freedom. They will give everything the people wants so they can claim democratic and freedom, as long as it doesn't harm the elites interest.

  15. When the Russian government can motivate their citizens to start investing into traditional values again, they simply have to wait for 1 or 2 generations and they sweep the U.S. under the carpet.

  16. Not only Russia, but all Eastern Europe.
    We dont bite fake news like feminism, sexism, racism, transgendarism. Thats all fake news spread by British Materialism, sponsored by Left Occultism.(Banks)
    West has fallen, because its family unit has fallen. Pure facts.

  17. Fantastic President Putin. Support for family, mother is mother, father is father. Parent 1 and Parent 2 is weird, harmful for Family definition.

  18. This is why Putin, along with Trump, are the greatest world leaders today. Unfortunately our PM in Canada is a puppet of the Globalists and is literally destroying traditional family values, which is one of the agendas of the NWO/OWG.

  19. Meanwhile this happens:


    Hail Putin!🙌🏻

  20. Thank you again for taking a stand about traditional family beliefs. In the West, some of us will take heavy hits and an onslaught of attacks online and elsewhere from the highly networked and organized Purple/Pink Troll Brigades even associated with religious clergy. They have become vicious about forcing their views on those who believe in traditional family. Some have no regard or respect for traditional family choice insisting it is their way or the highway. In a perfect world, children in orphanage homes should be treated as family with tender care, proper love, discipline, dignity and no more abuse by adults.

  21. Normal President of normal country. Not like Gayropeans and Gayamericans. Deep respect to Mr. President Putin and nations of Russian Federation. Privet from Slovenia.

  22. Every man a soldier, every woman a mother of a soldier.
    Give your life for your might country. Nothing else matters.
    March and die for Putin and for Russia

  23. Truth is when you make science your god, you stop actually doing science because you start worshipping it, and then you end up with crazy notions like same sex conceptions or evolution.

  24. I don't understand Russia Insight: You repeatedly give a forum for that Marxist (aka communist) professor Richard Wolff, then you post a video lauding President Putin's support of the traditional family structure. Don't you realize that at least in the U.S. Cultural Marxism (i.e. the Leftist poison taught by the Frankfurt School) has done much to DESTROY the traditional family?

  25. The fact that the President of Russia has to say such obvious and sensible things tells me just how insane the Western world is

  26. The only president that I admire. Long live Russia! Preserve the traditional values and what is written in the Bible. 🙏🏻♥️

  27. The best example for Western country that people living in confusion keep going mister president PUTIN you teaching entire world to behave correctly you are the leader of this world.

  28. I live in the west, and the powers that be are fucking up the order of things massively. They might teach our kids there are 352 genders etc but when the kids get home rest assured my Russian brothers, we do put them right. If it keeps going this way I'd best start learning Russian as I'm coming to live with you!

    Нет как наша Чапутова!
    РОССИЯ большой привет из Словакии!

  30. That's right, A marriage is an union between man and woman, A family can be formed only out of union between a man and woman.
    In a world of distorted practical morals Russia never fails to stand on reason. Whether it is talking against a misled kid or about unsuitable social order!

  31. 25 дизлайков поставили представители ЛГБТ и прочие извращенцы.

  32. I know, Putin is like Macron, has suffered enough to know what is to save.
    Me too, i am for traditional family but it is very difficult as we have to fit difficulty level to maintain. Divorce and get married again is ok. I am not necessary for 1 marriage per life.
    For those who rarely have leadership, our next reforms are an opportunity for those who want to take part as leader, mustn't be an obstacle for it.
    We are taking cap to build children, build children for them, for their country by themselves.
    Those who are with Trump will not take part.
    1 mom 1 dad, we must wait for some generations to come back to that. For instance, parents divorced can take care of their children as well as their natural children if recognised.

  33. a realistic leader: — because it is the only value system that works and works for the majority of people in any country … the other systems are "self indulgent –small alternative group vanities" which fail more of the time, even among these fringe groups… they can do they thing in their own space but do not try to impose it on the majority … the consequences could be devastating

  34. In the future, people will look back at our society today and refer to it like Sodom and Gomorrah but, as the the final chapters of biblical history and fulfilled prophecy !

  35. If you don't know whether to stand upright or sit down at the toilet when taking a pee "DON'T" force your twisted confused view point onto the straight world. You are the confused freak in this story not real men and women. God created Adam and Eve for the purpose of reproduction and not Adam and Steve or Evelyn and Eve.

  36. God bless you Putin. I prayed for you every day for the Lord to give you wisdom. Strength and the healing of your mind and body.

  37. This is the same reason why I want to moved to Russia because I don't want my son to be influnce or grew up in a country that heavily Influnces by Gays , lesbian and confused People's that are Okay with it.

  38. Good for him for firing all the greedy politicians from Russia and starting new. We don’t need those money hungry fucks. They know who they are.

  39. Amazing how one country(Russia)embraces God's family values while the other(United States) forces it's sick luciferian agenda !

  40. This won't fly in the Official US channels. Meanwhile the vast bulk of US marriages are between men and women.

    US people are far more traditional than we are credited.

    We do elect some real nutty people. Some of them could even be considered mentally ill.

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