Beyond Scared Straight: You Need to Calm Down (Season 9 Flashback) | A&E

Beyond Scared Straight: You Need to Calm Down (Season 9 Flashback) | A&E

– What are you messing – Man, I–
– What? I said I gotta
pull my pants up. You gotta do what? Pull my pants up. No, you don’t. What did I just tell you to do? Come here. I told you once. Hands down at your side. Is there any problem
with the English language that you don’t understand? Hands down at your
side means hands here. [bleep] What? What? Let’s try that again. YOUTH: OK. You better watch your mouth. You are not at
home, gentlemen. You are not at home. You will not disrespect
me in my house. Is that understood? [inaudible] Sir? That is unacceptable. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] boy. I am not what
you just called me. Do you understand that? [bleep] We haven’t
even started yet. [bleep] dog. Chill out. You are starting
in the wrong way. [bleep] put me on
the ground, then. [bleep] [inaudible] like a
[bleep] wrong with you, boy. Suck my [bleep], boy. Stand up. No. OK, you don’t
want to stand up. Stand up for me. Stand up for me. Remarkable, isn’t it? Yep, [bleep]. Yes, it is. I’m Kyshawn. I’m 16. I have did home invasions,
stealed, smoked pot, and I carry guns. I’ve been arrested for
attempted burglary and burglary. I have broken into four houses. We stole Xbox, money, and we
broke into our weed man’s house and took all his weed. Right now, it don’t look
like they got nothing. So right now, I’m just
going to take off. Broken into so many cars,
I don’t even know how many cars I have broken into. I steal guns, electronics,
jewelry, anything that has value, so I can resell. I adopted Kyshawn at
age three and a half. I was told that he’d been
in over 11 foster homes before the age of
three and a half. He was OK until
the kindergarten. Kyshawn has a tendency to
make irrational decisions, especially when he’s angry. PAMELA: He had a fight
with another student. He picked up a chair and busted
a student in the head with it. So he got suspended
for three days. KYSHAWN: If you fight
me, like, in an area where there’s a lot
of objects, I’m gonna use everything to my advantage. I have pulled a gun
on somebody before. PAMELA: Now he’s
into gang activity. I was on Facebook. Kyshawn had did something
to one of the gang members. And they was gonna
shoot the house up. You won’t even tell me that
somebody was gonna come out here and shoot the house up.
– But they didn’t. You doing things in
the street that you don’t have no business
doing, but you’d actually have me dead. Then what? If anybody gets in
my face, I’m gonna tell them back [bleep] real quick. And if a cop gets in my
face, I’m gonna hold my own. Bring your ass in here. You don’t know me then. [bleep] Relax. [bleep] Relax. [bleep] [bleep] shut the [bleep] up. Put your hands down. Put your hands down. [inaudible yelling] Oh, no you don’t. Relax. Relax. Relax. You’re better than that. Are you better than that? You gonna let him get
the better of you? [inaudible] You ain’t bad. You ain’t nothing! [inaudible yelling] Relax. You hear me? [inaudible yelling] You’re better than that. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Cut that [bleep] out, man. He ain’t [inaudible]. [bleep] I say where they go [bleep]. You just taling. You all talk, [bleep]. It ain’t worth it. Stop. Relax. [inaudible] man. Cut that [bleep] out, man. [bleep],, you ain’t
got no [bleep] shot. He’s a spit wit. What’s going on
with you, for real? So what’s going make it
any different for you? If you come in here–
because guess what? You old enough to come in here. So you get five or six guys in
there talking a bunch of noise about you, talking
about your mama, what they gonna do to you, you
gonna try to fight them off? Only thing you going to
end up is in the hospital. Is that what you want? No, sir. You gotta let some
stuff go sometimes, man. Learn how to walk away. Care a little less, clear
your mind, get it together. All right. Slide your arm out and stand up.

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  1. The thumbnail itself had me week asffff 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  2. His temper will get him a good beating, the dangerous ones are the bad but quiet ones, they have their head together, they're the survivors..

  3. Where I’m from if you hit somebody in the head with a chair they would’ve not only Expel u from that school but u could’ve caught a assault case to smh.

  4. I feel the first part is stupid cuz he was trying to pull his pants up and not trying to sag like he was doing the right thing XD

  5. This kid is a good example of someone who has ZERO SELF CTRL. Future problems garanteed. If he dont change now, he will cause a lot of problem and he will cost a lot to everyone of us around…. hope he'll think about it!

  6. 11 foster homes by the age of 3 and a half? God knows what happened to him in those foster homes. Power to that mumma cause she was not playing 👏

  7. This kid is beyond hope. They should just throw him in the cell and walk off. Lock him up with a bunch of inmates

  8. There were kids like this when I grew up a lot of them have disabilities no one knows about. I had a lot in my grade school classes when I was in special ed that were really angry kids, idk what there parents did to them but they would punch out Windows and act a fool if they didn't get what they wanted. They started in grade school and went on to high school like that too. There are also kids who think they are losers or not good enough so they think they need to act out like these kids or they want attention.

  9. That kid will be back for sure with 25 to life, you can't tell kids just got to let them learn the hard way sad but only way

  10. Some people can’t be helped and he’s just trying to show that he’s tough but he’s hurting angry and broken

  11. Scared straight doesnt work when they not scared of no man breathing and call your bluff everything doesn't work for everyone you need personalize the approach

  12. When I heard what he did as a kid, I was like: “he been a thug since he was a kid, there ain’t nothing u can’t do abt this baby”

  13. Does anyone have a father!??? I know there’s only some much u can do nowadays. Yet these kids are headed 4 jail or the grave! Blame whoever u want!!

  14. Crazy. Something wrong with what is going on here. They need to have reason used with them, to understand right & wrong. Juvenile Detention community service, & in school. How can Satan cast out Satan?

  15. It’s funny he’s talking trash to the prisoner while he’s behind bars. He wouldn’t do this if the prisoner was out. I’m sure the guy behind those bars would fold him quickly.

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