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  1. I'm disappointed that Bernie is promoting the establishment narrative on Syria and is trying to grow the Democratic party. Either they got to him or he was a fraud from the start.

  2. Sanders brought me back into the political process but his enabling of Tom Perez the Democratic establishment, the intelligence community, the corporate media and military industrial complex are disheartening.

  3. I really thought bernie sanders would be more or less against wars like toppling regimes….but i guess not, look i love you bernie but its up to you to understand people don't want wars in the middle east anymore and if you understand that you have all the cards in your deck.

  4. the people are the government, and they are not being represented. Bernie Sanders is for the people. He is honest and cares about what is best for the people…and that is ALL of us. get behind this man who truly has your best interests at heart. He does not lie, he has policy, strategy, and a sincere desire to get done, what is fair for all people, no matter their politics. In a political world where lying comes before breathing, this man is truly a gem.

  5. omfg seriously CNN? "Why are you against the Syrian missile attack?" Dumbest question ever. Only people that liked the missile attack was the media and politicians. Iraq War 2.0?

  6. Bernie is a barking, toothless dog (since the first day of his political life).

    He does what he is told and allowed to speak what he wants.

  7. I like Bernie Sanders and I think he could've been (and still could be in 2020) one of the best presidents the US ever had. But it's also sad to see him going on a tour with the corporatist Tom Perez, trying to hold together the corporatist democratic party instead of focusing in the support of progressive candidates, and not being able to explain clearly and strongly why he opposes the Syria missile strikes. "One strike is not gonna do very much" was a very weak answer, instead he should of answered that bombing the Syrian government only helps the terrorist groups that are trying to take over the entire country. Yes, Assad is brutal dictator that kills his own people, but the Syrian army is by far the biggest force in Syria fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda, which are even worse for Syria and it's people, pose a direct threat to the US, Europe and the rest of the world, and have been secretly funded/supported by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others.

  8. Bernie was a sell-out – a sheeple-herder that never intended to win, he did it to gatekeep for Hillary because she is AIPAC-beloved and he is an Israel-firster. He threw his supporters under the bus during the convention. He's part of the con, and the sooner we realize this, the better off we'll be. BERNIE WORKS FOR DEMOCRATS. That's part of his con. Vote Green.

  9. North Korea? A threat? Pahahha. Their "nukes" are made of outdated Lego. They could do some serious harm to the countries around them, though. But the real horror is what they're doing to their own people. Inflicting a holocaust that's gone on for decades.

    Bernie is crap on foreign policy.

  10. Exactly, he's not a registered democrat because unlike the Democratic party as it is now, Bernie actually fights for issues for the working class; displaced factory workers, teacher unions, shrinking middle class. He also pushes for things people actually want; Universal healthcare, free higher education, fixing inner cities, fighting climate change.

    Then all the Democrats call him pie-in-the sky, saying is he crazy? Even though nearly every other country already has universal HC and free higher education. "How are we going to pay for all that", they ask, as we inflate the military budget which is already higher than every thing else combined. While all the democrats can say are platitudes and catch phrases. None of the Democratic leaders of the party can truly say what the party stands for because they are bound by their corporate and rich donors.

  11. trump needs to meet with Bernie…. I pay $1000/month with a $6850 deductible. That's more than $12000/yr…if I get sick… that's another $6850… $18850/yr. for health care. THAT'S CRAZY….i know if I go to a one payer system…. my taxes will increase but not NEAR $18850/yr or even $12000. It
    still takes me 3 to 5 months to see a doctor… private health care is not great… just pay more for crap.

  12. I can see where all this is headed. Sen. Sanders is absolutely right and we seem to be going in a wag the dog scenario to divert our attention from an investigation of unimaginable proportions. Sending missiles to a foreign land will not change the present atmosphere. Our politics are based on impulsiveness and not firm time test logic. Beware the magician's bait and switch.

  13. Most of us can relate to the death of the American Dream regardless of party. Watch Requiem for the American Dream on Netflix. The sane majority needs to unite under one party and take our country back from the insane minority. I think Bernie could do it. Some people are so misguided and ignorant that sadly we're not going to change their minds. But, if the rest of us can come together we outnumber them. Your vote is your power. Use it!!

  14. How lovely to listen to a rational man who knows what he is talking about and actually has solutions to the real problems affecting citizens. Here is an interview that finally makes sense. Thanks Bernie for your logic and common sense as I can no longer tolerate Trump and his total incompetence and disconnect from reality.

  15. The obvious underlying justification of the bombing by the host is sad. There so many non-profiting alternatives out there for resolution that will never be brought to light. Bernie is just swimming through their shit.

  16. So India and Pakistan are allowed Nukes but not North Korea, and dosen't America pour Trillions of dollars into their nuclear programe while thousands of Americans go hungry… the hypocracy is laughable! So America is the only responsible country who happens to be led by a fucken idiot!

  17. When Bernie first ran everyone dismissed him as being too liberal, too unrealistic, a fad, etc. Today, mainstream media has him on all the time to contribute. Just awesome.

  18. CNN should of given sanders non stop air time instead of Donald trump. How fucking dare you CNN! Donald got to come on all the time because he was "entertaining".

  19. We are in a very serious condition until we get Mitch McConnell out of office. He is the key to our problems and has been for a long time. He will not allow Impeachment of trump and has shown that he will stoop to anything to stay in office. He has no respect for the constitution nor the people. He could very well be our doom and should not be allowed so much power and influence.

  20. Sanders is the most popular politician in the country if you don't know why just watch any of his speeches it's a national shame that we didn't elect this man

  21. SOCIALIST. VENEZUELA. The People are eating dogs on the street. Why? SOCIALIST! VENEZUELA! Hey lefties. Why don't you all move to Socialist Venezuela and get your free crap there?

  22. Good on Jake for criticizing the DNC for their lack of support in Kansas. They'd rather lose to Republicans than win with a progressive. See: 2016 election.

  23. Important Read – Regardless of your party affiliation, we must hold are politians accountable, to the American public. That being said this mostly means the majority of hard working Americans, and Americans looking for a hand up not a handout.
    Bad trade deals overseas that screw the American worker of making a livable living, for jobs of all abilities one should not have to count on welfare and earned income, made for cheating company's to pay less. Most Lobbyist not looking out for everyday Americans only the elite that's Un-American. We must support fairness and Made in the USA and country's that support fair pay, and not low-balling pay, don't believe the bs excuses that it is good for trade. Its another excuse for cheating one of a good fruitful life.
    Talk is good "actions are much better". Again watch stay informed and "hold politians accountable", and take what the media said's with a grain of salt, for often the whole story isn't told. When you research and hear more of the truth then make a decision.
    USA, Americans, Land Of The Free and Brave, In God We Trust.

  24. North Korea is danger to NO ONE!!
    Stop bullying Asians for greed! >:(
    Greetings from Arabia to North Korea. 🙂

  25. CNN is Fake News. They have Bernie on now because there is no chance of him of winning the election and he is extremely popular and therefore good ratings but when we needed them to show Bernie they were all about pushing the the establishment candidate who is all about War….fuck you CNN I will never watch the shit ever

  26. How do you think Clinton would have done ?Impulsively unilaterally and more aggressively.Trump is an idiot but he is doing what Obama/ Clinton agreed to do.

  27. Bernie sanders is a one of the biggest phony politicians he criticizes the democrats and he caucuses with them

  28. There is no proof whatsoever that Asad had anything to do with the so-called gas attack and it makes no sense at all, he's winning the civil war and ISIS are losing and USA are funding ISIS and other rebel groups, because Saudis are paying the USA to overthrow Asad so they can build their own pipeline through Syria, make billions off of it and share some of that sweet cash with their US allies… There are hundreds of people being killed everyday, by the USA and by USA funded terrorist groups all over the world… But no one will tell you this, not CNN not MSNBC, not Fox news, not Donald Trump, not the democrats and it looks like not even Bernie (who is the only one speaking truth on a lot of other issues)… You want to know why? Because they're all bought. All the politicians, all the news people even the entertainment people, they're all owned by corporations… Everyone including Bernie Sanders… And all this information is out there, even in the mainstream media… It's just that no one talks about it or brings attention to it… And that's how society is being controlled… Through attention…


  30. Bernie sanders is a fake sell out after he lost to Hillary in the primary's and even after finding for fact that he was cheated by the DNC he did not even give the independent party a second he was a lap for Hillary Clinton and the democratic party's he was a good servant to the democrats

  31. Who does he think will replace the Syrian government? I am totally dissapointed by what he is saying there regarding Syria. I thought he understood. He was even parroting medial lies. He actually believes the lies.

  32. The door is open to independents. Register as a Democrat. Why is that hard? You can leave and come back when you want. Not complicated.


  34. How is not overbooking flights going to make them more expensive? How does Jake Tapper get away with saying something like that?

  35. Recently I spent several Months in Russia…..yes Russia…From St. Petersburg to Moscow and 5 nights of train ride to the end of Siberia……I was not there as a tourist but more as a social observer of modern Russia……If you think Communism is dead in RUSSIA, think again….or take a trip there for yourself……I visited many regular people's homes and almost in every one I found the same photograph of the former Communist KGB member and the current dictator: PUTIN…..when I asked why do I see this same photo in every house, most were even to afraid to answer, those few brave ones who whispered an answer with fear in their voice and eyes, told me that if they don't, a neighbor or even a relative would report them and they would be in a very big trouble. Once in a public pool, I saw a man punching and kicking his wife, throwing her to the ground with blood gushing from her mouth and face, with more than 70 people there, not one came to her rescue, when I tried to rush to her aid I was stopped in my tacks by my friends and was told this is quit normal there and if I interfere I would never go back to USA. In Moscow is very easy to see people as young as, 12 year old boys drinking Vodka ( hidden in  a brown paper bag!!) at 10.00 AM in the streets. Yes many photos by the Statue of Lenin and Stalin in town after town……By the way no camera or anything resembling a sharp object ( as though you may try to assassinate him again!!!!) is allowed while visiting the beloved mummified corps of LENIN .I saw so much that I can write several books about it………So tell me again that Russia is not Communist any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!………. Russia is exactly what every Communist government  ends up to be like ( that's if they don't self destruct sooner like Venezuela!!!! )……. So say Hello to your beloved future America under Crazy Bernie or any other ignorant America hating leftist Democrat….. I am 1000% sure that if or when that day comes all you Morons will be hiding in some hole in the ground and denying that it was you who was part of this leftist disease that was brought to our beloved America……..Long Live Trump…..Long Live USA…..

  36. Thank Gawd for Trump.
    I didn't vote for him in 2016, but after watching over the last year these clown congressmen refuse to do thier jobs it's time to get rid of a third of them.
    That the DNC treated Bernie so badly during the primaries and yet he still tows thier line is disgraceful. I would have voted for him rather than HRC then. Now no more, I see the corruption and will not have a part in it.
    Both parties need reform and more attention to third parties need be looked into.
    Hopefully there are a few good honest men left in DC that are willing to stand up to the deep state establishments and clean house of the filth and corruption.

  37. Parkland Hero Colton Haab Names CNN Producer Carrie Stevenson as Person Who Censored Him at Anti-Gun Town Hall (VIDEO)
    by Jim Hoft 23 February 2018

    On Wednesday night 21 February 2018 Parkland student hero Colton Haab told reporters that CNN opted to leave him out of the televised Florida town hall debate because he did not agree with their anti-gun narrative.

    TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks wrote about Colton last night.

    Haab is the brave 17-year-old member of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps who ushered 60 to 70 people to safety in an open JROTC room during the Parkland school shooting. The high school junior may have saved many lives by using the Kevlar sheets from the marksmanship program to try and protect his peers. His actions were so important that the US Military is currently considering awarding him with a JROTC Medal of Heroism.

    Despite his heroism, the student told the Local 10 News that he was not allowed to ask his prepared questions at the CNN event.

    Stoneman Douglas High School student and Junior ROTC member Colton Haab calls out CNN Town Hall bias after they refused to approve his question. #StudentsStandUp pic.twitter.com/6zEjQxbFw6

    — Mark Dice (@MarkDice) February 22, 2018

    “CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions — and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab told a WPLG reporter.

    CNN today called Colton Haab a liar.

    Thursday night 22 February 2018 Colton Haab told Tucker Carlson that CNN producer Carrie Stevenson was the person who censored him during the CNN town hall.

    Haab told Tucker that Stevenson told him over the phone that he needed to stick with the script.

    Via Ryan Saavedra:

    Colton Haab, the heroic ROTC student who protected students during the Florida shooting, has named CNN producer Carrie Stevenson as the person who censored him during the CNN town hall.

    Stevenson is the Executive Producer for Jake Tapper's State of the Union television program. pic.twitter.com/HEj4sAL7WI

    — Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 (@RealSaavedra) February 23, 2018

  38. Bearnie is an expert at not answering a question directly. We should not be in Syria period. Bearnie on the one hand says regime change then says He does not want us in war then talks about college and healthcare then back to our allies and then what other people must do. He is completely incoherent. Then he jumped to Afghanistan when asked about Syria. He is good at saying how some leader need to be told something. Big talk when he is not going to be the one telling. Bearnie could not run a business but he is fear mongering about someone who has international business and became president. Maybe if he was a successful business man he could have paid for his own campaign and won the presidency rather than needing people to pay. Bearnie has been in the swamp for 30 years. Lots of Rhetoric but no substance.

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