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  1. My husband changed from one day to the other LITERALLY!!!! I do not know what happened. It was for the best of the best. I really realized that when one changes everything around changes. I realized that to the core of my being! Life is so joyful. I can see god in every person. Every person expresses that dimension, I can see it even though they do not. Their interaction with me is divine. I can acces that dimension with EVERYBODY. That makes me feel so joyful every day. Gratitude is my mantra.

  2. Thank you for spreading love and light in the world. You're a messenger for the Divine. Blessings and Namaste Dr. Weiss.

  3. Does he come to Fort Lauderdale?? I found nothing about this. Please respond to me !!
    Facebook : Josie Monroe

  4. I hope you come to San Francisco Dr.Weiss!!!! I couldn't make the NY trip with 2 babies :((((( I Sooooooo wanted to be there! Thanks for another video!

  5. Dr weiss hace algunos años el padre d mis hijos esta padeciendo d ataques d pánico lo cual ha afectado su vida laboral y personal, le han hecho cura d sueños y no ha mejorado se la pasa bajo medicamento y encerrado en su cuarto cree q va a morir, he leído su libro muchas vidas muchos sabios y creo que el debe estar pasando algo similar , me gustaría q me ayudase Dr . weiss y lo pueda tratar usted mi correo es [email protected] espero su resp y su ayuda mil gracias CARACAS VENEZUELA

  6. Dr weiss hace algunos años el padre d mis hijos esta padeciendo d ataques d pánico lo cual ha afectado su vida laboral y personal, le han hecho cura d sueños y no ha mejorado se la pasa bajo medicamento y encerrado en su cuarto cree q va a morir, he leído su libro muchas vidas muchos sabios y creo que el debe estar pasando algo similar , me gustaría q me ayudase Dr . weiss y lo pueda tratar usted mi correo es [email protected] espero su resp y su ayuda mil gracias CARACAS VENEZUELA

  7. Hii Dr. Weiss, do you know Gita or Hindu philosophy??? Many of things you say, I hear it daily but never believed… Although you talk in more believable way! When are you coming to India?

    Please ask your publisher to make available your new book in India too.

  8. !!! Thank you so much for your time in answering me Dr.Weiss, I feel so privileged. I also see you will be in Ft.Lauderdale in Feb so there will be NO excuse for me to not make it to your workshop!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Had no idea your new schedule was already up, I guess I was still beating myself up over not having had made your last rounds. Eagerly awaiting the book as well, along with the Spanish version for a gift! Thank you for shining light into this world Dr.Weiss 🙂

  9. Hi Dr. Weiss! Why didn't I think of Youtube.com for you before??? I have read 2 of your books so far and have a few more on the shelf ready to go. Your first book was amazing and I am enjoying the others. It is an incredible subject. Thank you for your work!

  10. Hola Dr. W.
    Tengo 19años, y me interesan mucho estos temas, vivo en Colombia, Tiene libros traducidos al español ??
    Muchas Grascias.

  11. I feel the Love when you write…so I'm so thankful that u are connected to us here on youtube…un abrazo de Concepcion, Chile.

  12. Hello Dr. W. Nice to meet you. Is it possible to get answers from the future through dreams. Which technique should I apply? Thank you.

  13. @Gerson Andres Moreno Caceres Hola yo tmbn soy Colombiana y a tu edad me encantaba este tema y lei muchos libros. Ahora tengo 24 y aun aprendo mucho x q hay mucho para aprender sobre todo esto. A mi mama tmbn le intereso y yo le compre libros de Weiss y otros autores q escriben sobre el tema en espanoll y baratos x amazon o ebay. La biblioteca tmbn tenia libros asi en la seccion de Espanol en la Florida EEUU. Mandame un mensaje si quieres hablar mas al respecto o para mas infirmacion 🙂

  14. Thank you for this video! 🙂 Very informative.

    This is my most recent spiritual love poem for any of those who likes high vibration writings: youtube.com/watch?v=2yK6ynUHpSw

  15. Hello Dr Weiss: Thanks for helping me when I was widowed and pregnant. Now my son is !8 years old. i got married with someone like you said, "from all over" and have 3 other children. Your help is so valuable to all. Many Blessings.

  16. Thanks Dr. Brain Weiss for all your books. In all of them you give us a lot information about souls' life. I'm very happy because I changed (being catholic) the vision about the life after life, and I started to have several anwsers to a lot of my questions. Thanks again to spend time to teach us about very interesting topics

  17. I hope you will come to India/Delhi soon. For your kind information, based on valuable information that I got from your book (have read all the 6 books) I could successfully perform PLR of two persons (I am neither a doctor nor a psychatrist). But the doctor whom I approached in Mumbai, could not take me to my past lives despite having spent 3 hours, Hope to have an interaction when you visit India in th near future. Rgds.

  18. Dr Weiss, your books have helped me become a better person and deal with my problems with wisdom. Thank you so much. When would you be coming to India, Mumbai. I would love to attend your workshop.

  19. Dr. Weiss, i have experienced the difference between Earthly Love..
    and Heavenly Love. I am very grateful for people like U ~ Blessed Be

  20. If our loved one dies, then we die, how can we reunite with them if they are back on earth or in another realm?

  21. Moving onto a new body invariable means new experiences are required, and why only a very advanced few can remember "any" experiences from previous incarnations. For example, if you were murdered by another, and you met again in a different life, the memory would dominate what should be new opportunities to grow. This applies to loved ones also. Part of total enlightenment means your loved ones have been a mother,father sister and brother to you. Old images would interfere with your development.

  22. I knew it was your technics that caused my psychic abilities to grow. 5 years ago, when I started seeing dreams about the future events I could not understand at first where did it come from. Now I know))))))) Also I want to add Dear Dr Weiss. In my experience I've learned that everything, simply everything is known. It's like chess, where every step is known. Theory of possibilities. Whatever decision you make it's already known. I feel kind of like you live already programmed life.

  23. Simply by thinking of them. Focusing on thinking about that person you want to see. Your soul will go to them instantly.

  24. And then I came to a point that if everything is already known, programmed, then what for all this? Here I think Robert Monroe gives the answer – we live to experience different kind of feelings to produce more energy for probably higher purposes of someone who's bigger than us. It's like we could be small bacteries doing our work in someone else's body. But that's just a theory.

  25. Then they could be telling us that we're in school, which is true I think, but they don't tell us that we're workers too. This is just what you wrote in the book, that master said – labor of love. We work on producing special kind of energy, which is love. I think. And someone bigger than us uses this energy for his purposes. Just think about it, our Creator's very logical and smart. Wish I could meet up with him. Love Dr Weiss. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

  26. Regression happens to me while walking or meditating. It is very useful and interesting. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this. If it is difficult for you go to someone who can help you like Dr. Weiss. This technique can help you to find who you are or discover some problems.

  27. I believe in reincarnation, but I have some relatives whose religion tells them that there is no such thing as reincarnation and that if a person is hypnotized, their aura gets torn and another spirit enters and the hypnotized person tells about the other spirit's former life. They are also taught to believe that any memories of a past life come from cell memories passed down from ancestors. Any thoughts on this? I disagree. Their beliefs do not resonate with me.

  28. I AM HOPELESSLY IN LOVE with music but I am passionately obsessed with life after life…I became interested in life after life when my beloved father began communicating with me forcefully soon after death and I really enjoyed those one to one encounters with my beloved father..MY THIRST BECAME SO INTENSE THAT I LITERALLY BEGAN GOBBLING ALL THE BOOKS ON LIFE AFTER LIFE FROM COVER TO COVER..Then,my beloved aunt,who was writing a thesis on Past Life Memories in her Doctorate degree in Para Psychology, introduced me to books written by Dr Brian Weiss..My aunt died from breast cancer soon after but she was one of the wisest souls I have ever known..She knew how to love everyone,even her enemies and in her short life she taught me what the angels tell me now–"…In the spirit world only one thing supercedes,only one thing prevails—love and love and love…the more love you will give the more love you will get…" I began reading every book written by Dr Brian Weiss,the pioneer in Past Life Regresion in the West…Little did I know then that I could perform Past Life Regression easily on other people,too..The greatest surprise in my life came in 2012 when I MET A VERY TALENTED SINGER ON FACEBOOK..His name is Sanjoy Sinha Roy..I was just curious to know whether he had a past life connection with the legendary Indian singer,Kishore Kumar.. Ofcourse,he did have a past life connection with the legendary singer of Indian POP MUSIC,KISHORE KUMAR but what stunned me beyond words  was when he began conveying messages not only from the Master Souls who are called Angels by common people,he began to convey messages from my beloved father and his beloved doctor and para psychologist,Dr Susanta Chakraborty who died in 2009..But,the greatest surprise came to me WAS when I learnt that the Super Soul of Dr Brian Weiss also speaks to me..Every living human being on this earth has a Super Soul in the spirit world..Dr Brian Weiss is very much alive and doesn't even know that his Super Soul communicates with me via my talented medium,Sanjoy Sinha Roy..I have obtained not only the residential address and private telephone numbers of Dr Brian Weiss,who lives in the United States, from the Super Soul of Dr Brian Weiss I have even learnt that his  Official Secretary's name is Martha but Martha is a quite dumb non believer in my psychic senses and hence deleted my mail when she recieved it instead of passing it to Dr Brian Weiss.

  29. What if your family neglected you when you were a child, or were abusive and not loving for a long period of time?  How do you come to terms with that?   

  30. Hello Dr. Weiss.

    First of I want to thank you for choosing to share your information and experience, my mother passed away just two days ago at the age of 53 and I find myself absolutely devastated. She was such a bubbly, loving, caring individual who had a very strong social conscience and who tried to help young people in vulnerable positions in the society. One part of me feels that her path in life has been an unusually cruel and unfair one, having her brother die in cancer a few years before her, and her coming from such difficult family background. Having found you has brought me a great deal of comfort, but I unfortunately feel I need to have a connection with her on the other side to believe she's still somewhere, and that she is alright. Is there a way I can contact her?

  31. Dr Weiss,

    I have recently been on my own spiritual journey for the last year after being raised a christian for my whole life. Whilst I left the church when I was younger due to the hypocrisy within its walls I have always remained very spiritual, believing in a creator. I believe my upbringing has given my a wonderful starting point on the road of spirituality. Yet It is through my own research and intuitions that I began to form my own opinions about life after death (which I always believed in), and it was a beautiful thing for me to have my fears alleviated about going to hell, and there only being 2 options, heaven or hell, which I emphatically believe not to be true now (my own personal beliefs). I just wanted to say that I have been reading your book Many lives Many masters, it is my housemates and after seeing it around the house for about 6 months, (I always wanted to read it but I knew I would when the time was right) one day I had an overwhelming feeling I had to pick it up right away and lets just say that the words and stories in that book resonated with me so deeply, and coincided so perfectly with the point I am at in my life and spiritual journey now that I am thankful you put that out for the world to see. I wouldn't have been ready to accept it wholly or taken away everything I could from it if I had read it earlier. I feel compelled to find out everything I can about this, (past lives, reincarnation etc) and I just wanted to thank you for your great work, books and videos, and keep it up! 🙂

  32. I have been seeing inter- dimensional beings and spirits for the last couple of years and by seeing I mean like I can actually see a woman sitting on the arm of your sofa their  Dr. Weiss  :$   Well her silhouette anyways and some facial features even her shoulder length blonde hair. I have also had past life dreams and some pretty cool OBE's where I have seen different planes and chatted with other beings, though I cant remember our conversation's,  lol … but I 'm sure it was something interesting. I'm still having a hard time trying to communicate with my higher self / or spirit guide in my awake moments, but enough practice and losing the blockages I might have it shouldn't be much longer…I hope anyways ;p lol It truly fascinates me all of it. Love your vid's btw !

  33. This video gives me another question: how do we think without bodies; without brains? And by using what do we love on the other side?

  34. How does one actually end the cycle of rebirth? The idea of perfection or being totally enlightened seems impossible. Even though I have searched, I have yet to find anyone in that state, claims to the contrary. It seems to be apretty cruel system if that is what it takes.

  35. I just found your channel Dr. Weiss and I want to thank you so much for your answers to many of my life questions that have plagued my soul for many lifetimes. Namasté 🙏🏼

  36. I heard you speak about a year ago in Ft. L. I love your sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your research and experiences with us.

  37. I look at you speaking and all I can think is I don’t trust this guy. I know what you’re really up to

  38. Brian Weiss thank you for all you do to awaken all the people that come across your work. You make me feel very hopeful. Your voice is so soothing. I feel so fortunate to know of you. Thank You very much. I listen to your videos every chance I get. ❤️ keeps going on!!!

  39. Dr. Weiss you sound so gentle. What a good quality for a psychiatrist! I feel I can talk with you about anything!

  40. Dear Dr. Weiss,
    Briefly about myself. I have been doing my own research on “Life After Death” and found several compelling pieces of evidence, which includes works of Ian Stevenson & Jim Tucker (past life recollection by children). I have also read your book “Many Lives, Many Masters”, which is absolutely fascinating! Also, there are tons of past life documentaries over the internet. In fact, I believe the existence of life after death is so obvious, that once someone starts looking, the evidence keeps pouring in. I have a question on reincarnation.
    Once we have acquired certain knowledge in a life-time, for instance, let's say, a scientist or a doctor, one who has gained a lot of knowledge both scientifically and also spiritually and has led a more or less humble life mostly helping others, does such a soul have the possibility to be reincarnated in their next life in a poverty-ridden socio-economic life where even getting basic education is a challenge? I believe the goal of the soul is to keep gathering knowledge in each lifetime and ultimately reach the state of enlightenment. So my question is, once a particular soul has gained sufficient knowledge would it make sense to reincarnate that soul into a socio-economic environment where acquiring further knowledge becomes very difficult? In other words, as we gain more and more knowledge do we get reincarnated into a better economic or appropriate socio-economic background where further progress in terms of knowledge accumulation becomes easier or favorable? Does your research show such a pattern-that is, the more knowledge a soul gains, the better or an appropriate environment a soul gets reincarnated into?
    -Swarnava Roy, Ph.D.

  41. Dr ;
    I met my soulmate. I felt the most important fear of loosing him. He notice my fear and he lose his interesting in me and after a while he married with someone else. That almost kill me. Now, I don’t feel fear anymore, at least not that much, so what am I supposed to do with all my new integrity ???
    Now, what for ? for service ? ok, but maybe it is not enough for my personal heart

  42. DearDr Weiss,my name is Evangeline,54 yearr old. I have been suffering from headaches all my life due to sress.They turned into migraines during menopause. In a past life regression I was a priestess in the he Parthenon when a Roman soldier hit me with a sword on the head!What do I do from here? Please help me ! I rely on painkillers all my life!! God bless you! !

  43. I have been in 3 off his all day clinics! He is just as he is being seen on here! He has brought such great enlightenment because he does come from an extremely Scientific/Medically as well as a Psychiatrist,the Head of the Psychiatry Department of the Hospital he was working at the time all of this occurred in his own "Life's Journey"then ,he was more concerned about his truly believing what his patient,"Catherine" was telling him,,but what would his known,greatly skeptical, non-believers, like Stephen Hawking! Wow, just watched him on "Channeling Erik! "If anyone would have a built in creditability is Dr.Weiss! He finally did come forward with this incredible patient of his,who was telling him about her own "TRUE PAST LIVES!" He did so much research about her info,then when she discussed about his own 23 day old beloved baby son who passed away 10 years earlier,before anyone had access to GOOGLE! She could not have even looked it up, so he believed her

  44. I absolutely loved your book, couldn’t put it down! Would love to find someone like you here in Montreal, Canada but haven’t so far. I could benefit from this practice.

  45. I like it you keep it brief (session)….
    As there is a lot of information to take in and I appreciate your calm and easy demeanor.
    Very Helpful.
    I only now started watching the news and hope you’re reading some books but you will help me go into 2020 with a new attitude and Greater spirituality.

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