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  1. That's why I really like Arma because it's not all about money but fun. You can use mods, islands and addons from previous version of Arma without any problems and also game engine is open for everyone so players can create their own stuff.

  2. Bohemia interactive if you are reading this You and DICE have completed me.. I play Battlefield for my quick fast paced somewhat realistic shooter and for my hardcore simulation on my $3,500 dollar PC I play your beautiful games Arma 2/ Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 I would just like to Say thank you for Bohemia to sticking to your principals and Listening to your Fans I really appreciate you for that.

  3. Not until release, sadly. This makes me question their use of "beta" since that normally means "feature complete". Actually I'm extremely bummed out that they were propping up Altis as being part of the Beta in the live streams, and then essentially told us to eff off on the actual release date.

    A non-AAA company is pulling AAA game bull. It always leaves a sour taste.

  4. I think Arma series turns more and more into a COD type of shooter. Visit Bohemia Interactive site, a lot of corporate investment, it's a big and 'respected' name now. Well, at least i will remember the days i was laughing because all gaming sites and magazines rated Arma1 6-7/10 and COD, Crysis, BF, Far Cry etc. got 9-10/10.

  5. Depends if he has his computer + gear for 3.5k worth, i personally run a Titan and a Quadro 8000K + 32gb ram and ssd's among other things.
    Dont be jelly that some of us have superior machines.

  6. While I don't normally dignify this sort of unsupported claim with a response, each site I just fact-checked against supports my definition, with the only exception being "new features added based on customer feedback". Since we've already loaded the CIT with customer feedback and the only one that seems to have made it in is the "stream mode", prospects are pretty grim.

  7. Thanks for the subtitles! His accent really made it hard to understand him before to native speakers of consonantic focused languages.

  8. What rig do you have, and what performance do you average at (FPS) in ArmA 3 BETA? No bullshit, I want to know 🙂

  9. congratulations to you who bought or will buy this amazing game………………………… and suffer bastards using hacks.

  10. Cool video although does anyone else cringe at the way Sharktac mangles the english language? Did he have a cold while recording this or is he just not very skilled at reading and pronunciation?

  11. Hi. What do you think about the GTX 560 Ti for Arma 3? I plan buying a new PC but keeping my video card. Thanks.

  12. I agree…. it would be awesome to have Sahrani in ARMA 3.

    But its sort of the same style as Altis. A proper, well-ported Chernarus map would be awesome

  13. No, fuck DICE for their consolized FPS. Fuck them for not making the game modable so they can sell you 5 fucking DLCs. Bohemia and DICE do not go in the same sentence. Bohemia deserves more respect than that, they are unique amongst game developers.

  14. Can you please tell me the spec of your PC? I plan to buy a new one next week just for Arma 3. This is what my technicien has recomanded to me:

    i7-4770 Processor
    ASUS Z87M-Plus carte mere audio/lan/eSATA/USB3.0 (six prises SATA)
    Crucial DDR3 16GB 1600MHz kit(2x8GB)
    Antec SOLO 2 mid-tour avec Seasonic 600W ATX
    And I will keep my Gtx 560 Ti. I hope that will be enough. I`d like to hear an second opinion. Thanks a lot.

  15. They both have their place. I like to give people endless shit about playing CoD, but truth be told, I like a little CoD from time to time when I'm feeling like a little mindless entertainment.

  16. I disagree. The value of the SSD is overstated (it's real, but it's overblown). More RAM is the best possible upgrade, followed by more RAM, and if possible, more RAM.

  17. RAM ? Do you even know what RAM does? You clearly dont. What good is RAM for, when your game loads its resources veeery slowly from your slow HDD.

  18. again, if you have 8 gig of RAM, making it 16 or 32 will do 0% for this game. Now please stop talking about things you have no clue about, you make yourself look like a moron

  19. For only playing games i recommend i5 4670k because it's cheaper and has the same performance in gaming as i7 4770k. Mobo and ram is ok. Gtx 560 Ti is still a good card but i would go with gtx 770.

  20. Allright thanks for your answer. Pertinant comment. I plan to get that PC I told you about right on Monday (my technician is actually on vacation). I plan to wait a little for another graphic card. But I must to admit it's really hard for me to chose a good dealquality processor. The new ones are silly too expensive for the little more it gives while a too cheap one wont last long so I aim an average one. I think the i7 4770 is the best deal but maybe I'm wrong. I'm still not sure.

  21. CPU is more important to this game than GPU. a high clocked i5 will ran better than a i7 920. the cpu you picked should be fine.

  22. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Believe it or not I just arrived from the PC store and both a new system. I chose the i7-4770 and transferred my "old" Ati 560Ti. The technician told me it should be fine for now. I don't know but I can't wait to see thanks.

  23. thats dyslexci's paper doll editor available on the shack tac website. although idk if there is a beta compatible version out because I only had it in alpha

  24. stratis life? there are a bunch of stratis life servers up currently, with the two most populated being seal team sloth's and zombieclan's

  25. Odd… Still plays only at 360p for me. Other videos are fine, except this one. Oh well, whatever, at least it isn't 240p or lower.

  26. Only one problem still exist, the vegetation
    The should make the vegetation that you can actually hide in it, instead of vegetation breaking down before you even touch it..

  27. It's quite intensive to calculate how the vegetation deflect upon touching them and also how projectiles will pass penetrate them.
    But yeah BI should sort that out

  28. I don't understand when people say this game is made by BIS it's not it's by BI there is a big difference between the two companies.

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