68 thoughts on “Arma 3 – Community Guide: Ground Vehicle Crew

  1. who needs a commander when u have third person… still, we still have third person, boheeeeemia, STAHP

  2. i beg you Bohemia T_T start working on interiors for the tanks and apc's. now playing as a tank crewman isnt even fun. if you play for 2 hours in one game you get so bored it makes you want to break your arma disc in two. why is there interior for everything, but we cant use it as driver/gunner/commander in a tank/apc

  3. LOL! People here commenting like they know how to play arma 3 like it's meant to be played. Go back to your bf4 you trolls

  4. Still not optimized and probably never will be, don't waste your money if you haven't already. It runs at 30fps max in multiplayer

  5. if this game didn't lag on multiplayer  when having a lot of people on one server it would be fun. im not talking about fps lag.

  6. https://vk.com/feed?q=%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8C%20has%3Aphoto&section=search&z=photo-66384137_334498213%2Falbum-66384137_00%2Frev

  7. Quit your crying this isn't cod or battlefield 1st person view doesn't due the justice of a persons perception on the battlefield that is why the option is there. As far as the commander view go's the optics available to him far out way the view of 3rd person. Figure it out put your big boy pants on, quit your crying an complaining an play the game right.

  8. What's the point anymore? Arma is ruined, we have 12 year old kiddies bashing Altis life, and if not then people camping 3rd person in every other game mode. what about tactical game modes that require people to think and earn skill? THAT is completely gone in arma. This has become an Role playing shit

  9. I still find it a bit funny how Bohemia decided to add in the L-39 Albatross for the Independent faction, a plane that first flew in 1968 and is mostly used as a trainer.

  10. Bohemia; I beg of you to add the ability to shoot off the sides of Littlebirds and other helicopters. That'd be great. Thanks.

  11. Too bad bis still stick to the horrible hitpoint system that removes any sort of advatage from armor since enough rockets will kill anything despite the ammount of armor on any spot. Good thing there are mods to adress this. Also no interiors is just sad.

  12. They should put vote to chose a commander… not let the slot one automaticly for command… in CTI mod…
    I still play this year arma 2 for the CTI mod that's more fluid and efficient with rebel that's look like civils (REBELS). 

  13. Millions of copies sold, Arma3 is constantly in Top10-20 Steam games and at least 90% of people who bought it play zombies and policemen or not play at all as victims of the huge hype and the few players who try the actual game cheat all time with 3rd person view, not uncommonly calling themselves hardcore pros.

  14. On which kind of servers do you actually find this kind of gameplay? Could anyone give me any examples? Thanks.

  15. it's a shame that everybody base the missions only in infantry and we don´t see vehicles as much how  they should in a battle.

  16. I take note that many have left behind the armored style battles in favor of turning the game arma3 into essencially a GTA style game. not that I mind I have to say.

    I just feel like way back when on youtube when I played operationflashpoint, most of the videos were regarding enemy armor and troop large scale battles.

  17. Dslyecxi, your advice is great…..right up until you start on about the communication; I've heard you give commands before and NOT refer to everyone by their role.

  18. How is it that we can so easily have mods like DayZ and Life crafted for the masses but still none of the modding savants out there can craft a simple and addictive "war" mod that actually captures the essence of Arma and puts it readily at our fingertips.

    So much wasted potential because casuals would rather wander around an empty map hunting each other like animals than put any actual effort into cooperatively dueling with another large (semi) organized force.

  19. have they fixed the bs where your tires pop if u hit a 2 foot wall
    @ 25+mph??that was a big reason for me to stay away from 3 🙁

  20. Love to see a Guide on proper radio communication and etiquette for us new to arma folks. Thanks for the guides so far 🙂

  21. Who needs this, if in first person mode you can see only cheap sprite with looking window, like you're driving a mailbox not a tank.

  22. Please fix AI driving and tactics, otherwise they're driving in walls and proning in plain field when being shot at. Atleast make them search for cover.

  23. Dont cry, just find a nice 1st p only community, its your own fault if you play with 3rd person ^^
    3rd P is useful for players with major handicaps though like down syndrome or visual defects

  24. This is why World War 2 games are so much more fun…  NO DUMBASS THERMAL VISION.  MAKE A BETTER WORLD WAR 2 GAME B.I.  IRON FRONT 3 WOULD BE NICE!

    AMD A10 5800k 3.8Ghz
    HIS R7 250 1GB GDDR 5
    8GB RAM

    pls reply

  26. Communication- Expectations vs reality
    Moving to cover- Expectation
    Commander- "Oi * driver's name* get to that wall"
    Driver- "okeh"


    Commander-"Get behind that wa.."
    Gunner- "no idiot, the drone's gonna spot us"
    Driver- "WHERE THE FUCK DO I GO"
    Infantry-" LETS GOOOOO"
    AA rockets hits them and they die

    That's my wartime story

  27. In real time combat the Driver would be controlled by the gunner, the Tank commander would be to busy on the radios calling up ammo counts and BDA’s and scanning for additional targets.

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