Anthropology Is Outdated | How To Fix It | Travel and Cultural Understanding in the 21st Century

Anthropology Is Outdated | How To Fix It |  Travel and Cultural Understanding in the 21st Century

All right, this is going to be around the
one and hopefully the only around of me trying to produce this content. Uh, so hi, been awhile,
like quite some time. Um, I’ve lived a very quiet life
on the internet, just lurking. Um, and I haven’t produced really
much at all for this YouTube channel. Um, and there’s a reason. I feel like every few years
I’ll do like an update. Hey guys, this is me making a
promise to produce more content. And the thing is, is I’ll always be
confused on what I meant by saying I’m going to produce more content. Because this channel has never had things
just been me doing things and talking about things that are interesting. Um, at some point, the most, most of the
content I produced for this channel was on my motorcycle, and I did that because I
love motorcycles and I wanted to be like a Moto vlogger. Um, and that probably would be something
that we’ll still be doing today if I still live in America, but soon after my
interest in model blogging, I left to do overseas work. So let me just skip over to the topic of
this real quick and I can just maybe recap more about what I’ve
been up to after that. Um, anthropology has been a big
interest of mine for a very long time. And even before I even knew the term
anthropology, I always had a great interest in a study of cultures because I
feel like to understand a culture, uh, is to understand how we all connect
throughout the world as human beings. Um, and if you want to understand the
culture, there’s a few things you have to really, there’s a few topics. I’ve used a few factions of that you have
to understand to really have a good grasp of that culture. Um, many of them are, you
know, there’s a million topics. Um, but then anthropology, there is, I
would say there’s economic and there’s cultural, there’s a, um, uh, biological,
and I’m sure I’m missing one. Um, as you can see, I’m not
quite an anthropologist yet. I would like to go to school and study. Uh, but I would also like to really dig
deep into making this a full time hobby, something that I will pursue and see
where it takes me, uh, on YouTube. And I really think it is
a very, very untapped. Part of the internet, part of YouTube at
least there seems to be plenty of blogs out there. On anthropology, but the
world is moving on from blogs. I mean, I have blogs, I love my blogs,
but for my blogs, to get 10,000 visitors a month is pretty good. Better than most people. But for you to video, to get
10,000 views in a month is nothing. You know, YouTube, digital
maybe is the way to go. And when you’re trying to understand
the culture, you really can’t capture everything with Chester to blog posts. You need. Audio visual stimulation. It just injects that knowledge and that
greater understanding that you really only get from seeing something, and that’s what
I want to provide with my YouTube channel. Now I one lean towards that. Um, you know, there’s a lot of other
YouTube, YouTube, what’s out there that do something similar to
anthropology, skull work. Um, there’s yesterday, you know, these
guys, they do other random things, but a lot of times a lot of their content is
geared towards going to different parts of the world to understand
more about those people. And I’ve always admired that. Um, there’s a few other people like Indigo
traveler who generally travels to Mark the angels parts of the world
to do the same thing. Um, and I can just go on and on. There’s, pardon? Bankruptcy mostly focuses on like the
Russian old USSR region, but it makes sense, you know, even
as an anthropologist. Uh, maybe anthropologists don’t just
travel the world to study all cultures. They focus on a small segment,
one culture, to really gain a full understanding of that. And it makes sense because the, you know,
any culture can be extremely deep and it will take years of research to truly
understand everything about it. That being said, uh, for me, I think I
would focus more on African and Asian cultures, and I can’t really pinpoint
where I would focus most of my time on because I don’t know yet. This is all I’m shooting
from the hip right now. And, um, and wherever fate
takes me is where I’ll be. And that’s where you’ll see, um, I think
the most important thing is that wherever I go. Wherever I travel from now on, I’m going
to try to focus on a few things about that place I go to. And one of those things is the landscape. You know, understanding the terrain and
that place I am is a really important part of understanding, uh, how
it melts into the culture. Uh, the people, uh, like in regards to
people, uh, what are the ethnic origins. Um, and that. You know, I’m not going to dig too deep
into, you know, uh, I forgot the term for it, but I’m not gonna dig too deep into. Where they came from originally,
if they had a native peoples. But I will scratch the surface of it. Cause I think it’s important to understand
more about the culture and history. Um, food without a doubt through it. It’s probably the most important factor of
the co of a culture, uh, to understand the food of the people is to understand
so much about the history. So much about having interact socially,
extremely important, um, shelter, uh, what kind of housing they have. Uh, and of course, taking photographs
and videos of that housing. So like I said, I how they live solace. Um, what do people do to find confidence
in their own homes and in the public and, and peace within themselves? And if a big deeper into like, hobbies, et
cetera, to like, do people play chess in the park to find peace? You know, you can go in and out and you
can dig pretty deep into that topic. It’s pretty broad. Um, but I kind of relates to self
expression as well, which is another topic that I think is important to cover. Um, the, the degree that could be you
to dress, it can be how they speak. Their dialects, et cetera. It could be how they interact with their
friends and family, or how they interact within themselves. You know, like it was in
their home and private. And again, it can be, um, how they date. You know, how they express
themselves to find a partner. You can go deeper and deeper into
that too, but that’s another topic. I think it’s extremely important
to cover law and order. Not the most exciting topic, but
there’s also quite important. Um, and you don’t really
hear much about that, right? Whether you watch a traveler, a utuber
travel to Indonesia, to Bali, the last time they talk about is the laws of Bali. They don’t even scratch the surface of it. And that laws of the country can really
dictate how people, um, act upon their daily lives. So understanding, at least. Somewhat about the law and order that
country and help you understand a lot about the culture. Why are giraffes illegal? You know that randomly, you know, that
that stuff’s important to understand more about them. Religion. Um, now there’s definitely, YouTube was
out there who talked about religion and many factors of YouTube traveling
and just like blogging and et cetera. But the history of that religion
and how it relates to that. People, you know, like there’s a lot of
Buddhist countries in the world, but not every Buddhist country practices the same
type of Buddhism or practices, the same type of Buddhism, the same way, et,
you know, the Arab role is huge. Turkey is not part of the Arab world, but
it’s also a very large Muslim country. And people don’t understand the
differences at these places. They just think there’s clump it
all together as Muslim, you know? Islam, it’s just that, and it’s not true. There’s deeper intricacies, you
know, that you have to understand. If you don’t, then you’ll just kind of
summate people in a very generalized way. And I don’t really think that’s fair
in the last, and we do it a lot. So I would take that time to understand
more and hopefully share those things with you. Um, another two things
that we’ll want to cover. I think one of my favorites actually, that
you never really hear much about unless you’d like. Watching a history channel
or scary channel myths. You know else where was the empire is the
scenes in many cultures have vampires are some of the oldest vampiric. Myths exist in Asia, that actually in
Turkey for instance, and I would love to dig deep into that, to just like listen
to a story and see how it relates to that culture and maybe how it kind of formed
a habit or help kids stay away from something and just, it
goes so deep in a song. So excited to hear, exciting
to hear these things. So that’s one thing I would
enjoy a lot to learn more about. And finally, uh, another thing that I
don’t think is the most exciting topic, but I think it’s important to understand
because it does kind of help, uh, kind of forms a community in some
way how they practice health. Uh, in regards to illness, we curious, um,
you know, for instance, we have Western medicine in America and other parts of
Europe and other parts of the world have Eastern medicine, and we kind of
just lump everything back, isn’t it? American and British into
the Eastern category. If it’s India, if it’s from Afghanistan,
is from Iran, China, Japan, Russia, you know, and I think that’s a really silly
thing to do because, well, all of the West and all the East don’t practice the
same type of medicine the same way. Um, I actually get pretty aggravated many
times living in Belgium because there’s a lot of, in my opinion, uh. A lot of things that I don’t really agree
with where they were in regards to how they operate medicine. But I deal with it because
this is not my country. And, uh, I respect the way they do things
and I try it out myself or sometimes we play them pleasantly surprised. And that actually brings me onto one
of the last topics I like to talk about before this 10 minute
video goes on too long. Um, as an anthropologist, you have to
approach things with a very open mind and with respect. If you enter a culture and where is
custom for people to only eat beef, right? You only eat beef. You don’t ask for chicken. If you see, uh, if you enter a culture
where a man has a, is normal for a man to have two wives, you don’t judge
that man for having two wives. You can point it out. You know, you can say, Oh, in this
culture, this is normal for a wealthy man to have two eyes. But you try to reserve judgment because. Anthropology is built on the understanding
that all humans are equal and all lives that are lived, like all
ways of life are equal. And it’s kind of a hard pill to swallow
sometimes for me because I’m, there’s many things in many cultures that kind of
rubbed me the wrong way, but it doesn’t take away from the fact
that they are valid people. They are human, which means there’s
actually one thing I would like to do. That is not very anthropologist only. Correct. And that is expressing my opinion on
how the world treats people like me. Um, I black and everywhere I travel the
world, I have unique black experience and it’s dictated based off the history
and the culture of those people. And I think many of my content, most
of my content will be related to that. How the world treats
me as a black American. Um, and also how the world treats black
people from Africa and black people from other regions of the world. I would like to cover that. And that’s not a very axle anthropology
trickle pro pro starting so much music video needs to soon, there’s not that much
content out there, uh, on that either, at least not consistently. Um, so I would like to cover more on that
as well, but that’s not anthropology as my own little pet project I would like
to talk about because it does matter. Um, there’s places in the world where
black people were just not welcomed. And there’s other places in the world
where people are so welcoming, you know, and I want more people
to travel and feel safe. And also. Or they can call home, you know? Um, so yeah, that’s kind
of what I want to go over. Anthropology is something that is so
untapped and kinda rubbed on a little bit by other content producers, but I don’t
really think there’s a lot of large, there’s no, there’s not, from what I’ve
seen, a large amount of professors or academics who are traveling and doing
their work and posting it and trying to reach a larger audience, they mostly
just stay within the academic community. Which I think is wrong, uh, of all the
sorts of studies in the world, I think anthropology, anthropologists should be
at the forefront and should be always searching for more and more eyes. So that’s that. And then before this video ends. So actually there’s two more things
I want to cover really quick. Uh, I have a few videos in the works. Uh, simple things. Uh, not all about the same region either,
just having different places in places I’ve traveled over the brief amount
of time I decided to do this. Um, and that content will
be coming out very soon. Um, and, uh, one thing I think is
important to mention is one of the most important parts of
anthropology is observation. Participation. So. Like you want it to be observant, but
you also want to participate in whatever activity you’re supposed to be studying. And I think that’s one of the
best parts about him, his apology. That’s what makes it so fun. And I’ll be doing much and much matter
that I think other YouTubers do a good job doing that too when they
go to different countries. But that’s also one thing
I would love to do as well. So you’ll see much of that participating
and observing at the same time or more eyes. So that’s what I think I would do. And I hope you stick
around if you are new. So how you came across this
video, please give me a subscribe. Um, I will love it. Uh, please give me a lighter. Just give me a comment. Let me know if think,
share your opinion please. I want to hear. Thank you for your time. Travel.

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