100 thoughts on “Alison Brie Broke Things at Donald Glover’s Apartment

  1. Who gives a fuck, i'm so sick of all this fascination with the lives of overpaid, spoiled and sometimes talentless celebrity trash

  2. It's weird, even though she's touching other men like that, she doesn't come off as someone who would cheat. Dave Franco definitely comes off as the jealous type though

  3. If a man had touched a woman the way she touched James, and she complained about it, it would be another #metoo uproar to have his career destroyed and equate him as a serial rapist.

  4. "What did you think was going to happen?" lol. I can totally imagine Donald Glover asking that question with one of his trademark facial expressions.

  5. Now that is a funny threesome–Alison, Keegan and James!! How would you like like to hang out and have a drink with That trio! Oh and Alison i adore on so many levels hubba hubba!!

  6. That knee touching is sexual harassment. Hope she never works ever again for how she made Corden feel. Even if it takes him 10-15 years to come out and tell everyone. Guilty until proven innocent.

  7. 2 years for half a remodeling, just tear down the house and build a new one, it will take less time, way way way less time, and probably cost less.

  8. honestly at the way she jumped through the sliding glass door in high school when troy got all of the awards, this is no surprise.

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