A More or Less Perfect Union: Freedom of Religion

A More or Less Perfect Union: Freedom of Religion

Disagreements about religion had
been the causes of war in Europe through most of the
16th and 17th centuries. The great trauma of European
history was the religious carnage that led to newer and
newer forms of torture and of slaughter, all in
the name of God. Six of the Thirteen
Colonies were settled by religious refugees. The Puritans who settled
Massachusetts did not tolerate other religions. Virginia, my state, had an
official religion from 1619 until the Revolutionary War. Dissenters were not obliged to
participate – but they did have to pay for it with their taxes. One of the great works of
the French Enlightenment was Voltaire’s “Letters from the
English Nation,” talking about the superiority of the system
in England over that of France. And he said — and the Framers
knew he had said it — if there were one religion in
England there would be tyranny. If there were two, they
would cut each other’s throats. But there are thirty, so
they live happily and in peace. “If you would just read
the First Amendment for me?” “Congress shall make no law
respecting an establishment of religion…or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof.” One says that government may
not disfavor religion by interfering with its
free exercise. The other says that government
may not favor religion by establishing religion. Many people refer to that
as the idea of separation of church and state. Nobody else had created a
government in which there was freedom of religion,
separation of church, and state. Once you established the most
important area of freedom of speech, religious
freedom of speech, all other freedom
of speech followed.

5 thoughts on “A More or Less Perfect Union: Freedom of Religion

  1. I love my country, my culture, my history, good and bad!, I abide by its Christian values although not a believer in the God bit.

    I am an English nationalist through and through. I am white as is 81% of my country.

    On that basis, I am called racist, bigot, Islamaphobic, Extreme right, Nazi and others.just for being, living, loving the English way of life!
    I just love my heritage.
    The governments, UN, globalists and media, are taking that from me whilst allowing the superiority of the Islamic migrants"special treatment under the law" even to the point of allowing mass gang-rape of hundreds of thousands of white children by this influx over decades has made me their enemy.

    I have hatred where it never existed, I have vengeance towards those I elected to lead us, who now control even my words.

    "I" am one of the "groups" and"I" am growing stronger!

    The secrets decisions in the Lisbon treaty transferring my nation, laws, rights to the European Union unknown to the electorate will never happen again!

  2. I am very torn about freedom of religion. I am glad people are not persecuted for not believing in a particular religion but the mess we are in now and the domination of Judaism in the United states is likely to prove equally dangerous as no freedom of religion. Noahide laws are coming.

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