A Moon Called MONARCH: The Outer Worlds Lore

A Moon Called MONARCH: The Outer Worlds Lore

Greetings and welcome to the Halcyon system!
It’s a beautiful land of opportunity where employment in one of the many exclusive businesses
is guaranteed! Well, that’s the marketing spiel that probably lured many a colonist
in, spouted by the Earth Directorate and the Board and for the most part, it’s …true?
In the outer worlds, the corporations have complete control of the system and its planets
and everyone who works there is part of one of these large business structures.
There is no actual government as the business’s leaders make up the Board, the body that writes
cooperate law and policy. Entire settlements swear allegiance to a single business, working
their factories, living by their law and consuming their products. This has led to a gradual
decline into heartless cooperate policy dictating the lives of all involved and as it’s been
this way for around 70 years, many don’t know another way to live.
Yet there is one world that the Board denies, a world that has been cut off from economic
trade and commerce. Left to suffer to its own fate and struggle to hold on through a
tenuous network of smugglers. That world is Terra 1, now known as Monarch. The technically
independent world is a small moon orbiting the gas giant, Olympus.
Now for this video, I won’t be going into specifics here on quests or story spoilers
but I will be pointing out several factions in the game and the history of some settlements
so if you wanted to unearth all that yourself, I completely understand if you want to back
out now. That disclaimer issued, let’s get on with some Outer Worlds lore.
Life on the frontier worlds can be excessively harsh with terraforming making the small moon
of Monarch habitable in every technical sense of the word. However, ravenous monsters range
across its surface like roaming rapid packs of Raptidons and insidious infestations of
Mantiqueens. On top of all this, Marauders, those lawless groups who have chosen to live
outside the Board’s rules (and worse are unemployed) also flock to Monarch because
of its reputation. Large sulphur deposits spot the surface and as anyone who has been
near such can tell you, it creates quite the smell. This pungent aroma permeates the whole
planet and although the air is breathable it can take its toll.
Outlaws, smugglers and the like also make this violent moon their homes and it wasn’t
long before cooperation’s began to decide that the risk of business on Tera 1 was not
worth the rewards. One by one they began to withdraw which was great news for MSI.
Monarch Stellar Industries remains the planets primary business corporation led by Sanjar
Nandi. Considered a bit of a rogue by the Board, he wished to institute a number of
changes to improve working conditions for its employees. From a humanitarian and business
sense, he argued it’s better not to push workers into early graves with unfair hours
among other reforms.
Using the openings created by the withdrawal of the other corporations and those within
MSI itself, Sanjar managed to snag the rights to the entire moon making Monarch Stellar
Industries the centre of commerce for the planet based from the settlement, Stellar
Bay. This did not go over well with
the Board. Around 10 years ago, Amber Heights, an executive
settlement southeast of Stellar Bay was assaulted by Marauders and this was too much for the
remaining corporations. All others, except MSI pulled out. When MSI refused to do so,
instead attempting to take the opportunity to institute his radical worker-focused business
ethics, the Board voted Sanjar off its leadership council and isolated the planet. Of course,
the Amber Heights massacre was cited as the real reason for the planetary quarantine,
but subsequent actions from the Board proved ulterior motives.
It was declared that doing business with Monarch or MSI was a criminal act and effectively,
the entire world was cut off from the greater Earth colonies. This was enforced by a blockade
of Board frigates and heavy fines that only smugglers and those already at odds with the
system would brave. This meant that MSI became the unwilling recipient of shady operations
such as those run by SubLight to maintain its lifelines.
With the planet now branded a backwater, criminal locale with even the Board certified entertainment
serials depicting it as a hellish hive of scum and villainy, many more nefarious types
were drawn to the planet. Slowly the settlements were abandoned and Stellar Bay withdrew behind
erected walls against the wilderness as propaganda did its worst.
Nowadays, MSI tries to maintain its tenuous ties with the outside, dealing through back
channels and seeking to return to the Board through business schemes but Stellar Bay is
not the only port of call on this world. I already mentioned the local of Amber Heights
and while it was razed 10 years ago, it is now home to an amiable group of anarchists
called the Iconoclasts. Well amiable as long as you remain on their good side. These people
believe that the imposed law of the Board is against the natural order and that a person
must follow their own inner truth, regardless of where it places them in or outside of society.
They chose Amber Heights as their home in no small part for the symbolism of a corporate
HQ, now being used as the home of such a rebellious group and some of its members originally worked
at the numerous corporate settlements a decade ago. They slowly began to spread their messages
of anarchy using the airwaves and written word.
Further into the expansive wilderness you can find the settlement of Fallbrook, a town
of prefabs built into the side of a cliff where a waterfall showers into its depths,
hidden from overhead flights. This town was constructed by SubLight, a legitimate trading
company of honest-workers and in no way an organisation of smugglers, hired muscle and
thieves. Here there are many an entertainment establishment, gambling halls and bars. There’s
always work to be found here, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. They ply their
trades with the remaining civilized of Monarch, much to the chagrin of MSI which struggles
to restore the image of Monarch and undo the works of a decade of Board-financed propaganda
painting them all as criminals. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, this world’s
reputation of danger draws many a Blue-blood Byzantium Board-owned worker seeking to experience
the thrills of the lawless frontier and Fallbrook has many an industrious inhabitant only too
happy to relieve the naive tourist of their “hard earned” coin. Schemes, guides and
scams await the unwary who more often than not leaves none-the-wiser that they have just
been scammed instead feeling their curiosity in the criminal sated.
There are many more settlements on this Law forsaken moons that struggle to get by and
trade with the other communities, however with all the hazards present, MSI security,
Mercenary bands such as C3 or even the smugglers of Fallbrook are often employed to protect
assets against Marauders and the critters of the land.
One such band was employed by the residence of Devil’s Peak, the tallest mountains for
miles around, shaped like twin horns of tough obsidian jutting heavenward, an unmistakable
landmark in the midst of it all. On this ominous towering edifice lies the transmission towers
and the lair of the mysterious information broker known only as, the “Broker”. This
figure been operating from their tower, collecting and selling information under the blessings
of MSI. Many have done business with the elusive individual who has earned quite the reputation
for themselves, the lawless land around them usually enough to dissuade hostile intervention.
At the base of the slopes of Devil’s Peak lies the Cascadia, the Rizzo’s sweets manufacturing
plant, now long since abandoned and occupied by Marauders, a real den of villainy akin
to the ones publicised by the Board. Of course rumours here too are that the plant
was host to some experimentation of some kind, and that it was evacuated when a shipment
of wildlife broke loose and attracted the dangerous predators that circled its walls.
Burrowing beneath the defenses, the shear amount of creatures within was too tempting
for the ravenous masses of Monarch and Rizzo’s Cascadia fell, retreating to other offsite
bases. The forsaken moon of Monarch is not as bad
as the Serials and publicity suggest, but it is inching ever closer to that image due
to how the Board is presenting it. The toxins, wild animals and criminally insane dot the
surface but among this cesspool of hazard lies some good folk trying to get by.
There’s many other Worlds outer there, (see what I did there?) and I’d like to do videos
on them and other aspects of this game, but we’ll have to see what you all think, This
is just one world’s twisted tale that I’ve uncovered in my time in Halcyon and there
are many others to explore, the Groundbreaker port, the history of the Crossing from Earth
and the Capitol Planet of Byzantium, so there’s a whole lot to talk about.
Until then, thank you call for watching and I’ll see you next time for another sci-fi
lore video, I’ve been, I mean Ric, I mean Hawthorne, I most definitely meant Hawthorne.
I didn’t steal his ship. Ahem. Thanks again and goodbye!

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  1. jesus it’s about time someone made an outer worlds lore video, the game is absolutely filled to the brim with rich, deep story and lore and i haven’t seen a single video strictly giving us lore after the game came out rather than old videos of people speculating about the backstory. thanks for making this man, hopefully this is the first in a series of these videos

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