94. Blowy on the Grand Union Canal. Our Winter Narrowboat Adventure!

94. Blowy on the Grand Union Canal. Our Winter Narrowboat Adventure!

How come you’r bigger than me all of a sudden? I’m stood on a gill again. Good morning. Morning. Or, Myttin da. Who? Myttin da. Somebody on YouTube told me to say Myttin da. Apparently it’s good morning in Cornish. In Cornish? Is that. . . I’ll have a pasty? You see. . . I knew. . . I knew when I said it that he would
relate it to Cornish Pasties. Food! I know what you’re like. Food! Welcome to a blowy Lowsonford, It’s done nothing but rain for the last kind of 36 hours. [Laughs] Well it has hasn’t it? No, it started raining last night. It didn’t, it started raining yesterday afternoon. Oh yeah, it did. I was asleep. [Laughs] So yeah, welcome to a blowy Lowsonford. Today we’re leaving. . . and it’s a bit sad really. I like it here. It is really nice, the Internet’s not very
good, the TV signals not very good. It’s very moody towpath after it’s been raining. But it’s just.. I don’t know, there’s
something about this place that I really like, it’s probably the pub. But we are sad to be leaving, but we’ve got to go today. We’ve got to get to our next destination in 3 days. I nearly said we’ve got to
get to so-and-so in 3 days. Cardiff? Yeah, Cardiff. [Laughing] We’re going back up the Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal, towards Kingswood Junction today,
we’re going to get some water there and then we’ve got a decision to make. Do we do a sneaky kind of left and go back up the North Stratford towards Birmingham? Oooh I like Birmingham. We know you like Birmingham [Laughing] Do we do a crafty little leap
over onto the Grand Union. . . and go north. . . towards Birmingham? Oooh I like Birmingham [Laughs] Or do we do a sly right turn
and kind of come back down. . . West. and go towards East. nearly. EAST! Just the opposite. South East. Towards Warwick and. . . Leamington Spa. Oooh I like Leamington Spa. You’ll find out today. [Laughing] If you had a horse, what would you call it? Ned. You’d call it Ned? There’s a poet an English poet and playwright about a hundred years ago called
Ernest Temple Thirston and the only reason I remember
that is because Thurston’s Bakery cos they do a nice finger. . . [Laughing] ICED FINGER! [Laughing] [Laughing] You remember Iced Fingers?
OHH! Yes. [Laughing] What??? Nothing. and he was from, not round here, but he came
here for a narrowboat holiday a hundred years ago and they didn’t have diesel engines then, so in those days you kinda pick your narrow boat, pick your horse. Alright. You know what I mean, like if you go to crazy golf you don’t just like the hire the course,
you hire a bat as well to go with it. Errr. . . and he got a horse called Fanny. [Laughing] No, it’s true. Google it. Honestly, Google it…. Stop. Ohhhhhh you’ve got to stop this. No. . . it’s history, I’m not making this up. So he got a narrowboat
and a horse called Fanny and they had a lovely time on the Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal
a hundred years ago [Laughing] [Laugiung]
Google it, people. We are talking quick because there’s
a boat a couple of boats behind us who’s kind of itching to get off the same way we’re going. But we’ve got 10 locks between
here and Kingswood Junction and we don’t want em all set against us. So we’re off, ta taa. Bye. [Music playing] [Engine starting up]
[Music playing] Music playing] Got this morning and there’s these
little footprints that run all the way down the side of the boat. They’re Shaun’s, but yeah, something’s got on the boat
last night and just walked all the way. . . from the stern right down to the
bow and then jumped off again. [Music playing] Remember that tree that was leaning a funny
angle across the canal before we left last time? Well it came down all the
way while we’ve been in Stratford and even though it doesn’t look
like it’s blocking the canal there’s some big branches just underneath the
water and that’s stopping boats from passing. But literally the morning after we contacted CRT, the contract has arrived and
they spent all day clearing it. They must have had hundreds to
clear this last few weeks though. [Music playing] As much as it’s been a really
mild winter, it has been very wet and I definitely won’t miss these muddy
towpaths when the summer comes. That’s if we get a nice dry warm summer. . . you never know these days. [Music playing] [Music fading] Lock 26… Five done, five to go. . . and that was the M40 Noisy. Hence, I’m shouting. I shouldn’t have to shout. I bet Ernest and Fanny didn’t have
to put up with up noise in 1900. Stop it, I’m going. [Music playing] We’re back at Kingswood Junction
three weeks before we first arrived. Ohhh it;’s getting too much for me is all this. TRAAAAIIN! Lots of trains There is. But there’s a row of trees inconveniently grown,
over like 80 years between us and that. So they’re in the way. Last time you saw Kingswood Junction we’d. . . we’d come from the North
Stratford Canal from Birmingham. We did. and we kinda did that. That? But today we’re gonna do that. Notice the teeth come out as well. [Laughing] We’re in a basin just below the lock which
takes us up onto the North Stratford, but we’re gonna do a sneaky curve right. It’s a sharp right. It’s a very sharp right into a
very narrow little channel that links the Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal
to the Grand Union Canal and that’s where we’re going, we’re going to head east on the Grand Union towards Warwick,
Leamington Spa, Napton Junction and on toward Braunston. I never thought I’d hear myself say Braunston. You’ve just told em where we’re going. No, towards Towards. [Laughs] Oh right. I don’t know. We’re not going to Braunston. Well we’re going towards Braunston. So anyway, here’s the challenge. . . I’m going to
go and hide under a tree. . . and control the drone, while Shaun loses his temper trying
to navigate this kind of basin into the channel and onto the Grand Union. The channel used to be a lock. Even though the drone is gonna be 300 feet hig, you should be able to hear him
swearing if you listen hard enough. [Laughing] Good luck my little soldier. [Laughing] [Music playing] [Music fading] Bye bye Stratford. [Laughs] Aww I always find it sad when we leave a canal. Don’t you? So we’re on the very blowy Grand Union. We’re debating whether to stop or not, well I am. I just want a cup of tea. I know. but it’s getting very blowing I
don’t like it when it gets blowy. But anyway, we’re on the Grand Union. . . heading kind of Southy Easty. [Laughs] Nothing wrong with that. Ooooh! Towards Warwick. Yeaaaah! I was going to sing one of her song, but I don’t know. Der de der der de der [Laughs] [Music playing] So all along the Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal,
you saw those barrel roof cottages. Do you remember them? I do. they quite nice as well. and here’s little tidbit of information
that you might not know. The design for those barrel roof
cottages comes from these bridges. Really? The people that built the canal used the same. . . timber frame. . . for these brick bridges as the did. . . for the roofs on the barrel roof lock cottages. That’s why if you look. . . they look exactly the same. Yeah, they do. [Music playing] This. . . is Rowington Cutting. It should’ve been Rowington Tunnel, it should’ve been a 700 meter long tunnel. Can you hear the wind above us? It’s really windy, it’s nice and sheltered down here,
and it’s warm isn’t it as well? It is warm, yes. It’s about 16 degrees. It’s about lunchtime, 16 degrees it’s
the warmest day it’s been so far. We’ve just got like a fleece on his and his jacket. Jacket to keep the wind off.
What’s that saying? Fur coat and no knickers? I’ve got knickers on. No, it’s a saying isn’t it? I remember when I were a kid and we used
to say, are we have to see my Aunty Pat. No, she’s all. . . She’s fur coat an no knickers is that woman. I don’t know what that means. Anyway, so it’s a cutting and not a tunnel
and the first bloke that they got in. . . to build it was called Robert Pinkerton. Is that him off Breaking Bad? pink, No, it’s Pinkman. Jesse Pinkman isn’t it?
You know that little scrawny one. Yeah, I know what you mean. and he was shown off the job because he was bribing the
canal company for the tender. Greedy. So he got kicked off. . . and then it kicked off again because the
bloke who owns a load the land round here. . . What? [Laughs] I’m trying to be serious here and you’re mocking me. [Laughs] Trying to do my job and I don’t even get paid for it. I know. The bloke that owned most of the land
round here… just because I’m interested. I know you are. The bloke they owned most of…
That’s four times I’ve said that. He came to the canal company and said, hang on a minute. I you’re digging a tunnel or a cutting or whatever it is you’re doing. The stone belongs to me. What does he want with like 700 metres of stone. Why didn’t they just let him have it? Anyway, the canal company wanted the
stone for the embankment that comes after the next bridge. So they were in a bit of a quandary. Did quandaries exist in the late 1700’s? I don’t know. [Laughs] So they had to bung him 500 quid, which is that £90,000.
I work that out myself with a piece of paper. You converted it? I converted it. Can you convert the money in our bank? Errr, nope. and they ended up bunging him 500 quid.
£90,000 to keep his mouth shut. WOW! All for a cutting. That was a lot of money back then. It’s what money now. I know. That was Bridge 62, Rowington Hill Bridge. . . and it like, the transition from Rowington Cutting to Rowington Embankment. So we’ve gone from a cutting to an embankment and that’s why they had to bung. . . Matt LeBlanc’s. . . elder Uncle. Yeah. Thomas the 500 quid because they wanted the stone
to build this embankment. Pile it up here. Ahhh, but. . . Why didn’t they… this is a question and
he don’t know about this not being pre-warned. You never pre-warn me. The wasn’t in the productionmeating last night was it? Why didn’t they, instead of building
embankments. Why didn’t they just do a couple of locks down go across
and then a couple locks back up. Because you can’t do that because there’s
got to be a flow. It’d all wow down into one. Exactly! He’s not as thick as he looks is he. Ahhh there you go. So that’s why they built embankments. Even though it’s a bigger job at the time
than just building a couple of locks going along and a couple of locks back
up. That would have wasted a lot of water, because the water from both sides would come
down the locks and then where’s it gonna go? FLOOD! It would either flood or just drain off somewhere and water back in those days
was an expensive commodity, you can’t just be wasting it. Not only that, but it takes a lot of boaters time
going down two locks and then back up two locks. So by building the embankment,
even though it’s a bigger job. . . back in the day. It makes it easier for us. [Music playing] Rowington Tunnel ended up being a cutting, but Shrewley Tunnel. . . ended up being. . . one and a little bit tunnels. 396 meters long. Originally the designer was William Felkin. Felkin? Felkin. I’m saying nothing. [Laughs] But he got thrown off the job as well because he built an aqueduct and it collapsed. So it was like… You’re not building our tunnel mate. Too right. We don’t want collapsing aquaducts. So they somebody else in to
build this one 396 meters long and it’s a bit weird, it’s a double one. It was meant
to be a single one for narrowboats, but when they found out the Grand Union was going all
the way to London, the committee got together and thought aye aye, this is going
to be a bit busy, wider boats, we better build it a bit wider. So they built it
wider, but not wide enough for a towpath. So they built a separate little tunnel
so the horses would go up this ramp at the side of the canal under a little
tunnel, up into a Shrewley Village, over the road and then back down the other side. So that was cheaper than building a separate tunnel all the way through
for the horses or for a towpath, but when the railways came few years later. . . they followed the same route, but they just built a bit cutting and then a few
hundred yards to the right-hand side of that when the motorways came a few years
after that, they built a good tin as well. So this is the only one that’s still a
tunnel and apparently. . . It’s very wet. So we’re gonna have to put the waterproof on. [Music playing] [Sound of water trickling]
[Music playing] [Music playing] That. . . on our port side. . . Port. or your right hand side. . . Aren’t you clever. is the Mid-Warwickshire Yacht Club. . . or is it? They’ve got a hut. . . and it looks like one of these nudist camp huts. I don’t know what you’re laughing for. It does, honestly there’s all these boats and then there’s like a hut, but all you
can see in the huts, in the windows, is like people’s heads from there up. That’s a clue. . . and the man walking outside with
nothing on, that was another clue. No he did not. It’s warm enough today for it, I tell ya. No it’s not. [Music playing] We’re on the Grand Union, we’re
moored just after Bridge 55. A couple of hundred meters away from the top. . . of the Hatton Flight of locks. . . which is going to take us down towards Warwick. Ohhh I like Warwick. Not today though, I need to go
and have pizza and a sit-down. Now I know why people, like when you
pass 50 and that, go oooooh my feet. [Laughing] That’s me today, oooh my feet, my poor feet. If you’ve enjoyed the vlog,
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like to join us that way too. Ooooh! Pizza time. Yeah. . . why not. We’ll see you next time, bye. See ya later, bye. [Music playing] Am i in shot? No. [Laughing] So we’re in [Laughing] [Laughing] Step back…
🎶Do Do Doo Do Doo Do Do Do Doo Do Doo Do Do🎶 Next stop. . . is… I’ve forgotten. Check your book. We’ll edit that out. He’s holding a tiller. . . it might look like he’s hand is
somewhere else but he’s holding the tiller. Echoooo! [Shaun blowing] [Laughs] blowy? Blowy. [Lots of wind noise]
And… [Lots of wind noise] [Lots of wind noise]
We can’t use that. [Lots of wind noise] [Laughing] Why do you keep laughing when I say that? Oooooh Yeah. Take three! [Laughing] Take four! [Laughing] Tell me when you finished. I’ve done. [Music playing to the end]

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