hey guys we’re so happy to be here I’m
Dov I’m Nicole and we’re twin flame revolution we are conscious mentors
we’re energy healers twin flame mentors motivational speakers and we are so
thrilled if you are new to our channel welcome welcome welcome if you guys are
subscribers yay we have another exciting video for you guys and we want to talk
about this video is been requested from you guys for a while now and if you’re
new and if you’re on this path and you’re going what is going on let’s talk
about some fundamentals so we get some clarity we’re gonna talk today about the
seven stages of Union as Nicole and I : have experienced them and how we’ve
also experienced them with our clients that does not mean that this is the
expansive an exhaustive list if you have experienced little facets or aspects
they go past this quick and dirty video then that is normal this is going to be
to the point and it’s gonna be talking about some stages to help you create
identification one of the most helpful things that can happen for us and that
we see in our work because we work very deeply with twins and those who are also
not twins is that we want to go to specific identification so that you know
what am i working with what am i working with circumstantially yeah and what am i
working with internally that I’m not even seeing right and so one of the
major ways to create some you know actual real peace and release and
understanding is going to be through context and so for me stages creates
some context yeah why am i experiencing this what should I be expecting right
and it’s not to hold to these ideas so steadfast that you can’t allow yourself
to create a different reality but it’s to have the container because when you
have the container you realize I’m not crazy yeah this is part of it and I’m
also not hopeless yes so yeah let’s jump in guys let’s do it so step one before
you meet you know it’s not a coincidence that I’m a Capricorn and she’s a Gemini
it’s not a coincidence that I was born and brought up in a Christian family and
she was brought up like an ashram and like all these different spiritual
aspects and learning about psychic and you know like all these energies and
shins and your experience so dumb and I really believe and remember that we have
chosen these things because when we come here as Twin Flames we come to incarnate
together to be together in a lifetime it’s very important the mission the
mission is important all of those things the places we are gonna dip our souls
into like the places that we’re gonna start to do work to start to help the
consciousness shift into love energy and so it’s really important and there’s
such a like wow when we met each other and we found out about each other’s
backgrounds I was like a little nervous like is this gonna work
cuz I was like bye learned so much from her and I was grounded by these things
and I you know it was it was such an interesting balance that started to take
place and polar opposites and you know feminine and masculine energies polar
opposite energy the Sun and the moon and so it needs to have that for the
polarization to come together so your experiences they’re not an accident
they’re not a mistake and so if you’re going through all of these things in
your life twins hold challenging templates you might
have been wondering oh I have this challenging life experience I’m dealing
with addiction or I had abuse or I had difficulty or I traveled the world all
these aspects of your experiences or I am such a big you know or you when you
come into the meeting stage you realize there’s a big age difference right
there’s a race difference the religion difference all of these things are
aspects that are designed so your experience is important yes now when you
come close to the time of meeting certain people do experience major
synchronicities for instance before inacol and I met I started painting I
knew nothing about Twin Flames and I’m an artist as well and I started painting
all these twin flame images high in flame images everywhere fire and colors
and the blue and the orange and the depiction and I had all of these
different activations and so what do I mean by activations before you meet each
other you might start having thoughts ideas you might sure having little
aspects of your gifts getting stronger you might desire doing work on yourself
you might start thinking or longing for an energy
that or a person that you maybe haven’t met have dreams about people right and
so again your story is all of this pre meeting experience your story and then
you go into the meeting it’s cheating of each other that’s step two or phase two
and when we met each other boom I just remembered her that’s it
like that’s it it’s like this remembrance like I’ve known you forever
I want to know you forever I want to be with you forever
I want to hang out with you I want to hear you again I know you yes like just
seeing her picture online I was just like whoa who is that I know her and it
was one of the deepest knowings and it pulled me like it pulled me and it was
interesting at the time like we were in two different states I had just gotten
out of like a year-long you know rehab program that I was living
in and then I ended up in New Hampshire and you know we were we were speaking
online for like we didn’t even talk over the phone yet we were just messaging
each other for like a year and a half almost two years of this this communion
this friendship this romance this you know it just you could feel the energy
is kind of playing with each other and we hadn’t seen each other so there
wasn’t that spark yet but there was that knowing and that you know just dancing
and I remember Nicole saying I just want to hug you I just want to cuddle with
you right and you have this remembrance of the person that’s so deep and you
have this love for them but because the Twin Flame connection is not just this
romantic connection it’s more complicated yes so it feels like family
it feels like friend it feels like self it feels like safety it feels like the
connection to God it feels like the connection to source and if some of you
guys are new so somebody must have asked a question out there because we are also
both psychics I heard you know who are you to each other all this stuff so
Nicole and I have been together for 10 years we’ve been an active union for 10
years and you were friends two years before that and we have also been
married for seven years and so we have really lived
breathe this and also lived and breathe this with thousands of our clients and
have people that we have touched and helped twins and not twins and so we had
this recognition this piece the meeting and the meeting moves into this really
deep dive into love which is stage 3 you know when you come into the actual
physical connection right not just the activation and when you come into that
meeting what also starts to happen right stage 2 is whoa activation activation
activation activation why all of a sudden to my feeling gifts and that
happens also in 3 and in 4 this continuous and continuous all the way
through the stages this continuous expansion of your gifts of yourself so
if you’re gonna feel you start feeling intuition you start to maybe become
psychic you maybe become more driven to serve yeah you become connected to other
people you feel more compassionate you feel more willingness to do the work on
yourself right you start to feel all these different things but the third
phase we came together and it was this unbelievable love energy and this
physical attraction yeah and you know we we were trying to express that in every
which way possible it was like I feel like I was gonna have a heart attack at
times if I didn’t tell her that I loved her like it was such a just I needed to
share that love and it started to come out in different ways sexually
friendship wise just being around each other the communion with one another the
conversations the all-night conversations being able to just like
even off the top like even in the beginning we were like reading each
other’s minds we were being able to like finish each other’s sentences and it
felt like home it was like I’m back home that frequency I felt the same it was
like I didn’t I never hid anything from her I wasn’t afraid of being Nicole in
front of her I really just let her see like all of me which will then you near
the next the next step the next phase is where everything just blows up in your
face so what happens when you come into connection right with this being who’s
essentially being reflected just like a mirror they’re just reflecting you back
right and all of a sudden you start becoming naked and it’s no longer the
fun like we’ve been rolling around in bed naked
but oh my god you see on my shadow oh my god you bring up all my wounds oh my god
I love you so much but I didn’t resolve that issue from when I was 12 years old
or I was abandoned when I was a little oh my gosh I and what happens is you
start to reflect each other to each other mm-hmm so strongly and
there’s such an intensity in the love yes such a deep intensity and what are
most of us doing most of the time running away from ourselves Hey
what do we do we try to become busy with something else we try to stuff our
feelings or distract ourselves with different things we have a very hard
time being really present with ourselves so then the cycle of the runner chaser
begins and if you guys want to go back we have a video – where we talk about
runner chaser you both do it why do we say that because you both do it to an
extent so what happens all of a sudden gets intense all of a sudden you feel
all their stuff this sudden you get scared and all your wounds and all your
traumas and all your things are popping up and one energy wants to physically
haul ass out the door or or you shut down and you literally like shut your
partner out which feels just as bad as if you were to run out the door and it’s
really frustrating when we ignore each other and so we just completely have
this this dance because we know what we were talking about you know this massive
breakdown in phase four right the breakdown happens because like you’re
not wanting to face all of you you know you have all this stuff and all the
things that are gonna keep this polarization from happening because this
is the natural state to enflames is this all this stuff that keeps you from this
is going to show itself okay so then if we don’t face it we end up in separation
it doesn’t have to happen it doesn’t have to be long sometimes it is long but
we’ll go into a separation place because we’re not ready you want love you’re
like I want a partner and then they’re in front of you and I have seen it over
and over again whether it’s a man or a woman it doesn’t matter they’re just
like I’m not ready I’m not ready for this this is intense like I had to call
the cops last night like the cops were at my house
like we’re insane this is toxic all of these things because there’s things
within you that are coming out and it does look like a toxic mess because
those issues need to be dealt with and need to be healed so that the
polarization can happen between you two mmm and this is a big subject right
understanding the Twin Flame connection is deep we even have a webinar about
this particular subject on our website we go into courses about this we create
support because it isn’t all that simple but it brings us to this amazing place
to do this work so the running and the chasing right but the running in
yourself so if you’re looking and you’re going well they ran out the door they’re
the one running maybe you are running too and probably probably aren’t you you
are you are you are you’re in some sort of way yeah blocking this so I just want
to say if it’s one hundred one hundred fifty fifty however you want to look at
it it’s never just all of that yes right like I’ve heard so many stories about
like you know they read and they left and then I’m like well what did you do
and it’s like well I set the house on fire and I chased them with a knife no
that’s not really what happens but something like crazy and you’re just
like do you maybe think that there was a part of what you just did that maybe
caused some of that right and maybe you didn’t totally caused it right I’m just
saying that you have to look at both sides you have to have to look at both
sides and that’s where you get to make the shift is when you start becoming
responsible and looking at both sides because you are in total control of your
side and what you do and there is so much that can happen so we go from that
into reunion where you get this opportunity you have done enough of the
work right the work when Nicole and I talk about it we do our work one way we
work with our clients one way there’s many ways to do the work the work is the
fundamental healing and resolving of our stuff looking at our stuff I remember
when Dov and I separated and we were separated for over nine months and you
know it was during that time when all of a sudden like the information so deaf
and I didn’t know anything about Twin Flames before that right so it wasn’t
like I was chasing it I wasn’t trying to look for it I had no idea when I found
out about it and I sort of read about it I sort of study it became apparent when
Dunn was talking about like when we have truth and we have information that goes
all it puts like it puts it all together for you to go oh my god that’s that’s
what I’m going through right now this is what’s happening to me and then I got to
like really start to pray it and to be with that and then to start
to understand how important our relationship in Union is for this planet
and how we really came here to do that and reunions about really acceptance
acceptance of that and I’m telling you it’s not easy some people pack their
bags off and on I really get that but having that acceptance brings in safety
and bringing in safety allows for a lot of things to happen within the
relationship so that you guys can move and expand and express yourselves
however that is in this in is in this world
yeah and that reunion stage is a very fragile very important stage the work
doesn’t stop there the work kicks up there right you are then both
responsible now both aware that you are responsible for not abandoning self or
each other both responsible for doing the work that needs to be done because
anything that is a wound that creates separation and space between you and
yourself you and sorcerer creator god whatever you’re comfortable with
is creating space between you and your partner yes anything that is not
transparent anything that is not honest anything that has not said anything that
you are projecting in your mind towards them anything that you are not dealing
with from your childhood all those things create separation and together
you come not just as partners right but as people who are actively working for
expansion that you wanted to come here as a twin to experience growth and
expansion and that you’re serving this planet by coming to this close state of
unconditional love and the unconditional love it comes through the experience of
conditions how do we learn to be unconditional through condition yes
that’s why your stories why your life why your relationship feels very
conditional at times because you’re learning what it feels like to give
unconditional to self yes each other because in that you raise the vibration
for this planet and for this field for us to experience unconditional so7
the work the work purpose and mission right I remember when I was like I knew
I wanted to serve and that’s enough I knew I wanted to give I knew that my
experience in life I really understood that all the hardship that I had gone
was gonna be like a superpower I really got that like it made sense to me that
there was a reason why I went through so much in it and I was like even when I
wasn’t through it yet I knew if I could get through it if I could actually heal
myself well anyone could do that and so it became this thing and then
when Duff and I got together and dove was like a lawyer and I had my Gucci
business in Midtown in New York and all of a sudden like that calling like came
from Adam when we got back together it was like buh buh buh like all of a
sudden our gifts even expanded to an extent where I was like whoa and I
started to study a little bit more deeply what was happening to me and then
the next thing you know is like wow our union like together our like what we
just went through and being able to really talk about that and expand on
that that’s all we knew is gonna help people and so for many of you there’s
something in us there’s something in there that’s like I want to serve I want
to help like almost like I have to because it’s it’s love love is like that
love is so kind love is gentle love is compassion love takes conditions and
just transmutes them love is everything and we are the highest version of love
which is unconditional Christ conscious love we are that we are that essence we
are here to do that and so this is the place where anything that’s not you know
not aligned with that love we’re starting to look at on a daily basis
Duff and I like we do it on behalf of ourselves but sometimes like I’ll have
to ask cuz I’m going through like all these feelings and I’m like is it the
collective and and then it’s the collective and then I feel like a little
bit calmer and I’m like ready to transmute this for the collective so
like you guys are doing that you’re just healing for your healing for your
families from past generations to future generations because time doesn’t exist
you’re doing on behalf if you look outside even though I know there’s a lot
of things going on in the world today where you’re like what is happening
that’s that’s been happening this whole time or you’re just seeing more of it
now but there’s also people that are really waking up in our conscious and
you guys are conscious of what’s happening and you’re shifting this
conscious of people like wow energy Wow spirit Wow higher self I mean it
could be that simple what people are getting that and they’re getting that
there’s something more than just getting up in the morning
and being cattle walking to work every day but there’s more about connecting
with one another to love one another to be there with one another to express
that love with one another which changes everything
yeah and you know when you’re thinking about mission and purpose your being is
also your mission and purpose so when you do that work for yourself and you
are in that reunion and you are connecting and you are doing that
healing work and you are releasing that stuff that doesn’t align with love you
are also absolutely 100% serving and being in that mission you can be in
mission even if you don’t express the way Nicole and I do by being the
manifestation of that love and passion in that alignment together you are like
a sonic boom of energy and even if you’re still in that separation you can
be a sonic boom of that energy there is work to be done no matter where you are
in this process right and so if you’re in separation don’t use that as a time
that not to do the work because some very very power it’s very important to
do the work then it’s very important to prepare yourself right we want you know
I remember in my life was like I want this I want that but I just didn’t do
the work and nothing changed Ryan wasn’t willing and if you’re not willing that’s
okay I told people just now I’m derma it’s just ask for the willingness when
we ask for the things that we can’t do or don’t have the universe shows up in
those spaces that we just can’t figure out how to do so it’s about asking for
help in those areas 100% so we hope that this
has been helpful for you guys we are gonna put out more if you are new
welcome please subscribe to our channel you can also use the link below to find
us on Facebook and stay connected with us there we love you so so much all of
you guys and we’ll see you guys soon

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  30. haha I burst out laughing because it's so true! I burst into tears because I couldn't take how much I loved him. I kept pushing him away but then really badly wanted to be with him. But the entire experience woke me up, realise my own pain & unconditional love

  31. I am dying! Stage 4; yeasss I run, he runs and now he’s cut me out. I am normally calm, cool and collected and someone I’ve become a crazy person. Literally every word you said is 💯 I would like to say he ran but um…ok YES perhaps something I did may have caused it 😂 when we have had distance when we reconcile we both agree it’s like no time has passed and conversely we hurt when we are apart. Well said ladies, well said 👊🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕

  32. This is so beautiful. I love my twin-flame Nancy Ann Porter so much. I can't wait until I see her again one day.

  33. He's a libra, I'm an Aries, we are in separation right now. The deep feeling within my soul, the deep knowing that we are twin flames, that he is the one I am his, it does not leave my mind. He is my EVERYTHING. We have had so many cycles and patterns, it shows we will not ever come to an end. It is for a reason!! I need you back sweet boy.. My heart awaits for you.

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