3 Scary Games #26

3 Scary Games #26

Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome back to three scary- GAMES
(Starting off great today.) This is Raven’s Point. Apparently, this is just a “boss demo” for a game that’s currently in development and I don’t kno- *Mysterious spooky voice*
Listen carefully, Sarah… My name’s Mark… ;-; *Mysterious, distorted spooky voice*
There’s one in this room. As soon you turn on the lights, you will cross over and meet it.
(Getting confused Mark?) It wants to play a game. It’s going hide in the room, and you must find it. I don’t want to find it…
(Aww, spooked Mark. Oop) *Mysterious spooky voice*
It has a tell, Sarah. Follow it’s path to where it hides, and you will find it. Mark: I don’t want to find it! *Mysterious spooky voice*
Then, it’s your turn to hide. It will hunt you down, but do not run away from it. Wait for it to get close, and listen… For its laughter.
(Oh no.) Your mind is the safest place you can hide Sarah. When you hear its laughter, close your Eyes.
(That sounds bad…like really bad) And do not open them until it leaves. So, I’m just supposed to close my eyes, and pretend it’s not there? *Voice begins talking*
(I guess.) *Mysterious spooky voice*
The cycle will repeat, and it will lose strength every time, until the tether breaks. Do not let it win. I will help you, Sarah. Could you not call me Sarah? My name is Mark and i-it’s just really weird… Trying to force this… Sarah name upon me and I, not 100% sure- Eww, I can’t read that! Ooh… Okay journal entry, oh, a journal! All right. Cool, great. What’s happening? By the way?
(Don’t giggle, search!) Goo- Whoa, can I get that? Oh, yay, okay. I’ll take that. Oh… No items. I just picked up a fla- Oh? Oh No… Oh, I hate this. (me too Mark.) Oh, I hate this. Oh, I hate this. Uh, okay close my eyes, huh? That’s all I gotta do? Well, that’s easy. Oh… Boy, I wish I could look at that. That’d be so great.
(I’d rather not look at it, thank you.) Picked ap a creepy bunny! Oh! I Picked up a cre- that doesn’t look like a BUNNY? That doesn’t look like a bunny at ALL! What are you?! What is that?! Oh gawd…
(Put it away!) That is pretty horrifying, that if I do say so myself. That is just plain old, horrifying. Okay good… Hey, there’s the TV from my van. That’s great… *Radio? Phone?* Where’s my sister-*Unintelligible*- GO ON, GO ON GET! What…?
(Uh…?) Okay, so is he hiding right now? Am I wasting time to find this thing by just, Dicking around? Take that small tin can yeah, That’ll be good for me. I’m happy about- OOOOoooohhhhh… I’m sorry? Oh no, that was the light. Oh, that was the thing I was supposed to turn on, I think? Hello? Oh… OH. OH HI?! He-
(Mark run! Just nope!) Uh oh…
(Yeah! Uh oh indeed!) Okay… Just gonna close my eyes…
(Yes, listen to the weird voice.) Can I hide in here?
(Don’t think so?) No?
(No) I can’t hide in here…
(I thought so) *Lights kill off* I’M GONNA CLOSE MY EYES! I’M CLOSING MY EYES!
(Mark don’t shit yourself) I think this is a good idea…?
(Totally) *Mysterious spooky voice* Wait for the right time, Sarah. What? Wait for the right time- *Babbling* Did I die?! Was that the horrible feeling of death?! It wasn’t that bad, I guess. Didn’t realize what was going on I thought that maybe I had done some good. But apparently, I did something very, very wrong…
{This is where Michale F is gonna have to stop, I hope everyone can continue this well!

100 thoughts on “3 Scary Games #26

  1. 1917 is definitely not the best of years,
    1: World war 1
    2: Russin revolution
    3: some other stuff
    4: why are you still reading this comment it getting late
    5: Minecraft > Fortnite
    6: call your mother

  2. “1917, good year!”

    WWI: Am I a joke to you

    “Does this have anything to do with the Titanic?”

    Well considering The Titanic sank in 1912 not likely…

  3. Mark: "If I round that corner and you two are going at it like two monkeys in a soap sack…. I'm gonna be real mad…"

    Me: Lolz calmly sips tea

    Mark: "WHO'S FUCKING?!"


  4. Noooo mark the under game wasn’t bugged. There was a hallway on the left that you kept running past and that’s where u were supposed to go

  5. The game under isn’t bugged mark, you got through the door to your left, the hole isn’t big enough for you to fit, like so he sees

  6. Mark: Under under what you may ask
    Me: undertale!!! Are you finally playing it I don't know why it's a horror game to you but-
    Mark: Under the ocean
    Me:well time to unsubscribe

  7. The game of game.exe or the one about making horror games…takes videos from youtubers computers and accounts and generates the videos made by said youtuber

  8. when your so scared you start laughing and fall out of your chair laughing and closing your eyes and just start screaming no no no NO NO NO!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! thanks mark lol

  9. i love how the thing crawling to get him looks like a thug out of the GTA games and is every time he sees it saying "bruuuuhh" XD

  10. I should not have watched this at 2:40am. All the chasing is definitely not the road to sunshine and rainbow type of dreams

  11. in the Game Under u are playing in the year 1917 the same year when the Soviet revolution began, on a ship, the music is sung in russian, singing about Lenin, how he will lead the revolution in to greatness,
    It is sung by the Red army choir, or also called the Alexanderov Ensemble, they sung many songs, if u into those kind of songs then u should give them a try

    (Never mind) *sad Soviet noise

  12. I agree with a lot of these other comments though. You really do have moments where you sound like Patrick Warburton (voice actor for Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove and Joe on Family Guy) ??

  13. wait…so one thing I don't get. we know by now that Mark got a new studio. obviously. but since when? and why not give us a small tour, like he did last time?
    unless…can someone point out the exact video that explains when, where, and why Mark moved? please?

  14. Am I really the only one who gets annoyed by
    unnecessary author commentary in the subtitles section?
    You know, people, it's not your private chat for jokes and emotions spilling.
    These are for people to read and understand that Mark says. No one needs you own thoughts also written here.
    Jeez, it's giving me a feel like it was made by mere kids.

  15. I don't have his extensive list of games he's played, if such lists exists. However if he's open to it, White Days: A Labyrinth Named School might be one he'd be interested in.

  16. First games is definitely a must when. It fully comes out, would love to see the whole thing with your commentary!!!

  17. It always really bothers me when they make the walls only about 1 inch thick in indie games. It always breaks the immersion for me and reminds me it's a map thrown together in a game engine and gives the location a cardboard feel. Every tiny detail counts to make a location feel real.

  18. Mark: "I don't like the idea of anything charging at me."

    Thing, charging at him: "I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer."

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