1910s American Pop Culture

1910s American Pop Culture

In the early 1900’s the Motion Picture
Patents Company, a trust of elite film producers led by Thomas Edison, prevented
new film makers from producing new movies. This was because the Motion
Picture Patents Company owned many of the patents for filmmaking at the time.
Desperate to find a solution, film makers and studios moved from New York, where
American film was centered, to Los Angeles California, in order to avoid the
enforcement of the patents. This was extremely successful, as the European
film market had been devastated by World War 1, so the world was in need of a new
center of film. Thus, Hollywood as we know it today
was born. There was quite a lot happening with music as well, as 1910 alone held
the premiere of the Elgar violin concerto, Bartók’s first string quartet,
and the famous ballet ‘The Firebird’ by Stravinsky. Not only that, but jazz music
in America was starting to gain popularity. Prior to this time, jazz had
only been described as ragtime New Orleans music, but it was in 1915 that
standards of modern jazz started to first appear. Lastly, popular musicians
like Les Paul and Billie Holiday were born during this time.

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