101 Facts About Community

101 Facts About Community

three things mother factors my name is
Sam today we’ll be enrolling in Greendale second best Community College
as we look at NBC’s no wait Yahoo screens
yep that happened cult classic community yes to its fans it’s one of the most
creative comedies ever made for the people who you recognize from that thing
see that person from that thing and another one and another one but why did
Donald Glover aka childish gambino leave the show nude black mirror really steal
from community and am i sir more evil Sam from the darkest timeline and
there’s a better Sam up there who’s cool and funny and has a great goatee beard
haha you’ll never know so you want to throw those questions are gonna be
answered so grab yourself a flag that looks like an anus and dress up as the
Greendale human being and start adding the words Dean and Chang into literally
everything you say because this is 101 facts about community number one engage
you a baffled by boss almost win doing about just then communities a show
created and written by Dan Harmon who you may know already as the man who
co-created Adult Swim hit Rick and Morty and from his rambling live podcast show
Harmon town number two community is about a group of misfits in a yes that’s
right Community College it stars Danny Pudi Donald Glover Alison Brie Joel
McHale Yvette Nicole Brown Gillian Jacobs and Chevy Chase this cast does
showing a little bit in some seasons but this is the og study group son
number three Greendale Community College’s based on Harmons experience a
Glendale Community College where he took a Spanish class with his then girlfriend
and then befriended his Spanish study group sound familiar well that’s because
the rest is history not his class he still study Spanish it’s a phrase guys
number four Harmon says that Jeff Winger is based on himself and his own jaded
egotism as he too grew attached to a study group despite them being a bunch
of strangers who didn’t share his interests looking at how attractive they
made the character of Jeff I’d say the decoy thing checks out number five
weirdly there is a real community college called Greendale Community
College but it didn’t Dublin Ireland if that’s not weird enough it’s a ten
minute drive away from a town called Harmons town which is a very similar
name to Dan Harmon’s aforementioned podcast Harmon town number six the sunny
room they use is in study room F and if to Table two chalkboard a TV and eight
chairs since there is usually only seven study group members one chair is usually
left vacant and it’s almost always the one next to Jeff sounds like a neat
little metaphor but Jeff’s emotionally isolated nature to me neat number seven
the seeds order for the Greendale seven has a very specific logic to it they
wanted to pair Pearson Troy to comedy to mode Jeff and Britta were paired for
romantic purposes and Pierce was put next to Shirley to make inappropriate
advances number eight with Troy and Abed sat together you might think that
they’re pairing was intentional it completely wasn’t though it was just a
coincidence that Danny Pudi and Donald Glover happened to have great chemistry
number nine speaking of those guys our bed was based on a real man named Albert
gate who wins with Harmon on channel 101 mmm that sounds familiar
Harmon even wanted the original rbair to land the role but Danny Pudi got it
instead number ten much like his character in the show Danny Pudi is from
a family of half polish half Indian immigrants and was born in Chicago
Illinois he found out he got the role of our bed on his birthday
number 11 getting our bed ride for beauty was a lot of work he initially
tried scenes where our bed would cry during his more emotional moments but
they were never used instead going for a more vague and introspective performance
which defines his character even in the impressions our bed does pedia has to
work hard to make it sound like our but expressing himself rather than just a
silly voice oh okay the script now says do your best Nicolas Cage impression
that wasn’t bad number 12 so this line from Troy now bites
Christmas rap which states if years were seasons this December would be the
December of our December took me a long time to understand however luckily Dan
Harmon gave a handy explanation saying that if years which contain four seasons
were seasons in a four season story winter of season 3 would be the coldest
and darkest the wood season alludes to yearly
seasons seasons of the show and the yearly season this season of TV hazard
yeah it’s a lot I still don’t get if I’m honest number thirteen one of our beds
favorite shows Inspector Spacetime is a very heavy-handed reference to Doctor
Who which replaces Daleks with glorg and companions with constables and the sonic
screwdriver with a quantum spanner cool-cool cool-cool
number 14 we’re out there which Troy Abed sing
ducotes out a mouse named Fievel was from the 1986 film an American tale
which is about a Jewish Russian mouse named Fievel trying to find his family
in America number 15 while you may know that Troy’s are jehovah’s witness in the
show you may not know that donald glover himself was raised as one too this meant
that he did not grow up with TV despite him eventually want to become a writer
and actor on TV his parents to support him though even though they say they
don’t really understand what it is he does number 16
unfortunately Donald clubber ended up leaving the show halfway through season
5 he left mostly because he wanted to work
on his own project his main one being the FX TV show Atlanta this ended up
winning over a dozen awards so the fall of Troy was probably for the better
hashtag weird place for a Greek mythology reference number 17 he was
written off by having Troy sail the ocean with reading rainbows of our
button to come sail away both are references to earlier episodes such as
the one where Troy freezes up after beating button as a massive fan of
Reading Rainbow and come sail away by Styx it’s a song that has made Troy cry
though Troy cries a lot and often me too man me too
number 18 the boat Pierce gives de Troy is called the childish tycoon now does
that sound familiar of course it does because you’re all community fans who
are also fans of Donald Glover 100 percent demographic crossover because it
sounds like George can be you know number 19 they don’t let are Donald off
that easy though as they have Troy say line criticising zach braff leaving
scrubs so early and that he’s ungrateful towards the show that made him firmly
enough zach braff appeared in six episodes of season nine while glover
left season five of community after only five so clubber arguably is worse
number 20 the show references Joel McHale zone show the soup now and then
first with Jeff’s line yeah ask him to pass the salt he gives
you a bowl of soup because you know what soup is better and I am offering you an
opportunity to spend the night drinking from the cup of life rather than
romancing your nether regions in front of the each channel by the way the soup
is on the E channel I quite like cream of chicken myself number 21 in return
McHale got the cast of community onto his last ever episode for show the soup
for a special goodbye extravaganza even Mikhail’s dares grandma showed up who
said she wasn’t really dead but she staged the whole thing after seeing the
fourth season of community absolutely brutal
number 22 the IT Crowd now there’s a show that’s beloved all over gb they
tried it in America though and did anyone see the terrible US pilots for it
did God it was awful Joel McHale was in it though as Roy in
possibly the worst cast I’ve ever seen if it got picked up for a full series
which it didn’t McHale would not have been available for community until a
year later that would have been a Chang for the worst screw you
number 23 Annie Kim the Asian Annie in the show was inspired by harmon
originally wanting the character to be cast as either asian or latina
this would of course end up Changi as Allison was then cast instead sorry I
got distracted number 24 in season one Abed tries to seduce Annie by doing a
sexy Don Draper impression this is a cute little nod to Alyson priests role
as Trudy in Mad Men a whore stupid sexy Abed number 25 event Nicole Brown Neff
community after season 5 as well this wasn’t a dramatic break but a
somber one as she left to look after her sickly father she got her role on The
Odd Couple which had more manageable hours and despite the backlash she got
from some absolutely stupid internet fans she has no regrets good for her
number 26 when casting for the character of Pierce some of the actors considered
for the role included Fred Willard John Cleese and Patrick Stewart they of
course went with Chevy Chase in the end but hells bells Patrick Stewart would
have been f-u-n number 27 they did eventually get Fred Willard to play our
beds dream version of Pierce in season 4 since Chevie had since that the show
we’ll get on to why later on but it’s a fucking firm story number 28
Pierce Hawthorne made his money from his family’s towelette company Hawthorne
wipes chase himself was brought up with a family fortune derived from the crane
plumbing company which dealt with toilets and sanitary facilities hot
number 29 the cherry Pierce similarities don’t stop there either
Chevy’s real name is Cornelius crane chase Paul Pierce’s father in the show
is called Cornelius Hawthorne I’m almost 50 percent sure Cornelius crane isn’t
name of a Batman villain number 30 according to Joel McHale old man Chevy
Chase continuously tried to find him on set despite
being the reluctant but physically superior combatant chase asked me tailed
to punch him for real on certain Mikhail eventually complied he dislocated Chevy
shoulder in the process because apparently punches can cause bodily harm
who knew number 31 the character of Ben Chang is played by Kenji young and has
had a different role at Greendale for each season of the show he’s been a
Spanish teacher a student at Greendale a security guard and amnesiac we didn’t
necessarily say job role a maths teacher and an actor all in that order
number 32 Ken Jeong proving to be completely different when his character
is actually a doctor in real life from this he managed to use both comedy
acting and his real doctorate on his comedy shown dr. ken that got dr
cancelled after season two number 33 writer Jim rash was in touch
the cast of the role with Dean Pelton until after the pilot had already
started filming even after then he was only upgraded to series regular in
season 3 although he has written one episode and directed two of them as well
number 34 the Dean has worn over 45 fancy costumes across the entire history
of the show when asked Jim rash says he loves all the costumes full of his
favorites were from the flashback episode which included Tina Turner
Catwoman and Julius Caesar while pointing a Caesar salad
Dean licious number 35 Jim rash Hosea and Oscar hmm yes that’s right this man
here he has an Oscar how does he have an Oscar well he won his Academy Award for
Best Writing adapted screenplay on The Descendants back in 2012 that’s how he
has an undeniable talent number 36 the show has had an absolute truckload of
celebrity cameos including but not limited to John Goodman Jack Black Owen
Wilson Patton Oswalt Seth Green and Captain
Marvel a cell-free Larson osan Jennifer hunt yet though number 37 the show has
also had a fair share of Breaking Bad actors – including Matt Jones who plays
badger Giancarlo Esposito who plays Gilbertson community and Gus fring on
Breaking Bad and season five regular Jonathan banks who plays mark in
Breaking Bad and Professor buzz Hickey in community they also managed to get
Breaking Bad creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan to make a fun appearance
on the show as a cowboy guide on an old VCR game
number 38 there are plenty of jokes in community which end up spanning multiple
episodes and wouldn’t necessarily be noticed by the average viewer for
example Troy suggested Jeff in class or something and then 13 episodes later he
does so in the episode beginner pottery I tried pottery once it was clay hem number 39 after the writers realized
that the word Beetlejuice had been said two times already over the entire show
they had a man dressed as beetlejuice walked by in the background when the
word was uttered for a third and final time it’s a subtle joke and shows an
incredible attention to detail number 40 our bed mentions to show Cougar Town a
lot besides being a show that he likes he mentions that he visited the sets
played extra and sold his pants there this seems true to life as Danny Pudi
clearly playing our bed is an extra in one of the Coopertown episodes and also
goes to Browntown as in he sold himself don’t reinterpret that number 41 in
almost every single season community has a paintball episode which basically
writes everything normal happens out the window to have the car shoot at each
other with paintballs the first paintball episode modern warfare might
well be one of community’s most successful besides being really fun it
was directed by Justin Lin it was directed a bunch of the past the Furious
films and Star Trek be he’ll need the meaning of life the Christmas special
our birth uncontrollable Christmas was created completely with stop-motion made
to imitate the rankin/bass Christmas specials the idea for a generally
animated episode of not necessarily stop-motion came from an NBC executive
who said their show reminded them a Family Guy despite the fact the exact
clearly didn’t understand the show it’s nothing like Family Guy
they used his word as leverage to cream-like the project number 43 the
stop-motion idea for the Christmas special came from Star burns actor and
veteran writer Dino stamatopoulos who was already
hoping to start an animation company with Dan Harmon they then use that money
to start up Star burns industries which would go on to produce animal ISA and
Rick and Morty number 44 it turns out that Toyo doesn’t really like acting or
playing our beloved star burns or acting in general
mostly because of the long hours on set and in makeup but also because he felt
there wasn’t much to his character other than having sideburns shaped to stars
and being annoyed by the nickname star burns this did give him the name star
burns industries though so good things came out of it don’t ride I know we
still love you and your Jurassic sounding
rique name number 45 the composer for the Christmas special was Ludvig Aronson
who co-produced Donal Glover’s chollet can be no music and scored Ryan Cooper’s
Crete and Black Panther number 46 this video game episode is stylized mostly
with 8-bit graphics and music reminiscent of the Nintendo
Entertainment System in also references a ton of video games at the same time
including Megaman Zelda and Super Mario Brothers 3 with those video game
sections produced by animation studio Titmouse sorry that’s a funny name nose
net number 47 the game Journey to the Center of hawkthorne was recreated by
reddit users on the subreddit our hawkthorne you can play is all Greendale
7 and features a remixed soundtrack based on the music from the episode cool
cool cool cool number 48 many people really loved the episode of black mirror
where people give each other ratings out of 5 stars but community fanatics are
always quick to point out that their favorite show did the content bursts in
the episode app development in condiments that’s right meowmeowbeenz
gave me an existential crisis first number 49 black mirror creator Charlie
Brooker has since said he hadn’t seen the meowmeowbeenz episode but had been
working on the ideas for years turns out an earlier version of knows I pictured a
man trying to get a social score down from 100 to zero
I loved Brewster’s Millions before settling on the five-star uber racing
format this fact has been a small diversion away from community let’s get
back to it number 50 the dungeon and Dragons
episode came about from Dan Harmon playing the game as a kid despite having
serious backlash from NBC execs Harmon fought tooth and nail for the episode to
be made it was successful enough to spawn a second one and Harmon plays it
on his podcast Harmon town and his show Harmon quest turns out D&D can turn a
tidy profit if in the right hands number 51 the pillows and blankets
episode was made as a parody of a Ken Burns documentary written by Andy Bob
Roy this isn’t the first time he parodied Ken Burns either as he also did
so with a 10 minute short called the old well that’s the title there this
mockumentary was about black astronauts excluded from a white NASA who instead
founded their own space program called NASA number 52 remedial chaos theory is
probably one of the best episodes in the whole of community and it’s heaven TV
just a song plan by the police this supposedly used
up most of season freeze budget which led to the song daybreak being you so
frequently for the rest of the season number 53 daybreak by Michael Hagins as
a jazz song which has appeared on 12 episodes and is considered to be our
peds favorite song it’s not the only number of Hagins which has appeared in
the show either as the songs be thankful I’m hooked on you have also both
appeared though they’re not quite as popular or infectiously catchy as
daybreak number 54 the courageous of the show like putting the episode numbers
into the show itself as seen on Troy in our bird’s apartment in season 3 episode
4 remedial chaos theory but wait you might audibly say to your pc monitor
displaying this video or phone because we what gale our views and phones
it says 303 on the door you’re right it was supposed to be the third episode but
it was pushed back which is why Annie asks if it should be 304 incidentally on
the DVD the episode is back at season 3 episode 3 instead number 55 this joking
numbering scheduling mix-up happened again in season 4 episode 3 which shows
Jeff in Annie’s hotel room to be 404 this time the episode was pushed forward
probably to ruin this joke a second time number 56
are they delivers an entire baby an entire baby’s supposed to part of one
format about in the background of the episode the psychology of letting go
nine months after the politics of human sexuality episode incidentally this was
also the episode where Albert won’t everyone not to use prophylactics
whoopsie baby number 57 here’s another little detail – Britta Shirley and Annie
are doing the monkey morality pose in regional holiday music when Troy and
Abed coax Pierce into their troop with their baby boomer song that’s not just
an emoji people that’s to do with the old adage see no evil hear no evil and
speak no evil which dates back to Confucius there look at that we all
learned something today number 58 let’s take a minute to talk about Annie’s
boobs now we all know that Annie’s boobs stole the pen in cooperative calligraphy
oh sorry fraught say Annie’s boobs is the name of Troy’s pet monkey what you
might not know is that you can see at the moment the pen is stolen if you’ve
got a keen eye it’s here look right now in the cold open
not even ism number 59 Annie’s boobs was played by crystal the monkey who’s had a
long and illustrious acting career first acting job was in George of the
jungle and she has since appeared in dr. Doolittle lunch at the Museum The Big
Bang Theory and The Hangover Part two and three that’s monkey business for you
number 60 the show takes plenty of shots at its competitors mostly Glee Club they
first took a dig at the college’s glee club in modern warfare when the gang
shot them out of a tree but they eventually went in on the full offensive
in regional holiday music a whole episode dedicated to mocking the
school’s glee club as the study group gets slowly infected for the musical
cheer number 61 Leonard’s frozen-food review is clearly a parody of those
weird YouTube this to actually review everyday foods but it also features a
vanity card at the end this is a dig at Chuck Lorre a producer who would put
vanity cards on at the end of the Big Bang Theory which rambled on about an
opinion he had yep cool any dig at the Big Bang Theory is fine by me cuz that
show is a loader number 62 do you like brick jokes well watch our lego movie
video after this but for now community also has a really quite long-winded one
join our bed get told off for propping open their door with a brick in remedial
chaos theory then 15 episodes later a policeman tells them offer the same
thing but only because that specific brick is an antique worth fifty to sixty
dollars this is a very literal interpretation of the TV trope called
the brick joke which is all about jokes with incredibly delayed punchlines
number 63 magnitude you know the guy who keeps saying harp harp is played by the
frankly wizard sounding Luke Youngblood which is ironic really given that he
played Lee Jordan in Harry Potter he’s the little kid who does all the
announcing for the Quidditch matches Nintendo 64 Dino stamatopoulos
popularized the word crunch yes that’s a real sentence that I just said crunk
music may have gotten popular with your little John’s and your trick daddy’s of
the world all the way back in the naughties
but the word crunk predates them all while it was initially used in Atlanta
in the 80s as a kind of mashup of chronic and drunk it appeared on Late
Night with Conan O’Brien in 1993 written by our very own starburns
this is because he wanted to come up with a fake swear word which would get
past the censors number 65 to raise environmental awareness NBC got its
comedies community the office 30 rock and parks and rec to incorporate
eco-friendly messages into their episodes community of course tit
for having the Dean promote Green Week by wasting materials willy-nilly number
66 community despite being filmed in
California is set in Colorado the reason for this is purely so they wouldn’t get
in trouble with the real Glendale Community College which is also in
California I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to be associated with
community oh that’s right their Flags and anus number 67 ironically the show
is filmed at Los Angeles City College City College is the name of Greendale’s
direct and superior college it’s also fun to note that we never see what City
College actually looks like properly since no outside scenes ever occur there
number 68 the Louis Guzman statue is a little gag about how desperate and
terrible Greendale is to have any form of prestige just kind of a dig at Lewis
really but there we go however the creator’s initially had
someone else in mind Dan Harmon actually asked Mark Hamill if he was okay with
his likeness being made into a crappy bronze statue but Hamill very politely
wrote a letter declining the request number 69 the monkey Richard aor day the comedian
who portrays moths on cult comedy favorite the IT Crowd memory is RAM
directed the episode of community called critical film studies I’m still just
glad that John mchale IT Crowd didn’t get made because what’s an absolute
dumpster fire that what sorry and I know she ain’t gone under man a bit it really
just haunts me not most 70 and then Jesus infinity war might be the biggest
film of all time and certainly the best pilots erectus Anthony Joseph Russo
weren’t on the rest of development and community before Marvel gave them their
big break with Captain America the Winter Soldier so infinity war might not
have been as good as it was if it wasn’t for community number 71 it was actually
because of community that the Russos got their job at Marvel the executives were
apparently very impressed with their two-part paintball season 2 finale try
saying that ten times after landing a directing job in Marvel Studios number
72 despite becoming regulars on the biggest franchise of all time they
didn’t forget their roots as they gave communities Danny Pudi and Jim rash
cameos in bit parts in their Captain America movies that’s a nice little nod
number seventies for a while there wasn’t a community reference in Avengers
infinity war the Russo seemed to be making up for it by casting Ken Jong and
Avengers endgame my money’s on him being thanassis proctologists after ant-man
attempts to take him down from the inside.what it’s a very popular fan
theory and my fan fiction number 74 Dan Harmon and the Russo brothers had fun
with their a Dan Harmon slash true set brothers after credits Picard changing
it every now and then in various humorous ways number 75 while the Russo
brothers directed 21 of the episode same we beat into directing the most by
Tristan Shapiro who has 24 under his belt episode to mean not anything else
here since weren’t on the unbreakable kimmy schmitt brooklyn nine-nine & Glow
number 76 the lovely cheery upbeat main theme song
is called at least it was here by the 88 considering how cheering upbeat it
sounds it actually sounds quite depressing really listen to the lyrics
some speculate about whether it’s a breakup or a mammal to take his own life
whoo comedy number 77 Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty also features a very
deliberate community reference as well when Rick’s ex hivemind unity put on a
TV show for him he asked them to make them cry but happy cry make them make
fun of the blonde one and then cancel it before uncounseled yet if
that wasn’t overt enough of a nod there’s a shot on the TV showing the
original study group recreated as unity number 78
we’ve got more Rick and Morty community related trivia
oh we Albert and brie Larson’s character can be seen watching Rick and Morty in
season 5 episode 6 with how big Rick and Morty has gotten it would be weird if he
wasn’t already into it number 79 Rick and Morty co-creator Justin roiland
also shows up in season six as a wacky improvised stop-motion character called
Ice Cube head where he does my voice neatly always stars for every wacky
provides character hey I’m wacky improvise cartoon Sam well look at me
that’s what it sounds like number 80 Dan Harmon invented a widely used story
structure tool called story circle a type of revised version of the hero’s
journey model he used it extensively in community and his other works and has
taught it in screenwriting classes to this very day number 81 hey here’s a
crime community has never won an Emmy Rick and Morty has but Dan Harmon’s
first Emmy win would be for writing Hugh Jackman’s opening to the 2009 Oscars
which is there enough he did get Hugh Jackman to sing the words I’m Wolverine
worthy of an Emmy surely number 82 Jeff Winger uses the codename quinna fer to
hide his and British relationship but the name actually comes from a twitter
user who called Dan Harmon a fat bigot Harmon who is all for a little bit of
party revenge decided to use actor to handle in the show number 83 the verbal
wildfire that his streets ahead coined by Pearce was inspired by another insult
Dan Harmon received on Twitter it read both Modern Family and Glee our streets
ahead of your a phrase I can’t say after Harmon continuously berated this person
with his mockery of the phrase he put it in the show streets ahead number 84 the
joke may well be on Harmon though when it comes to the fray streets ahead as
well the show may have introduced the phrase to the american mexican street to
hand has already been in the UK and ireland for 130 years sounds like it’s
Dan Harmon each streets behind them I write Pierce number 85 hey here’s
something as well it turns out that Chevy Chase is difficult to work with
people who have worked with him have said he struggled with the very long
hours involved in shooting a TV show like community and he wasn’t a fan of
the writing but you know both of those things are pretty essential
chase refused to turn up for the final day
shooting season three which when there’s a very heartfelt scene involving Pearson
a video game rendition of his father had to be cut number 86 while Jeffy might
not be so ace Dan Harmon isn’t exactly squeaky clean either in response to his
rude behavior Harmon berated Chevy in front of his family and got a crowd of
people to chant fu Chevy at him Chevy then let Harmon are quite abusive
voicemail which Harmon then released at the public so yeah they’re on good terms
number 87 miss whole incident led Sony who only show the time to fire tan
Harmon from his own show that’s like firing Joss Whedon from
Buffy the Vampire Slayer which if you haven’t seen you sure it is a little
dated but still good number 88 the drummer of cause didn’t
end there is executive Bob Greenblatt claimed afterwards that while Dan Harmon
was fired he expected him back as a consulting producer or at least in some
form of advisory role Dan Harmon hit Bukka this public stating he’s never
called me once in the entire duration of his employment at NBC and that they’re
not a credible source of all news Dan Harmon pouch paint ball pellets fired
number 89 in solidarity against Dan Harmon’s departure donors tell
metropolis the Russo brothers and executive producers Garrett Donovan and
Neil Goldman all left after season three though the Russo brothers left a direct
Captain America the Winter Soldier so probably would have left anyway but
still solidarity brother number 90 Harmon was replaced by Moses port and
David GWAR CEO for season four who’d worked on the CW’s aliens in America
which only ran for season because nobody watched it what could go wrong number I
see one the show managed to bring back down Harmon at the wheel for season five
he only managed to get the job back after Joel McHale with the support of
the rest of the cast and crew demanded his return saying the show
wasn’t the same without him trust Jeff to bring the gang back together with a
rallying speech a number 92 along with Harmon snow metropolis and Chris McKenna
returned for season 5 along with a little cameo from Pierce hauls on
himself Chevy Chase number 93 they didn’t
actually expect to get chase back at all full hologram scene 4 well fairly
obvious reasons ready because of this the script at the table read featured
starburns returning instead of Pierce since he was m.i.a or at least of secret
he faked his own death number 94 the show was eventually
cancelled on NBC after season 5 since the ratings fell during season 4 and
never recovered all the spite Harmons return that NBC executive Bob Greenblatt
explained that it didn’t make sense for us to have another season of it at that
level of audience and that the six seasons in a movie dream was their thing
probably didn’t realize it was a joke Britain into the show stupid Greenblatt
show three weeks number 95 before they found a new home community tried to take
the show to Hulu which is also owned by NBC both Hulu and Netflix of all people
Netflix turned it down Netflix said no to something which made the whole show
pretty dead in the water number 96 so which Network picked them
up for season 6 which Netflix like heavy weight streaming competitor picked up
the troubled cult show well it was Yahoo screen of course who copied Netflix
buying Arrested Development by buying their own cult hit show despite having
significantly different business models everybody loves Yahoo screen it’ll
definitely last number 97 Yahoo screen did not last our IP in pieces 2015 to
2016 it was like the community which helped kill it since they did spend a
crazy forty two million dollars on the show for them to only get one season out
of it now I’m no business son but yeah that’s pretty bad
number 98 when community faded out of existence after season six Joel McHale
commented on how all the actors contracts were up after six years and
that each one of them were worth way more than their initial price mentioning
Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in particular who have found work on
popular Netflix shows such as Bojack horseman glow and love number 99 we all
know the hashtag six seasons and a movie and of the show somehow managed to get
the past the first bit of that but what about the second bit the movie there’s
been talk since 2014 of a movie being possible but dwindling demand and the
star power of excellent means it will only get harder and harder the longer it
is left number 100 Oh number 100 in fact according to Sean McHale one of the
biggest roadblocks for a community movie essentially Donald Glover whereas about
it in an interview McHale said I don’t even think Dan’s written the thing and
that they would need to do with Donald Glover but he would probably cost 10
million dollars for a day yeah I’ll do it number 101 the show was recently
acquired for distribution by UK broadcast
for Channel four have a film unit called film for which produced many many indie
darling films but could they be the ones to save our community movie to get all
the money together to ten million for Donnell clubber and everyone else you
know there’s lots of money for them and get them all together again for that one
final movie story probably not but hey it’s a dream we can hold on to so that
there was 101 facts about community do you think a movie will come ever or are
we leaving in denial let’s hope they trying their mind a let
me know in the comment below and also tell me who’s your favorite character
and why is it Annie’s boobs don’t forget to Like and subscribe and in the
meantime all my goodness I mean look at this a smorgasbord well two videos on
screen right now that you’re gonna really love Vic why sneakers is not just
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  1. Who's your favourite character in Community?
    And what other TV shows would you like to see us cover in the future?! 📺

  2. It's sad to say it, but I don't think we'll ever get an movie… Donald Glover is ungrateful to the show and it kinda hurts

  3. "In the right hands D&D can turn a tidy profit" (critical role a D&D based web show starting a group of voice actors and led by Matt Mercer just made 11+ million dollars on a kickstarter) your damn right it can.

  4. #umactually Frank Willard wasn't a casting option for Pierce's character in Season 1 of Community. After Willard appeared in the premiere in Season 4, Dan Harmon blogged that he loved Willard as Pierce, and wished he would have come up with the idea himself. #themoreyouknow #sixseasonsandamovie

  5. I love Community, but while MeowMeowBeenz May have predated the Black Mirror episode, Cory Doctorow’s novel Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom had the same idea over a decade before Community’s version.

  6. Dean Pelton is probably my favorite of the bunch. As the heart and soul of Greendale he was often the driving force behind the crazier shenanigans and plot development for the school as a whole.

  7. Thank you one on one – another comparative narrative to reflect on and to – ALWAYS REMEMBER
    Community reflects the heart, soul
    and direction of a caring society
    and contribution of the unsung heroes
    who champion the cause
    without waiting for accolades and applause

  8. 'black mirror' obviously meowmeow beans reference

    yes, black mirror stole from it, and so did orville… stop with the orville/black mirror comparisons, fuck black mirror.

  9. Was so sad to see this show go down. It had crazy potential and some really memorable/successful seasons. It's been one of the most brilliant and unique shows I've seen but I suppose nothing lasts forever. Respectably making it to at least 8 great seasons would have been great.

  10. Did you call The Big Bang Theory a load of sh*t just to pander to Community fans for the sake of this video or do you really think TBBT is sh*t? Because I agree TBBT is crap, but if you go and do a video about TBBT then your channel will lose credibility, so I better not see a video from you praising TBBT and dissing Community!!! Also, did you or the person who wrote the script for the video at least watch Community? These are honest questions, I'm legit curious

  11. Fave character: Abed.

    It's hard to write a character with autism in a way that doesn't focus on or exaggerate the disorder to the point where it's all they are. Abed is a perfect example of someone with autism whose entire character isn't based on the disorder.

  12. People keep rating about rick and morty. When i get mad about noone ever agnoledge how community has been doing The same thing for years

  13. I love community. Watched it 4 times. I even own the complete series on blu Ray. I’m not ready Chang. So sad Donald and Chevy didn’t get to sit at the Mark II table😥

  14. U forgot that Ken played a tyrant. After the security guard I expected tyrant next but u forgot it.

  15. Don't be like Netflix. Talk to someone. Its never to late to come down from the ledge. Except for Netflix. They're coming down the fast way.

  16. A lot of almost but not quite facts. I've seen some other corrections in the comments. Here's another: the first time Glee is made fun of is not in the 1st paintball episode, it's during the family day episode Basic Geneology. Slater breaks up with Jeff and at the end he admits she hurt him, crying, "We always watched the shows that she wanted to watch. I hate Glee. I hate it. I don't understand the appeal at all."

  17. about the fact that abed delivered a baby after the STD fair, you can also see him talking and listening to the belly of a pregnant women in "s02e03 the psychology of letting go" in the background

  18. Chevy hadn’t left the show when Fred Willard appeared. He didn’t leave until a couple of episodes left in Season 4.

  19. I live in the Glendale area and I almost went to Glendale Community College

    From what I know, Greendale is pretty accurate in how it portrays the campus. I like to think that City College symbolizes Pasadena City College, as it's generally seen as a much better (and sometimes cheaper) alternative to GCC

  20. The meaning of life🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I missed what it was cos I was 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂

  21. I don't think the Inspector SpaceTime fact was really needed. If you don't know that one why are you watching community?

  22. Best show ever!!! It got me through a few dark chapters in my life, and is here for my happy times as well! It just never gets old! It is sophisticated and childish at the same time! Anyone and everyone can appreciate it! I can't say enough good things about this fabulous tv series!! Sigh

  23. Just throwing it out there that Jehovah's Witnesses have nothing against TV and that was more than likely Donald Glover's parents own thing rather than a religious one.

  24. I’m glad it was Chevy jade and not Patrick Stewart it John Cleese cos I like those guys and don’t want to have their image ruined by all the racist lines

  25. It's a good sitcom but it has a lot of the typical network writer problems – the stereotypes they invent. Like Abed being so smart. A boy who believes TV writers and programmers are sages and philosophers is as simple as simple gets intellectually. He has a fast brain but the mind of a 5 yo.

  26. yo but like why are you throwing shade at gambino's rap? I saw that camp album had the title replaced with the word Trash. not cool

  27. The owner of the police joined. The community is all good now, the real police is allowed to do their job. Those bikies can’t haunt u anymore. Only their masters, if they don’t want to though and those same bikies realised they can save themselves

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