10 Scariest Insects On Earth

10 Scariest Insects On Earth

Some insects are totally harmless the
ones on this list however are not these are some of the most scary and dangerous
insects and if they bite you you may not make it they can be found all around the
world so if you see them don’t try and squash them just run I’m Charlie and
today we’re going to look at ten scary since sex on earth but before we get
into it why not subscribe and press the notification bell – coming up first we
have assassin bug can you think of a more friendly name than an assassin bug
well these bugs don’t have that name because they’re so cute and friendly in
fact their natural behavior is something straight out of Game of Thrones these
boats are part of the rejuvenizer and there are many different species of
these bugs however all of them can transmit very scary diseases onto humans
this includes chagas disease– this is an infectious disease which causes your
skin to inflame it also damages your heart organs and body tissues they got
their name assassin bugs because they’re known to strike very quickly they have
long sharp beaks which they use to quickly stab their prey they also inject
enzymes into their prey which causes their insights to go all soft and then
they suck out their preys insides like a smoothie one species of this bug found
in Malaysia even glues the corpses of other bugs to its back it kind of uses
them as a form of armor so if you see a bug covered in dead bug buddies then run
next up is giant orb weaving spider if you don’t like spiders then stay well
away from Australia down under you get an insect known as the giant orb weaver
you may think that spiders like to eat small insects like worms and mites but
these spiders are so scary they eat birds that’s right very large birds are
sometimes eaten by giant orb-weaving spiders and the spiders can actually
grow pretty big themselves sometimes they can be the size of a human hand and
in even more tropical climates they can be even bigger so they’re humongous
venomous and eat birds I think that qualifies them to be one of these scary
since known to man and bird next up is
Saddleback caterpillar now these things look pretty cute it’s almost as if
they’re wearing a Christmas sweater but while these things may look cute they
act very scary they’re found all over the southern states of the USA many
hikers sometimes run into them and because they look so fascinating they
pick them up but these hikers don’t realize that they’re covered in venomous
hands if you touch them they will arch your back onto you
they will then stick as many spines and hairs into you as possible and of course
it injects you with a venom which could take you out yeah not so cute anymore
next up is curved spiny spider this is another scary spider you do not want to
mess with these live in the trees in Southeast Asia you know they’re around
if you see or blight webs because that’s what they built their bodies are ten
millimeters long which is pretty small but they have gigantic horns which were
a lot longer not only do they have massive horns they also have spikes
around the edges of their bodies in countries where these are found they’re
known to terrify children not only do they look scary but they also love to
bite humans now thankfully their bites are unlikely to take you out but they
could definitely cause a rash or an illness and if you’re allergic then you
may well pass away to you to one of these spines frankly they’re much more
scary to their prey which involves any small insects in the jungles where they
live next up is Asian giant Hornet I’m sure when you were a kid your parents
said if you see a Hornet then run but did they tell you about giant Hornets
it’s no secret all Hornets can’t take humans lives but giant Asian Hornets are
even worse their body length is 5 centimeters and their wingspan is 8
centimeters that’s already because they’re so much bigger than a wasp or
bee thankfully though you will hear them coming is they’re incredibly loud around
10 times louder than a war they feed off other insects for example
honeybees sometimes they’ll even go into a beehive and take out the entire hive
and while they don’t eat humans they do take their lives their venom is powerful
enough to disintegrate human skin one who survived an Asian giant Hornet sting
said it’s like a hot nail going through my leg that does not sound very nice to
me in 2013 there was a gigantic plague of these in China over 41 people passed
away and 1,600 were injured next up is Army Apps did you know that all of the
ants in the world weigh more than all of the humans in the world that’s right
that’s how many ants there are on this planet
it’s thought in the world there’s 1 million billion ants in the world that
may sound like a made-up number but it isn’t it looks like this army ants are
polymorphic this means that different ants in their colony have different
appearances they can be 2 to 13 millimeters in length this means they
can eat creatures way bigger than them for example snakes they overwhelm their
prey with their weight and then tear them apart they have pincers which can
dispense acid which dissolves their prey if you ever run into a corner of army
ants then stay totally still they detect their prey by movement one survivor said
this thing is so painful it feels like you’ve been shot they said it was
intense pain describing it as quote like walking over flaming charcoal with a
4-inch rusty nail in your heel yeah that does not sound comfortable to me next up
is Atlas beetle these beetles are gigantic with big holes and that’s why
their nickname is the rhinoceros beetle they’re one of the biggest beetles in
the world measuring around 6 inches long and their horns make up a third of that
they have many different spikes on them too which allows them to flip over their
prey their legs are also covered in sharp spikes and it’s big horns can
easily go through human skin they are mainly found in Southeast Asia they live
longer than most beetles about 4 to 5 years and while they don’t eat humans
they do bite them this bite usually won’t take you out unless you’re
allergic but it will still hurt and possibly give you an infection next up
is camel spider this isn’t some kind of bizarre hybrid
of a camel and a spider although that would be cool and scary no if these
folks are found all over North Africa and the Middle East these spiders can be
over eight inches long and while they don’t look like a spider they are one as
they have eight legs their jaws make up a third of their length and they also
give a very painful bite to humans they rose to fame when American soldiers in
Afghanistan kept finding them in their boots they go into people’s boots as
they want to find shade in hot environments but this is not good when
you put your boots on because they bite your feet this can sometimes take humans
lives if they’re allergic but that is definitely a bad surprise for any of
those soldiers in Afghanistan next up is Amazonian giant centipede these guys
didn’t get their name for no reason they can be up to a foot long in length
that’s right these are as big as that sandwich you had for lunch they’re found
all over Central and South America they have front pincers which can stick into
your skin through them they deliver a potent venom this can be incredibly
painful as its acidic and in some cases it can even take a human’s life normally
they’d very small animals like birds rodents bats lizards and spiders and
these are also known to crawl up people’s trouser legs in places where
they’re found so if you ever take a trip to South America then tuck your trousers
into your socks otherwise you may get a very creepy crawly surprise next up is
Goliath spider Goliath spiders are called that because they are the biggest
spiders of all they’re about a foot across bigger than most people’s faces
they hunt their prey by building a mat of silk then when a mouse runs over it
they’re stuck that’s right these things take out large animals like rats and
mice they also have fangs inside their mouths which for an inch long their bite
feels like a wasp or bee sting and unless you’re allergic it’s uncommon
that these would take your life but just looking at how big these things are is
so terrifying because they’re so big they store up a lot of web which allows
them to build webs and big traps very quickly and easily they’re found in
various countries but mainly in northern South America you know what I think I
might cancel my trip to South America now but now it’s time to make your voice
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68 thoughts on “10 Scariest Insects On Earth

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  2. I've seen the exact centipede at my dad's shop before, and it was at least 1 and a half feet long. It scared us to death

  3. Interesting fact: spiders aren't insects they don't have characteristics of insects. So maybe spiders should be on a different count down

  4. Entomologist/Paleontologist here, just to say that a bunch of these were wrong. My main field of study are beetles, and trust me, rhinoceros beetles can be definitely more impressive than the one shown. Look up ‘Dynastes Hercules/Hercules Beetle’ for one such example. Also, you did miss out on some of the ‘scarier’ insects, such as the Atlas Moth which seems to have snakes on its wings, or the one commonly known as the Giant Japanese Centipede, which can definitely be lethal, are highly aggressive, are frikin huge, and whom release a pheromone if they’re crushed (which is hard due to their sturdy exoskeleton) that will draw others near. If you’re looking to collab and need some hardcore bug nerd/paleontology facts, hit me up!

  5. Camel spiders are arachnids, but they are NOT spiders.

    And garden orb weavers (aka golden orb weaver) are harmless to humans.

  6. I love living in Australia.
    No we don’t see many of these I’ve only seen a few spiders and one funnel web in a zoo. Don’t listen to this crap because I’ve never seen a “huge”spider and I’ve been to bush outback and the tropics I only see one about once a month but not in the house. If there is then there only tiny. Like really small

  7. I am familiar with Those Saddleback caterpillars, we always called them packsaddles here in TN. And we would normally find them in cornfields, when I was about 12 my brother dropped one down the back of my shirt and it stung me from my neck down to the crack of my ass, I don't know how many times it stung me but I remember how bad it burned it was awful, but it wasn't uncommon to brush up against one with your arm or even grab one while picking 🌽 they were not something you would soon forget if you were ever stung by one.

  8. I'd just like to point out spiders aren't insects they are arachnids so I don't think that your title should be scariest insects it should be scariest invertebrates or scariest exoskeleton'd creatures

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