1 Commitment That Can CHANGE YOUR LIFE 👍

1 Commitment That Can CHANGE YOUR LIFE 👍

we need to pick up the key that Lord
Krishna gave to Arjun 5,000 years ago and what was the key of us practice
practice practice practice where is this great swimmer USA who won so many goals
what’s his name Michael Phelps right I just read about him recently you know he
had an abnormality as a child and he was diagnosed as having a deficiency
syndrome so he had this ADHD and his teacher said he will not amount to much
but what he did was that he started he was introduced to swimming and he
started practicing six hours every day now the weekends there was no practice
so he said let me add Saturday’s to it because that means 52 into six more
hours in the earth and then he said why not practice on Sundays as well because
that will add again 52 into six more hours for the year and that’s the kind
of commitment to practice that he had and what was the consequence he became
the most felicitated Olympian in all history 22 gold medals right so now
people can say oh you know that’s the way God made him I can never be like him
I don’t know what is the secret of his success well what was the secret it was
all the practice that he did now really we are not interested in becoming
Olympians out here but we are interesting did in mastering our own
mind because the scriptures and the Saints tell us repeatedly
Shankar Acharya said jaggedy item Kano Minori inna who shall conquer the world
that person who has conquered his her own mind shall influence the world so if
we wish to succeed as human beings we need to learn and master the art of mind
management and how will we know it will be me mourn with it or will be blame or
you know I was not born with it that guy was born with it
no you pick up one gem of knowledge and practice it again and again and again
the more you practice the better you will become it so how much of practice
are you doing on a daily basis how much time do you take out for your spiritual
practice you don’t have to answer me you answer yourself now you want to go
faster what do you have to do practice a little more if you’ve been putting in 30
minutes every day bring it up to 45 if we’ve been putting in 1 hour every day
bring in to one and a half it’s a simple formula for spiritual success increase
your practice all right and one practice that’s very important from my lifetime
experience of teaching people and guiding them in this path what is that
it is a regular participation in such Sangha I have seen it again and again
because every week I am addressing a group of people for one week and then
keeping a track to what extend they succeeded and I find those people who
started coming to satsang within the space of one year their whole life
changed it may seem like a little bit just coming for satsang 2 hours a week
where it was commitment a starting point you build on
one discipline you add another discipline you add another discipline
nobody’s only jumps from being a sinner to a saint everybody moves ahead one
step at a time and at one step they took they made a commitment I will come to
satsang regularly made this big transformation so if you wish to
implement I would strongly urge you to consider to make a commitment we have
the Sunday satsangh here in place right why for the sake of Ramakrishna for your
sake make that commitment I will do it for my
sake and then see in one year the transformation that takes place and you
can validate or invalidate Swamiji statement right the proof of the pudding
is in the eating you try it out and see if you get the results it’s
scientifically validated by the experiment if you don’t get the results
that I potus’s is rejected so my hypothesis that I am presenting to you
is that if you just make this commitment every Sunday I’ll come for satsang in
one year you will find your life has been transformed and I’m not just taking
it out of a hat it’s a result of 34 years now of preaching and guiding
people all around the world they tried out these disciplines these
commitments will bridge that gap between knowing and implementation so if you are
fortunate enough to have the toast of sincerely trying to become a better
person then the implementation the discipline required I am presenting the
first Sutra to you make a commitment and keep it and then see you will keep on
taking further steps and before you know it you will have left that past behind
such a long way that you will realize how exciting this world and life is as a
gift of God as an opportunity to do our best to be our best and become the best
person that we can be

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  1. Yes, i do believe regular practice must change our life. we need enormous thrust to change our life and continue day by day

  2. करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मत होत सुजान। सही कहा आपने गुरु जी

  3. Swami ji I m just 18
    Before listening to your pravachans
    There is negative image in my eyes for babas but when i started listening to you , my life becoming great i m more motivated towards my goals

  4. Swamiji your every word is true, heart touching and I personally experience it after continuously attending satsang . Thank you so much. Pranam swamiji.

  5. Swamiji…there are millions of Gods to follow.every Religion has…D world is on Bakti marg..
    whom to follow
    Wch God wch Saint to follow..
    To follow a daily spritual practice..we have to follow the truth…pls advice…tknx Swamiji

  6. This is really awesome Video , thank you very much. Your video giving me the best Inspiration.. really you are Great..

  7. Swamiji, or someone who reads this or any of my other comments on various YouTube Videos (I have typed thousands of comments on countless various videos as well as many other forms of seeking help, emails, forums, phonecalls,tweets, prayers,meditatipns, so much) I've been very religious, spiritual & remained pure,in every sense, from a young age but still I have very bad afflictions happening against, that would lead anyone else in my situation to suicide. Unfortunately I don't see suicide as easy nor a valid option. Swamiji I am suffering badly. In every area and aspect of my life, I'm negatively, heavily,badly plagued. I am in mid 20s, British born but Indian, Hindu, female, but no achievements or skills at all. I shave no friends. I am a victim of bullying, racism, injustice of all kinds. I have no sense of intuition or clarity whatsoever. I have no job. I have no car. I shave no degree. I have no level of productivity. I don't cook. I am very isolated. I lived on my own in a very unsuitable place but have come back here to my disabled, uneducated,unemployed parents' home and life is worse than ever. I got no external help. My half siblings come over and continue to abuse and get away with it. My father lets them do it. The police don't help me. I have no support. All day I've sat in house crying, suffering,praying, searching for answers etc yet again today. This is no life. Please help me. Thank you.

  8. It is same as that…
    If you do more hardwork than your life become ease..
    And if..
    The less you hardwork, the more ur life become hard

  9. Respected sir , i practricing 14 hour a day in 365 days , a baccarat (online gambling ) never success. Then tell me , how the practricing make perfect.

  10. The words written down in English is soo help full to under standing for us .thanks soo much😀😀😀

  11. Key to practice is discipline. What Swamiji says about attending regular satsang is very true. I can attest to that personally first hand. The change I experienced is immeasurable. Thank you Swamiji.

  12. Thank you swami ji I was so dipressed by watching this I have got inspiration but still I always get restricted what should I do swami ji

  13. Practice Practice Practice .Swamiji gave a wonderful example of Michael Pellepe .For our Spiritual success we have to participate in Satsang and keep practice practice practice.

  14. In today's meaningless lifestyle that we are living in…This kind of food for the thought is very much required…

  15. Swamiji explains us that if we want to process in our spiritual journey we need to increase our practice.Scriptures and the Saints repeatedly tell us that the person who has conquered his mind can be the one who can influence the world!

  16. I made a commitment to my mom but I was going to break it . thanks swami ji to enlighten my knowledge .now I am aware of my fault. I will change myself .I have to practice more.the more I practice myself ,the more I will get success .thank you swamiji to show me the right path to walk in my life.it's unforgettable.

  17. Michael Phelps story was mind blowing…The way of choosing to inspire us every day and understanding the importance of Practice is Awesome and very hard working…..We shall understand your efforts and implement it in our life…
    It is only a tiny gift to you if it is implemented in our life …..So please implement Swamiji's Practice tool in your life…i will do it…Can you?

  18. Practice, practice and practice 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏

  19. Thank you so much Swamiji for guiding us, teaching us the way of how to be achive the perfection and to be perfect in life. Absolutely Practice makes anyone to be perfect, trying to follow the key points share by You. Thank you

  20. How practice makes a person successes in his/her life in both the fild of materialistic and spritual life…..thankq swamiji

  21. Simple formula for success in life—-practice, practice, practice.How true Swamiji. !Of course we should do it every day.For this we need commitment n discipline.Rightly said by Swamiji.Thanks Swamiji for uplifting us by ur wonderful messages.

  22. गुरू जी व्हीडिओ मे अपने प्रवचन के कुछ शब्दो का अर्थ नाही समझता तो इंग्लिश + हिंदी/मराठी मे नीचे लिखकर व्हीडिओ पोस्ट करेंगे तो हम एके प्रवचन बेहतर समझ पायेगे

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