– Hi, we’re Joel and Lia. – And this video is stereotypes that British people have about Americans – [Together] Debunked! (laughs loudly) – So we’ve taken inspiration
from a website called Matador Network and this is listing some stereotypes that we
Brits have about Americans. But based on this article
and our inexperiences, we know that lots of these stereotypes aren’t actually true. – So we’re gonna debunk them!
– So we’re gonna discuss it. – We’re gonna debunk them.
– Debunk them! – Consider yourself debunked. (laughs loudly) – Like the article calls it like, busted! And we were like what’s a more
Joel and Lia word for that? – [Together] Debunked. – So the first stereotype is that all Americans love McDonald’s. – Wrong, they love
Wendy’s, In-N-Out Burger… – [Together] Chick-fil-A… – Whataburger… – Jack in the Box… – Well that might be true, but
that’s a stereotype as well. Not just McDonald’s but
they love all fast food. And it’s probably because
it stemmed from America. Loads of these brands
that we just mentioned are all American brands. – Yeah. And also, it’s not that
people love that food, it’s that that what’s so
readily available I would think. – Yeah, definitely. – It’s just like well what
other choice is there really? – I know, true. – There’s like fast food everywhere. – Fast food all over the place, but saying that, there is also a whole wide variety of like… – Genres.
– Types of food. Genres of food, like you guys have amazing Mexican food,
you have amazing, like, Lebanese food, Thai food, there’s so many different foods in America that I think we Brits just go, ew fast food is America. – Yep.
– But actually it’s a whole load of different things. – Yeah definitely, and
like some of the best food might be out of like a van or something. – Yeah, like street food.
– Like a street food. But yeah, certainly all
Americans love McDonald’s… – [Together] Not true. – Brits need to stop saying that. We love McDonald’s.
– Yeah. We would probably say before like, oh Americans love McDonald’s
and they love making it bigger, better, larger.
– Yeah. – And I know a lot of their
portion sizes are bigger, but. – Yeah, but still, we’re learning, we’re learning more about America. – Okay, next stereotype
is that Americans are lazy and they drive everywhere. – I guess it is true Americans do drive everywhere and they have huge cars, loads of gas, loads of
fumes, loads of pollution… – Yeah. – But they kind of need to.
– Yeah. – We’ve experienced that.
– Like it’s… – You can’t not have a car. – I know, like we were just like oh, the supermarket’s only, it’s only a 10 minute walk away. So we walk there from where we’re staying in Austin to the supermarket and we just find ourself walking along a motorway. – Yeah. – Like we’re literally just walking along this massive main road.
– Yeah. And sometimes the pavement will just, or sidewalk, will just come to an end. – They stop. – And you’re like…
– The sidewalk’s finished. – What am I supposed to do? – It’s not, so it’s actually
not really an option. – No. – To just walk everywhere. – And so like Lia said before,
knowing much about America, we would’ve just been
like you guys are lazy, you don’t walk anywhere, but now we know actually that’s not the case. – You can’t, just can’t. – You just can’t.
– You just can’t. – And it’s so spread out.
– Yeah. – Like everywhere there’s
so much space in America. – I was listening to a podcast and a girl was saying she’s
an actress and comedian. She had like a meeting in
LA, she had two meetings. And they were only 20 minutes
walk apart from each other and she was like I’ll just walk. And like the people she
was around were like that is outrageous. She’s like, oh, I’m just going to walk it. Got her maps out on her
phone and was walking in the heat, like the hottest day ever, along this, yeah, basically motorway. – Yeah. – On the side of the road
and people were just like what is…
– You’re mental. – Yeah, you’re mental just get an Uber. – I mean we do love
walking, but it’s because we just assume that it would
be like it is in England. – Yeah.
– Really pedestrian friendly, nice, normal weather,
(sighs loudly) not extremes of weather. – I just love London not in that if we, you know if you are walking
from one place to the next everywhere, it’s just like.
– Yeah. – You can.
– You just can. – Yeah, and we got an email.
– Yeah. – From someone saying I’ve hired a car and I’m going to London, like.
– Yeah. – And we were literally, well, it wasn’t an email, it was
actually on the livestream. – Yeah, on a livestream. – And I think we were like
just take the car back. – Yeah, just return the car.
– Use public transport. – You don’t need it.
– [Together] Yeah. – It’s the opposite. When we go to America,
everyone’s like you need a car. And we’re like, no!
– No, we don’t! – It’s the opposite way,
Americans are like we need a car, and we’re like no, honestly you don’t. (laughs loudly) – Yeah.
– Yeah, so that’s that one. – Debunked.
– Debunked! – So the other stereotype
that all Brits have, we’ve said it before,
is that all Americans are super, super, super patriotic and they’re all like America
first, America first. – I don’t really know if I can debunk that because I feel like a lot
of them that we’ve met are. – Yeah, not it’s true. – So I might have to agree. Oh no, you know we can’t say
that everyone is on thing. There’s not one thing that
everyone will agree on ever. – No. – But I say a majority are. – I think that, like this
article explains it as well, and I think loads of Americans are and they are a lot more
patriotic than Brits are. – Yeah. – But there are loads of Americans that are just really
interested in other countries especially because most Americans came from other countries.
– Yeah. – That they’re all interested
in learning about cultures. Like 86 percent of the people
who subscribe to this channel, – [Together] Are Americans. – So clearly they have an interest in British culture or what British
people think about America. Like it’s not just that
they’re obsessed with America, there are lots of Americans
who love other cultures and want to connect
with their German roots, with their Irish roots.
– Yeah. – Whether they’re Dutch
or whether they’re… – Yeah, that’s so true actually. – They are actually, yeah, a
bit more diverse than we think. – Yeah we’re not just like
America and then we’re out. – Right.
– We’ll say like America’s great, but also so are many other places. And they’re willing to like
learn about other places. At worst, Brits may be
a little more ignorant. – Yeah. – Oh, we live in an amazing country. – Yeah.
– Everywhere else is just a nice holiday. – I know, literally. And because we live so close to Europe, I know lots of Americans are like you’re so lucky that you can just like nip to Europe, like nip into France and Germany or Spain.
– Yeah. We are very lucky. – Brits don’t really do that ever. Like I don’t remember the last
time I went to Europe really. – Oh, really? – It was Paris probably. – No way! – Probably.
– Wow. – But like we definitely
don’t go as often as like… – As often as we should.
– We should. – I mean the other week I
got like a 38 pound flight. Return to (mumbles) and
Spain, so we took it and like I always look out
for cheap flights to Cypress, which is, in like the
colder month it’s so cheap to go out there and see family and stuff. So I know we could probably
take advantage of it more. – Yeah.
– But yeah. – Considering you can get to France from London in like an hour and a half… – Yeah. – Like that’s insane.
– It’s pretty good, yeah. So the next stereotype is that Americans are really, really friendly,
talkative and loud. And the article puts
loud in capital letters so that you can hear how loud they are. And I don’t know, I think there are, we met a lot, a lot of talkative Americans but they’re certainly
not all super friendly, loud and talkative.
– No. Yeah that’s definitely just yeah… – That is a stereotype.
– Yeah, just a stereotype. ‘Cause yeah in Texas there were times that we’d sometimes get into an Uber and they would just be like… Not up for it at all. But then other times you’d get
in and they would over-share. – Yeah (laughs loudly). – They literally just there was one woman, bless her, that we got in
and we were just like hey. And she’s like are you going here? And we’re like yeah. And she’s like how are you? And we’re like yeah,
good thanks, how are you? And she’s like fine, my (coughs loudly), sorry I’m choking it wasn’t her crying. Yeah she was like I’m fine,
I just dropped my daughter at the hospital, she’s going
through a really tough time. Like splurged all of this stuff on us and we were like that’s not something you really share with strangers. Not in the UK, anyway.
– Yeah. She was like oh and my husband works here and he’s gonna drive four
hours to come pick her up. Like she was just talking at us and… As a stranger I just didn’t care. – Yeah it’s bad isn’t it?
– Didn’t care. – Yeah but I think it’s just the same. Stereotypes exist for a reason, yeah, but at the same time, you
can’t stereotype anything ’cause Americans are just
as different as Britons. – Yeah., definitely. But I’m trying to think of anyone else that we met that’s just
absolutely not friendly at all. – Not really in Texas.
– No. – I don’t think there’s anyone not super not friendly in Texas. – Majority of the people
were super friendly. – Yeah I think New York, obviously was a lot more unfriendly. – Oh my gosh like that
guy in the deli shop. He was so brutal. – Deli?
– Is that, oh, the bagel. The bagel.
– Oh, yeah the bagel shop. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I just remember being like you’re the rudest person
I’ve ever had to deal with. I was trying to buy a bagel. (laughs) It was so rude!
– So funny. – I was like which one’s
this and which one’s this? And he’d just point. And I was like and then
what’s the difference in getting that and that? And he’s like (indistinct mumbling). And I was like okay, do you
just like huff and puff? Like this is, this is your job. – So bad.
– Like speak to me! – I know.
– Okay. Well I think those are the only ones that we’re going to discuss today. – Yeah and let us know if
you want a part two of this. – Yeah.
– And we’ll think about a few more. If you want to check out, then ask. And we’ll make sure we link it below. – Yeah.
– And if you like this video, do all the things. Subscribe, like.
– Yeah, comment. – Notifications on.
– Yeah, click the bell. That means you’ll get a
notification every time that we post a video so you’re not having to go looking for our videos. It will pop up on your device and be like Joel and Lia uploaded! – [Together] Thrice weekly. – Yeah and there’s lots of exciting things coming soon to this channel. We’re really excited this year for it to sort of take off a bit. And we’ll go traveling and we’ll keep, well like basically the Texas series, we’ll want to replicate it, don’t we? – In lots of other places.
– Yeah. – Yeah, so fingers crossed for that, guys. – Yeah.
– Let’s just put out all the good vibes and (laughs). – And have a good week,
we’ll see you next time. – So yeah, bye!


  1. That’s funny about the “talking at you”…. your whole channel is about you just pompous talking at us and everyone who will listen ? to the babbling that comes from your mouth ?.

    Oh love the channel (at least most the time) jolliê goodē daè matés.

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  3. I don't love McDonalds, but I do drive everywhere. I'm very patriotic. I am friendly and loud. I guess I am mostly the stereotype.

  4. Going to New York ? Really ? Those stereotypes might be true there ! If you want to see America stay away from the big Cities for sure !! Lol

  5. It is both possible to be super patriotic and still have interest and love for and in other countries. Welcome to Murica!

  6. Why does our patriotism surprise people? Ever seen a Brit cheer for the Germans to beat them in a WC….nope..nor will you see the opposite. Maybe people are confused by the fact our patriotism isn't just about sports. It's part of sports as well but not exclusive to it.

  7. How about some British stereotypes? Most think that the British are just like what you would see on some lush BBC period costume drama set in a large country house. HARDLY! A lot of tatted up, toothless trash just like everywhere else and they drive on the wrong side of the road and have funny accents, bad teeth and bad breath, get totally loaded in booze gulping contests and then puke and pass out on the side walks. Having lived in the UK for five years, my experience. The United States certainly has a very large percentage of trashy people but we are not the only ones. Tend to your own garden. One trait about the British and British tourists is that they constantly whinge about everything as nothing is ever good enough or something. Whinge! Whinge! Whinge! Take that and eat some spotted DICK and a lump of clotted cream on me.

  8. Americans do have a history of being quite patriotic…..all through our education, we learn to be proud of our countries accomplishments…..but, to be fair…we have our shames, as well. Our cities, where 80% of the population lives are very spread out and stretch into suburbs and the other 20% live rurally in what is 80% of the land in the United States. Owning a car is practical unless you're in the small minority that works, lives and shops in concentrated city centers. Are we lazy….not really. We do enjoy our time off and holidays when we can get them but have to work long hours to get an average of just 10 paid days off a year. As to loud and friendly….we can be outspoken because we are taught that all our voices should be heard and frankly….some people let that mean they need to be heard above all else. Friendly…no more and no less than other countries.

  9. One thing I know is when someone tells me there whole life story I feel its awkward. I live the usa and I think we consider that odd behavior.

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  11. McDonalds is poison ☠️. Americans are waking up to the fact that most fast food isn’t even food but food “product”.

  12. Live in Florida so public transportation is NOT possible where I live. If you don't have a car you don't get around. As for New York, my mother lived there until she was 14 and my dad worked in the port. New Yorkers are no nonsense and in your face people. But will help you out. Been to New York a few times and find them to be the nicest people.

  13. "I don't care. I just don't care". Yes, she was a stranger, but if someone was so upset that she had to just verbalize her stresses to me, I would have some empathy. Lia, what you said sounded so very heartless! Sorry if hearing about her troubles put a damper on your holiday.

  14. Americans are generally wealthier than Europeans, so almost everyone owns a car. Gasoline is also significantly cheaper in the US. Driving is more affordable.
    Also, everything is bigger and more spread out in America. Everything is further apart so it's not so easy or convenient to walk unless you live in the middle of a city.

  15. " As a stranger, I didn't care". Is that a British thing, or is that just a personality defect on your part? Certainly, if you really didn't give a shi*, you should probably keep that to yourself. As you Brits would say….bad form. Other than that, I love watching you guys, and I wish you the best.

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  18. From my place near San Francisco it's 2,500 miles to New York (Not even the farthest distance across) which is farther than Lisbon to Moscow. We were just in the farthest South & farthest East city in Alaska, Ketchikan. Which is still closer to towns in Siberia than Denver Colorado or Chicago Illinois. This place is HUGE! And the people in different regions speak different dialects of English & besides the universal American traits of loving their country, American football, basketball, baseball & all 3 hangover movies, the local cultures can be quite unique from one another.

  19. I’m from Southern California and McDonald’s is pure crap! It’s also one of those places that is embarrassing to eat at, when noticed by someone you know.

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  21. Yeah, I hated that about Austin too. Tried to walk around, and actually there are some pretty gardens and trees there, but they don't always have sidewalks! But most places I've been to here in the US do have sidewalks. Have you been anywhere besides Austin?

  22. I went to Marbella once and it was all British people staying in the hotel. They were the loudest, reddest, drunkest people you could ever imagine. It was a nightmare. They took over a karaoke bar and people were passed out on the floor, screaming off-key to the Sex Pistols, beer everywhere, girls falling out of their flimsy tops…I still remember the smell of stale beer, B.O. and cheap perfume that pervaded the place.

  23. I'm North Dakotan but have also lived in Canada, southern Spain, Wales, and Poland. During my time in Wales, the locals would constantly say things to me such as "Oh, you are American, but you are so nice!" and "I love your accent. You are easy to understand". I guess they were used to rude tourists from perhaps other states with more pronounced accents ? No matter where I went in the UK, many assumed that all Americans : liked guns, ate at McDonald's, have seen every episode of 'Friends' TV show, and have been to Disneyworld. They were all surprised to find out that none of that applies to me, with the comment, "Oh, but you are American….we just thought ALL Americans did those things…."

  24. You need to come back to California have a full experience of Mexican food and visit other cities in the state. You’d be surprised how different it gets leaving LA

  25. If a shopkeeper is rude to me while I’m asking questions, I just walk out of their shop. Even if they have served my food, I won’t touch it, just walk out.

  26. I think that a lot of people around the world don't really understand just how big the US is. For instance it can take you hours to get across one State. For some people they have to drive everywhere because it might be 5/10 miles to the nearest town. I'm so glad that you debunked the lazy American stereotype. Thank you

  27. The driving stereotype (Americans drive everywhere) is true. My nearest food shop is only half a mile away (two blocks) and my parents and neighbours would still drive there rather than just going for a 10 minute walk, even if they're only buying some quick nosh.

    I've walked 10 minutes to a friend's house once and their parents were wondering why I didn't drive or have my parents drop me off there.

  28. I live in the south of America. You know, on the country side, bunch of small towns with some shops, that restaurant you like, and the open road next to some dude’s farm. I admit that you will see more patriotism if you visit the south, but still not as much as you think. The north east, south west, and north west are probably better. I wouldn’t know, haven’t been to the west in a REALLY long time.

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